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Joey 10-25-2011 05:10 PM

Pick Your Poison: Halloween Character Cards Are Coming!
The season of spooks has arrived. Prepare for a holiday rife with tricks and treats, mischief and madness with special costumes in Mabinogi! This year, the hills of Erinn will be filled with the fiending screams of blood-thirsty vampires and the menacing tread of the undead!

Halloween Vampire Character Card

I want to suck your blood! Each Halloween Vampire Character Card comes with a Halloween Vampire Suit or Dress, Halloween Vampire Hat or Cap, and Halloween Vampire Boots or Slippers. Adorned with skulls and chains, these costumes give the wearer a deadly charm. The suit comes with a cape and a skull top hat, while the dress, complete with frills and laces, is topped off with a lace ribbon skull cap.

Halloween Frankenstein Character Card

This costume is sure to animate its wearer! Each Halloween Frankenstein Character Card comes with a Halloween Frankenstein Suit or Dress, Halloween Frankenstein Bolt or Wig, and Halloween Frankenstein Boots or Heels. Rise up in these tattered rags and prepare to strike fear into the hearts of your makers!

Upon equipping any of the following armors, you will gain access to a special action that allows you to do the “Undead Shuffle.” This action will cause you to walk – and talk! – Like a zombie.

Halloween Vampire Character Cards and Halloween Frankenstein Character Cards will be available for 3 weeks, from October 26 to November 16, 2011.

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