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01-13-2008   #21 (permalink)
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AA dodge should improve with the dodge change.

Eir melee is bad in general. Get over it. Their range is too short and swing time is too slow. She really needs a hitting coach or something. Your AA will lose to Seig and Dainn AA and dash AS all the time, and Eir dash A starts way too slow. If you land your AA, you better spam the sleep/dodge hotkey and do your most damaging follow-up.
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01-13-2008   #22 (permalink)
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As with Sieg AAS, Eir's AAS can also miss or the opponent can move ever so slightly right before the S, ruining your combo entirely. Really, Eir's meleeing is absolutely horrible. While I wouldn't really say Eir's PvP game is entirely hit and run, a good Eir PvPer will take advantage of range. Going melee-crazy is suicide.
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