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Son 10-02-2011 06:32 PM

Gold making tips
Does anyone has any gold making tip beside selling Lcoins or CS?

CrunchyRoll 10-02-2011 07:03 PM

Hardcore farming~ (RODIV, Bonus 1/2/3, History/Legend Raid Sets, Myth or DD Items and Accessories, UNDERWORLD?)
Slime Race

Son 10-02-2011 07:33 PM


Originally Posted by CrunchyRoll (Post 1612737)
Hardcore farming~ (RODIV, Bonus 1/2/3, History/Legend Raid Sets, Myth or DD Items and Accessories, UNDERWORLD?)
Slime Race

Thnx for that but i have been said Bonus items doesnt worth much now. :py36:

Light 10-03-2011 12:50 PM

I haven't seen or touched the market of lunia in years, so I can't specify things like items or stages that I've no knowledge of.
However basic merchant rules still apply to all games, with varying degrees of success.
I'll make a basic list explaining some methods.
  • Resale of valued goods - Moderate~High Risk of no profit/loss
    1. Search the shops and negotiate for items that are currently in demand; if the item is already very cheap then go ahead and buy it, otherwise try to haggle it down.
    2. After receiving the item, you will then resell it for the normal market price or slightly more depending on demand.
    3. Walk out with more money in your pocket to buy more goods.
  • Buying or Farming of Materials - Low Risk of losing profit/No risk if farming
    • Crafting materials are usually of demand, as well as the crafted item itself.
      1. Farm or buy the materials at a cheap price and either resell the materials or craft the item if it's tradable.
      2. Do both if possible to speed up the process.
  • Item farming - No risk of profit loss
    1. Farm the stages where items of demand are located, and continue to farm that stage to get them, it may take days of effort, but you'll always make money. The only thing you lose is a lot of time.

What worked for me back in the day was material farming and purchasing in order to craft those unlocking items.

Here was my daily process:
  1. The daily fishing quest chain was altered since then, but I made 144g and received enough materials to make 2-3 unbinding items. (was it 9g per character? I don't remember)
  2. Pirate farming with my Eir for those additional sapphires, rubies required to create 3-5 more. (If I didn't die of boredom first)
  3. Always searching shops for cheap gems required for the craft, or buying the cheap unbinding items I see.
  4. Constantly buy items highly valued at cheap prices and resell for the normal market price.

In the end I had 40,000G - 50,000G after the month or so of work.

That's probably chump money now, and the sequence of things I did before probably don't work well if at all anymore; but maybe you could learn something from what I've written.

Hope that helps.

Son 10-03-2011 01:20 PM

Thank you very much!

Polyneices 10-12-2011 06:57 AM

I strongly suggest fish for gold carps :D

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