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R 05-22-2013 11:16 AM

Shamala 2: Nightmare Prologue

G17S4 Shamala 2: Nightmare Prologue!

Shamala Storyline Pt. 2 Added
  • All New Quests
  • New NPCs
  • New Prefix Title - Millia

Limited Time Only!

Stormy Nimbus Added
  • Ride on land or in the air
  • Recovers its HP and surrounds you with a healing aura when summoned

Demonic Box Gachapon
  • Each box contains a special item
  • Many brand new items can be obtained

All New Events!

Shamala Event
  • Complete the Shamala Storyline Pt. 2 during the event to receive a special prefix title: Millia
- STR +10
- WILL +10
- DEX +10
- INT +10
- LUCK +10

**Shamala Event ends on June 19, 2013. Make sure to complete the storyline to get your added prefix title!

Pillow Fight Event
  • Grab a pillow and start fighting for some awesome rewards
  • Collect 10 feathers for a gift box containing an extra-fancy pillow or other items

Bug Fixes
  • The remaining two dyes will be given for clearing the Shamala questline previously.
  • Cloud pets no longer crash the client
  • King Pepe chairs no longer block movement
  • Crunchyroll balloons will now look like Crunchyroll balloons when dropped in a house
  • Giants can now walk with an electric guitar equipped
  • The female version of Rhetoi's costume will now have buttons in the correct color

Known Issues
  • Devil Wings in the Gear Tab appear when they shouldn't, causing temporary discoloration
  • In one of Shamala's RP quests, it is possible for the enemies to push the player through the walls and outside of the mission area
  • The locked graphic for Style and VIP tabs is missing
  • The homestead seed functions are still untranslated
  • The drop image for Wizard Robe Shoes displays in the wrong color
  • There's minor shading anomalies on the new Rabbit Ribbon Suit
  • The Secret Robe's belt has minor lighting anomalies when worn by Female Giants

  • The Stormy Nimbus pet has a customization tab, but no customization options

The Mabinogi Team

R 05-22-2013 01:58 PM

Just completed part 2 of Shamala's storyline.

It was fun, but not that difficult and it's as about as long as the first part. Completing it nets you 50 AP plus quite a bit of EXP.

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