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04-20-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default Yeti Plat! Paying for help. ^-^"

Okay, I've already read through Xpecial's Guide (, so please don't comment if all you're going to do is give me that link.

I've followed through Xpecial's guide, and:
1. I collected meats and plants and turned in BOTH quests,
2. Got a yeti stone, and collected reports....

...And now I'm stuck. I've already tried turning in the quests, and talking to the snow girl investigator at the bottom, but I've had problems opening the door to the 4 contaminated stones area, and also just finding the "Violent Yeti" quest.

I'd really appreciate it if someone could walk me through the rest of the stage, since it seems like its SO difficult to find someone who can explain it to me. (5g to whoever can help me.)

Yes I'm a noob, epic phailage (insert name here)...w/e. And I could careless. KKthx.
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04-20-2008   #2 (permalink)
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I'll try and mention some parts you might have mistake with, if after you try these and still don't get it done. whistle me tonight or something.

You might want to try and do all those in 1 go without restarting stage. The contaminated stone disappears after you restart stage. You have to have it with you when it is your first time doing the stage.

You must have a bottle and letter looking item in your inventory from completing the quest up top before going down.

When going down, you must walk around to the right side of the left snowgirl, then the bottle looking item in your inventory will disappear and portal will open. You must then talk to her and hand her the letter. (The bottom right snowgirl is the one that you have to give a report to and the contaminated stone to in order to unlock the 4 rock quest, this is for first timers.)

If all these don't work, I'll try and be on tonight at 11PM EST and help you do a run. My IGN is Gotay.
04-20-2008   #3 (permalink)
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you have to finish the suspicious contaminated stone quest (the one that gives reports) to open it. dont just take it and give it up, you gotta finish it at least once in order to open bottom (you can't throw away the stone either till you finish the quest) once you have finished it once you dont have to do it anymore (just farm reports and when you're done you can give up the quest and throw the stone away).

anyways you can ask me and I'll walk you through, I may be on tomorrow (not sure, gotta study a lot ) or ask mario o.o
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04-20-2008   #4 (permalink)
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Its okay I actually figured it out myself *-* But thanks! I really appreciate your help~ ^-^


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