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12-20-2007   #1 (permalink)
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Default Need pvp tips.

hey ive been playing for a bit and i wanted to know any pvp tips for sieg. I know things like you need combos and the skills but i need practical tips for pvping. I need to know ways to get first hits, what button combos work, what happens in bad situations, what i shouldnt do, etc. and tips on accuracy :]

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um side stepping is good, always move whether ssing or s-cancel, when ur down quick move away??
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Erm, this is helpful. I have no relation to the writing of this thread. All credits to riceburner4540

If you are a Sieg, field attacking is nice. S-Dash-S is real great for field attacking. Beware of the moon pieces. Heavy damage for 'little' mp cost. Provoke = greatness.
12-20-2007   #4 (permalink)
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well, one thing i noe about pvping is not being predictable, heres some random stuff:

when u get knocked down, don't immediately press a
its kinda funny when some1 knocks u down, u instintively press a and they blow u or something (that sounded kinda wrong...)

don't follow directly behind them
they can turn around and use moon pieces or something...

never use blow + crescent moon unless against low lvl ppl/healer
playdead + bittercold breath allows siegs and dainns to avoid some hits from cm

not sure if that helped, most of it is kinda common sense
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12-21-2007   #5 (permalink)
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provoke will help u get first hit.

try to make the longest combos possible with cc and kick, use shifting to make longer.

learn to run away from moon pieces.

dont use a to get up, dash instead, unless its not wise to get up at the time.

if u cant stand dashing cuz ur alrdy on the ground, and the other person is close, a + counter quick so if hes waiting for u to stand to attack u he will get countered.

use s-cancel to get up quick from play dead.

use blow + flash fate at will.

use counter to prevent ppl from starting a combo on u.

make a sad face with big puppy eyes and say "let me win pweeease?", it works wonders.
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12-21-2007   #6 (permalink)
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Sidestepping is only useful if you can actually keep track of where you are. I can't tell you the number of time I hit people dead in the face with a d-fist just because they were sidestepping wildly.


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