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10-01-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Hey i played Lunia right out of beta and got a little far i guess im pretty sure ima have to make new characters though bcus im pretty sure i put points in stuff i wasnt supposed 2 lol anyway um, but i ended up quitting after like 2 months bcus it got boring doing episodes 1-4 over and over again, so i have some questions

what has happened to Lunia since i quit?

I hear Lunia is undergoing some changes and stuff what specifically is happening to Lunia right now?

Also does anyone know what new stuff we can expect like are we gonna get dacy or something details plz
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Well we are going to get dacy and episode 5 and a slightly different cash shop. Lunia will be opened on Oct. 7th and it's going to be held under Lime will also be free now too. We might get some other content but I'm not sure about that.

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going from tft -->ijji yeah where getting dacy and lime is gonna be free and maybe free raids?
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free raids i dont think so
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Things that will be released on October 7th when Ijji released Lunia on its servers:

-Episode 5 H and L
-Dacy character (Available as a quest and from cash shop if you're too lazy to do the quest.)

Other stuff:

-Lime will be free
-Raids may possibly be free
-Ijji GMs are planning an event for us.
(Go to this topic if you really wanna know about the event stuff:
-X-10 Stages have an exp boost so it's worthwhile to farm it.
-Equip sets. (You get extra bonuses for wearing more than one piece of a certain type of equipment.)


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