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01-29-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default Yeti plateau H need help

i can't get to yeti cave and i beat the boss like 5 times
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01-29-2008   #2 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Xpecial
Yeti Plateau

Requirements for Yeti Plateau: Any level, unlocked 2-4 History/Legend (if you beated History 2-4, you unlock History Yeti Plateau, same for legend).

Requirements for Yeti Cave: 25-45 (to open the box for the key). Technically, you could be level 65 and still do Yeti Cave as long as you saved enough keys before leveling past 45.

1) Get 3 Wolf skins
2) Enter Yeti Plateau, talk to Yeti to open the door with the 3 wolf skins [used up]
3) There are 2 sets of breakable rocks, leave the one to the right alone for now, and head up (Kill the wolves and pick up the meats)
4) After breaking the breakable rocks in the middle, pick up 10 snow plants, and 10 contaminated meats.
5) Go to the top of the map (a section with 5 NPCs with quests) talk to the Snow Girl Investigator.
6) Do the 10 Snow Plant quest and then a new quest will appear, do that one also (it should be the meat quest). After that there should be ANOTHER quest, do that also.
7) Kill the Fully Contaminated Yeti for a Suspicious Stone.
8) After getting a Suspicious Stone, go back to the Snow Girl Investigator and do the new quest that should've appeared.
9) Go back to the other set of breakable rocks, break them
10) Go through and find the Snow Girl Investigator there (If you went past a gate that opened when you went close to it, YOU WENT TOO FAR!! GO BACK) talk to her and finish the quest.
11) There should be a new quest, and there should be a portal nearby this time, allowing you to go past the closed gates. If the portal does not appear, talk to the Snow Girl Sentry and Snow Girl Investigator on the top of the map. One of them should then have a quest available to send to the Snow Girl Sentry and open the portal. [Contributed by MyEyo]
12) The new quest should be to destroy 4 contaminated rocks (in the corners of the map, leave everything else alone, INCLUDING THE SCARED YETI)
13) Finish the quest and do the new quest and go to the right and finish the stage.
14) Restart the stage, and finish the quest from the Snow Girl Investigator at the bottom of the map, and Yeti's Cave [If on History] will be unlocked.
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He is obviously new, i wouln't think of a search bar on my first post. Then again thats just me, I R noob.
02-02-2008   #4 (permalink)
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I can help you get the quest in game.
Message me anytime, my in game name is Altix.
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02-03-2008   #5 (permalink)
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BTW, the 4 rocks and 3 yetis quests are good for leveling up...(:


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