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HoroTheWise 02-02-2009 03:57 PM

Dacy or Yuki xD
N> your help to decide xD Dacy or Yuki? my Yuki is currently lvl 59 but is gonna turn 60. I pvp fairly good with yuki. Dacy i use to be fairly good but since i have player other character i might suck at it xD. Dislike about yuki is that she has no invic dislike about dacy is that she doesnt have much chain melee combo so she just aaa or aa auto spam D:<. Dacy lvl = 62 :P
:O for those who know me Im ChokoretoSan and BlueBerrySan xD i kinda wanna play both but i cant multi character due to the fact that i lose my skillz if i play other character xD I stage/pvp fairly :D About the Prefix it told me 2 put one so i choose a random 1 xD Opinion plz :D

Deity 02-02-2009 04:32 PM

tbh, PvPing with a Dacy is kind of boring for me due to the lack of melee strings and potentially-long combos. I say w/e you enjoy the most... You can be like me though, and focus one char on PvPing and play the rest for stage.

HoroTheWise 02-02-2009 04:47 PM

That'll be my arien but xD on the mean time i need to stall time for arien D:< which is not coming any sec now D: anywayz if arien goes before krieg omfg :D but i doubt it so i'll need either yuki or dacy to keep me company ;-;
My arien will be both >:D but like i said i cant multicharacter just today i went on my dacy for 15mins then when i play my yuki suddenly i just couldnt do aa>>as since i did aaa with dacy xD

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