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07-05-2008   #81 (permalink)
/gg FTW! Lurker
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o i srsly "lol" @ u Venom, more like im UR pvp dummy...=p, still <3 to pvp u tho finally gotsss WS, watch out dark

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Tempting 5x sieg
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07-06-2008   #82 (permalink)
ggFTW Moogler
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meet chu at balance when im not lagging, Tempt :3 (btw i got hide <3)
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07-06-2008   #83 (permalink)
/gg FTW! Regular
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IGN: xVelocity
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Guild: Variant/Felix

Originally Posted by retardud
I love Sirgejs fights.
Even though he spams
07-06-2008   #84 (permalink)
/gg FTW! Addict
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jayrawr is on a distinguished road

xjayrawr- knight lvl 61 very very inactive

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Originally Posted by Tsoifon
Girls suck, theres a reason why Tia is a girl, cuz she backstabs <3
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07-08-2008   #85 (permalink)
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Dain is on a distinguished road
IGN: Dain
Class: Dain duh?

Originally Posted by BruteLegacy
I think DainnDainn is Dain2ndWiz or DainnDainn is his main I forget DX
Dain2ndwiz is me lol,
anyway my favorite fights are with high levels like 60s, they are challenging and i enjoy their massive HP and their strong skills that take 3/4th of my life (usually nado+d fist)
07-14-2008   #86 (permalink)
Dragon NestLuniaDungeon Fighter Online
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Pathos has disabled reputation

Hm... my favorite fights...

Vs. Sieg: noobatcombos, xjayrawr, xVelocity

Vs. Dainn: Reon, Dain

Vs. Eir: Corea, NanohaTakamachi

Vs. Tia: Dragonfly, fIsg, Chakawaka

Vs. Lime: StriderLime
07-30-2008   #87 (permalink)
/gg FTW! Lurker
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well my best fites were back in OB, wen i would fite battlegod all day. we were still nubs tho but we would learn alot of things pvping each other, matt i cant believe u forgot about that =(
Sub - Leader of Fantasy
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07-30-2008   #88 (permalink)
Angelic Healer~
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Allea has a spectacular aura aboutAllea has a spectacular aura about

Well I have no best fights (but then again I use my main to fight not even a pvp build). Besides most people around my level are too skilled for me. I barely have time to learn how to do combos anymore and such. All of my pvp fights are mostly bad ones or average but if I wanted someone to have nearly same skill level as me it would have to be a person that cannot combo well.

IGNs: League of Legends: Allea
~Arigato KratosAurion-san.


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