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NoeJeko 02-14-2009 11:01 PM

LSC - Round 4 Match Schedule

Matches in red were never confirmed by one opponent. Matches in bolded red never had an attempt at scheduling. Even if you have an unconfirmed opponent, it is still your responsibility to show up.


Matches will be a best 2 of 3. If you win the first 2 there will not be a 3rd.

On your match day/time:

We will create your room and PM you a password. Once you are in and have invited the people you want to watch you will have the option to leave the room passworded or to open it to the public. Rooms will not be open before all participants are present and referees will not give you the password. If the participants want you in they will give it to you - otherwise wait for it to open (if it does).

If you do not have a referee and you fight anyway - your match will not be counted and you will both be disqualified for no show. You have been warned. If you cannot contact your referee then find me (IGN: NoeJeko) or m1s3ri (IGN: iAnna). If you do not attempt to contact us then we can't do anything to help. YOU MUST CONFIRM YOUR REFEREE IS IN THE ROOM! Please whisper your referee and wait for them to answer and tell you to start before you begin your match.

If your opponent does not show up

Please create your room and find your referee anyway. If your opponent is more than 10 minutes late they will be disqualified. If neither of you show up both of you are disqualified.

What happens if I lose? What happens if I'm disqualified?

If you lose you are still eligible to participate in all our mini-events (like the MMOG Death Match and others we have planned - stay tuned). If you are disqualified then you are not eligible.


We plan to record as many of your matches as we can and post them to our youtube channel and this forum. If you do not want your match recorded, please inform your referee BEFORE you start. Don't tell them now, tell them at the match - we won't remember unless you do this. If you don't say anything then by showing up to your match you give us consent to record it and post it on our site.

Round 4 Match Schedule:
Format: Time - Match Number: Player1 (IGN) vs. Player2 (IGN) - Referee (Backups)
  • 02/15/2009 (Sunday)
    • 07:30 PST- Match 03: ZeroKunoichi (ZeroKunoichiX) vs. Eternal (Memories)
    • 08:00 PST- Match 05: incarnate (KcKKryptonite) vs. silklash (ShirukuRasshu)
    • 08:30 PST- Match 06: BloodRampageBallin (BloodRampage) vs. HaagenDazs (HaagenDazs)
    • 09:00 PST- Match 01: NovasPapico (SkyNova) vs. Killface (Optophobe)
    • 10:00 PST- Match 04: Sirg (SirgjSchewul) vs. CookiesAreGood (SeraphicSymphony)
    • 12:00 PST- Match 08: bayybe (turboturtle) vs. SeeYa (SeeYa)
    • 13:00 PST- Match 02: OneHell2Heaven (Apologize) vs. Ryrk (Ezpz)
    • 13:30 PST- Match 07: Penalty (Drifting) vs. ShadowPearls (ShadowPearls)

Referee (IGN)
  • NeoGC (Kiyoki)
  • GodBot3000 (Wallhax)
  • Xpecial (Xpec)
  • m1s3ri (iAnna)
  • NoeJeko (NoeJeko)
  • Sephie (Flanoir)
  • Gladiat (UltimaBlade)

On the Match Day:
Please arrive to your match on time. Your referee will have created the room. ROOMS WILL BE CALLED BY MATCH NUMBER - PLEASE KNOW YOURS. If you are more than 10 minutes late to your match then you will be disqualified. If your opponent doesn't show you MUST WAIT THE FULL 10 MINUTES or you will be disqualified too. You planned to be there 30 minutes (or should have) so 10 won't kill you.

During the Match:
Players must alert referees to any rule violations during the match to ensure they are counted; however, you may not use this as an excuse to pause the battle. Spectators' alerts will not necessarily be acknowledged. Simply say "Illegal" and continue fighting. If your claim is substantiated the match will be stopped by the referee. DO NOT STOP FIGHTING AT ANY TIME UNLESS YOUR REFEREE TELLS YOU TO.

If a match runs longer:
Please wait on us. Some of these may go longer. WE WILL ANNOUNCE 5 MINUTES BEFORE THE START OF A MATCH USING MEGAPHONES. If you don't have a room set up it probably means the last match before yours ran long. You will not be penalized if we are late due to a long match.

If your referee does not show up:
Notify NoeJeko or iAnna immediately. If you don't catch us in game, you can catch us on the forum but I will be on ALL day of every match day (while matches are scheduled).

NoeJeko 02-14-2009 11:04 PM

Also, if refs are wondering why this never appeared in staff for volunteers - I got them all. If you want to show up cool; just contact me for access.

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