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08-13-2013   #1 (permalink)
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Default Bug with myth key/equips quests

I finished stage mode (7-9) with one my of new characters, but she was running out of backpack room so I didn't activate any of Lunia's quests that gives the free myth items (myth key, myth equips, and 3-day weapon), but I did get the rebirth book. So I rebirthed, then went back to lunia (went through 7-9 again), and suddenly none of the quests are there anymore... what in the world?
Does anyone know what's going on here? Like 10 quests suddenly just disappeared? The only quests left are the 2 that involves "shadow toenail of nightmare". I already checked the Lunia NPC in tower of suffering/ordeal too... no quests there.
Now my character is left with no myth equipment and probably have to dish out 180G for a myth key...
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Im not entirely sure, but I think that these quests are only available to new characters. When you rebirth, these quests disappear forever.

I think that this happened to me too a few times when I created new characters and rebirthed them very early.

Maybe youre better off creating a new character and rebirth that one after getting your Myth equipment.


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