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03-02-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default For GamePad User - thread rebirth

Hello everyone !

Running on the forum i saw we could use GamePad controllers using a keyboard emulator

Yeah, looks like fun, i DLed Xpadder to configure my PS2 controller, but as you know Lunia puts default actions for X, [ ] and /\ .

Well i did a lil research and i found this topic (XxVX2xX fix)

But te link is dead, and I dont rlly want to follow Mitchi's guide whereas fixed-files are alrdy made

Can someone upload them again?

Thanks in advance

Originally Posted by

When I started playing Lunia and I realized that this was a realtime combo game similar to MVC2, I decided it'd be freaking retarded to play this game without a gamepad. So I decided to figure out how to do it, but I was having a lot of problems when I tried it out. But I recently figured out the problem I was having and now I play Lunia on a gamepad, (and its freaking FUN). Well without any further ado, I present.

A Short Guide on Using Lunia with a Gamepad!

First you need to have a gamepad or a controller of some sort. I went to Radioshack and bought a PS2 to USB connection device for my playstation controller and use that when I play. You can also buy a normal gamepad if you like as well. Saitek sells come good ones here

Second you need to download a program called Xpadder here. This program allows your computer to accept input from your gamepad controller as keyboard inputs, and thus you can play the game by mirroring your keyboard buttons on the appropriate keys.

Configure it like this:

Arrow Up = Up
Arrow Down = Down
Arrow Left = Left
Arrow Right = Right
Button 1(Triangle) = Dash
Button 2(Circle) = DownAttack
Button 3(Cross) = 'A'Attack
Button 4(Square) = 'S' Attack

I set my gamepad with all the L and R triggers as the skills on 1 - 5, and then when I hold select those skills become the skills on my keyboard from 6 - 0. Playing this way makes comboing a LOT easier than pressing 1- 0 on the keyboard. Hopes this helps someone. Take care and have fun!
Well i finally made it !
I just made clear config files allowing you to bind the action you want to the button you want using < Xpadder Program >
No more already bound action, you're free to choose

You want to know how I did ?
I simply deleted all lines refering to "JOPAD_Button" in Default_KeyInput_All.xml, KeyInput_LuniaSquare.xml and KeyInput_LuniaClient.xml files.

.: LuniaOnline_GamePadFix :.

[ Don't forget to make a backup of your OWN files, we never knows ! ]
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03-02-2008   #2 (permalink)
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thank you very much, this will be sure to be usefull when i get my new gamepad.
03-04-2008   #3 (permalink)
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Thanks for the files I was going to do this myself, but I messed up last time.
03-25-2008   #4 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Pouet
You want to know how I did ?
I simply deleted all lines refering to "JOPAD_Button" in Default_KeyInput_All.xml, KeyInput_LuniaSquare.xml and KeyInput_LuniaClient.xml files.
I didn't have to change those files. All I did was set my keyboard buttons first in Options (Game Launcher) and then used Xpadder (Thanks for introducing that program!).

Edit: I see why you had to remove those jopad lines. The game's already got bound moves to them (my character was doing a SP despite having bound that gamepad buttonto A in Xpadder).

I'm now able to use my X360 gamepad and am enjoying easy jumping with Tia now XD



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