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Lillian 09-08-2009 10:49 PM

~`Eternal Gathering's Store,~
~`Eternal Gathering's Store,~

~Welcome to Eternal Gathering~;
This store will be constantly be updated and every month there will be new batch of Eir cash items and occasionally other class cash items and in-game items as well. Our goal is to become an exalted store where we are hopeful to gain the trusted seller status sometime in the future as we are trying to make ourselves a revered store, however we can't do it without buyer’s feedbacks as we can improve and gain recognition so any feedbacks after purchase is appreciated.

Store Policy:
We will give the buyers the opportunity to leave offers for the items. As the markets are very dynamic we have decided to be flexible with the prices, we constantly gauge the market for appropriate prices, so we ask you kindly that you bid accordingly. (Or the Soup Nazi says: No soup for you)

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to withhold any mentioned item for whatever reasons.

Thank you and happy shopping!

Currently for sale:

Attention: Please visit the thread on Lunia forum to leave your offer (Click here)or the EG banner.

Kimono Style Blue(Tier 2)
  • Chest x1 V In Stock
Eir's Gender Change Item L.45 (Tier 2)
  • Chest x1 V In Stock
  • Glove x1 V In Stock

Rock Soul L.45 (Tier 2)
  • Weapon x1 V In Stock

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