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09-21-2008   #1 (permalink)
/gg FTW! Moogler
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Default Should I get Hurricane Sword?

Should I get hurricane sword...

For 100% pure staging...or is it like...worthless? x_x
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09-21-2008   #2 (permalink)
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If you are going to get it at all, then spend more than 1 point on it, or whenever you can.

If you get it and have it at 1, it sucks kthxbai.
09-21-2008   #3 (permalink)
/gg FTW! Addict
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Solunox is on a distinguished road

I personally dont like that skill. however It is good against bigger bosses and sub bosses. It is probably worth it however be careful with it since it leaves you vulnerably from behind.
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09-21-2008   #4 (permalink)
/gg FTW! Regular
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snarelife is on a distinguished road

worth at boss stage, but in pvp i dont think so...

hhmmmm... about your potion??? hi-lvl why?
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09-21-2008   #5 (permalink)
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1 into Hurricane sword if you want simplistic combos.

AAS hurricane sword... FDS.
(wall) AAS hurricane sword DFIST.

IMO, Hurricane sword is like a narrow knockback version of dainn's hand of earth, or Eir's shout, becuase it pushes them back.

I sometimes see hurricane sword as half pvp/stage skill because it doesn't fit into one particular category.

Hurricane sword in pvp = Snipe, reset decay, far range, faster cast than CMS.

Hurricane sword in stage = Snipe, far range, make monsters be sent away from you, etc.

The reason why sieg isn't 100% overpowered is because he doesn't excel in ranged attacks.

gg Noperative


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