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10-05-2009   #1 (permalink)
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Lunar is a glorious beacon of lightLunar is a glorious beacon of lightLunar is a glorious beacon of lightLunar is a glorious beacon of lightLunar is a glorious beacon of lightLunar is a glorious beacon of light
Default Kstyle and Tournament style

so... who said they were different?
아케이드 RPG = 루니아전기
i think sieg uses mdef once but generally not used
dainn doesn't use fury or FDH
tia does not hide
the general kstyle and its used in tourney!

if my google translating ability is close to correct, i dont think klunia tournies have rules... they just have
no glitching dolls, no more than 2 "skill tier" which i believe means skills lol
"play by manners" or something

they also removed their cs hax and its done in balanced for once. (hints at allm modifying pvp dmg and stats through balance??)
아케이드 RPG = 루니아전기
아케이드 RPG = 루니아전기
that shows them in free.. maybe cause eirs are so nerfed in balance?

for anyone who can't see... that sieg has 6k hp in free
basically the same as siegs in glunia with str gear and no vit

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10-06-2009   #2 (permalink)
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How do you watch these again o.o?
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Read this to expand your miiinnd:
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I believe you need to use internet explorer since the videos uses windows media player.

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