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Loong - The Power of the Dragon
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11-07-2008   #1 (permalink)
/gg FTW! Lurker
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Awesome is on a distinguished road
IGN: Souflame
Default Giant Bank Sale! Help me clear out!

My IGN: Soulflame (mage)

Selling stuff usually in sq1
just msg me :P

4th Degree Suspicious Staff +7 (AWESOME FOR DIMLY; +1/+5 to all base stats!)
- Basic: Dmg 9-14, Str+3, Int+3, Dex+3, Vit+3, Hp+9, Mana+9
- Grade: -13hp
- Fort: Dmg 7-7, Str+4, Dex+1
Selling for: 20g! Or if someone offers, bid higher

Troll's Assistant Captain's Robe II (Upgraded) +5
- Base: Def 141, Vit+4, Int+4, Dex+9, Hp+19
- Grade: Hp+4
- Fort: Def 15, Int+2
Selling for: 12g!

Stacks of Forts x8: 6g ea/ 5.5g for all
Stacks of Cats x3: 7g ea

Shining Jewel x8: 7g ea/ 50g all
Ruby x26: 1.5g ea/ 30g all
Amber x16: 2g ea/ 24g all
One Hundred Year Old Cryolite x18: 1.5g ea/ 18g all

Winter Flower x186: 25g all
Huckleberry x45: 7g all
Stage Medals (currently 10, will be getting lots): 2g ea! <-- msg me and you'll get all the scms that I get!

- Some VERY good armor for mage (I'm 45 right now, want some 53-57 armor)
- Dimlys! 3.5g each!
- Looking for some good jewellery/cape that is ~20g! Thanks!
- Other good stuff that you're selling cheap

- How do you send mail? Do you need cash item to use?

ps IGN: Soulflame (mage)

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EU, Second Life HERE
Get paid!
Thanks all!
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11-13-2008   #2 (permalink)
/gg FTW! Lurker
Join Date: Nov 2008
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Awesome is on a distinguished road
IGN: Souflame

Please lock this thread. I'm making a new one.
11-14-2008   #3 (permalink)
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You can close it on your own. Click "Thread tools" and click "Perform Action" to close the thread (make sure the option you have chosen is "Close thread").

Note: You can only close your own threads in the market section.


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