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Default Tips On 2-4 Bonus

I've Been Trying To Beat This Stage For A While Now And I've Haven't Made It To The Boss Once Except For That One Lucky Time. Does Anyone Have Any Tips As To What Characters A Good Party Would Consist Of And What Strategies To Use. The Enemies Always Seem To Destroy The Purifier After We've Finished Destroying 2 Machines. (Healer And Dps At Purifier And The Other Two At Machines.) I Would Also Like Tips On Fighting The Ice Queen Too. Those Tornadoes Are Annoying. x.x

Btw, I'm A Yuki.
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Destroy the machines at the same time.
Get one to a chunk of hp left, then move to another one and do the same thing, and so on for the third one.
At Ice queen we got a Tia to hide+BS spam.
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Depending on your party composition, suicide+elf hero'd 60 skill spam be viable for ice queen. I know that a single empowered ddb is enough to take out about 1/6 - 1/4 of the queen's health, not accounting for the other skills that the dainn can fling out before suiciding again.


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