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Joey 09-28-2011 11:45 AM

GM Hot Time Event (09/30/11)
Hello Mabinogians!

Another GM event is taking place on (09/30/11) at 5:00 PM Pacific (8:00 PM Eastern)! A GM will be at a specific location in each server waiting for players to gather. Each server will be given hints in order to locate the GM. Two lucky users in each server will be rewarded with the Mini Skeleton! GMs will be hidden and will appear once the 2 winners have been chosen.

Alexina - Elegant and soft-spokin smooth in my demeanor.
have many love intrests but married to a gardener.
my eyes are locked to a banker in Tara
whose Love interest lies in club called Rua.

Mari - A sense of nobility is felt around him
a fierce, menacing look is judged against him.
Learned the human language to talk to others
dreamt of being successful, just like his father

Ruairi - Reeks of death at its locations
spilled the blood of all its victims
not a zombie or a mindless foe
but a Master of Death in its true form.

Tarlach - It’s been proven to increase your height and power
a special drink sold by the hour
defeat a red dragon with one sip of this drink
your one and only “Honey Drink”.

Good Luck Everyone!

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