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Gladiat 01-25-2009 11:07 AM

Sieg Skills
I was making the individual pages for sieg's skills, and I saw that the Sieg section had Thunder Sound in the charge section. I'd like to fix this, but I'm not sure how to delete it.

Here's the page in the wiki

On the side it says Knight Skills, but Thunder Sound is listed in both Sword in Charge. It should only be in Sword. If anyone could tell me how to fix this, or fix it for me, it would help lots :D

Kowiz 01-25-2009 11:29 AM

you had to go into the template, which was this
Lunia:Knight Skills List - Wiki
and then you had to edit it out

to see that, just click edit page, at the top of, and then at the bottom it contains links to the included pages/templates

Gladiat 01-25-2009 03:14 PM

Thanks for helping me with that issue.

Ugh I ran into another problem earlier than I expected >_>

For Sieg's whirlwind wave, the range increases with each level up to level 4. Also, I need a section for induction %.

I tried adding columns and rows a few times, but I made a huge mess of it (Thank god for preview). Could you help me again on this? T_T

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