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LaTale 12-15-2011 01:39 AM

[Notice] Regarding Recent Server Failure
Dear Mabinogi Europe Fans,

Lately, as many of you already know by experience, Mabinogi Europe has been undergoing some server failures to our Fans.

Regarding this issue, we, the Mabinogi Europe Team as well as the Dev. Team are highly aware of the gravity of the situation and understand that this sort of issue could not be resolved simply through a server reboot.

Currently, the concerned issue is under investigation by the Dev. Team to filter out the core problem to prevent future occurences.

Rough estimates regarding systems restoration is tough for us to decide as we're still in the stage of seeking the defect.

We'll inform you however, as soon as we have received solid confirmation concerning systems re-establishment, so till then, we kindly ask of your full patience and understanding throughout the concerned matter.

Thank you in advance.

- The Mabi Europe Team -

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