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10-23-2009   #1 (permalink)
*Waka Waka Waka*
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Default Question about sieg

can he really "spam"
well outspam a dainn?
seems to me people make up the lamest excuses whatsoever
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10-23-2009   #2 (permalink)
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evilxshadow has a spectacular aura aboutevilxshadow has a spectacular aura about

no siegs cant spam, besides nado and d.fist
10-23-2009   #3 (permalink)
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ProjectLuniaX is on a distinguished road
IGN: ProjectSiegX
Class: Sieg,SIeg,SIEg,SIEG!!!!! lu_sieg
Level: Lv 67 RB'ed Twice
Guild: iReject =)

I usually spam blow and FDS everytime i get a chance. I only use nado from a distance to trap people. and dfist only on my CMS combo or openly
ProjectSiegX - Lvl 67:32
ProjectDainnX Lvl 57:22
Shoriyuken Lvl 70:11
ProjectLimeX Lvl 58:3
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10-23-2009   #4 (permalink)
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Level: 75 (Total 226)
Guild: iReject!

Bleh everyone spams a lil at least! Nothin wrong with it!

Oh to answer your question though. If by spam, you mean use skills outside of a combo then yes. By that meaning even voking/pd/counter would be spam though.. erm anyway! I believe spam is still a style and even if it's considered cheap by a lot, is still very ok. Plus, I also believe a good pvper can mix both spam and combos at will~

Especially beats the types that just run w/o trying to fight back! eww I remember those fights well..
Anyway! Nice to know some things in lunia never change xD
Greyhowl-75 Sieg, Rebirthed 301 lvls [currently playing]
Etna- 58 Tia
Prinny-52 Lime
Disgaea-31 Dain

yay im now the machine! the terminator! the w/e you want me to be! fun fun xD join mah fanclub.. nao!

Property of Hana. <3 ya honey!
No worries! the handsome hero will be back shortly!
10-23-2009   #5 (permalink)
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Class: Dainn lu_dainn
Guild: OurStory

IMO its possible. Just Run>WS>Stun>IH/Dfist/etc>again and again or run>Dfist run
I'm Crying Inside

RIP Lunia


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