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03-01-2008   #21 (permalink)
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im not sure which skill have them but when i pvp on my slime (no transform)

i could put mines evreywhere, or use my own skill which has invincibiltey frame but they will still end up hitting me after it wihtout taking dmg

i might start a krieg soon to find out...
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03-01-2008   #22 (permalink)
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wahh kreig looks like that guy from full metal alchemist!! that big guy with white hair and stuff. so cool ^^y

i wonder if we can play krieg sometime he looks pretty cool and i want to play paladin like i did with wow before hehe.

healing is fun ^^y

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03-25-2008   #23 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by skyangelic
Wow, that makes Krieg look like an invincible tank T.T
When i first saw Krieg, i thought he didn't know any spells because he looks like a dumbfounded Krunk ._.

Krieg..Krunk...Krieg..Krunk..Get it?
Sorta how the Tias are way OVER buffed huh? Lunia needs to consider making characters more balanced for pvp...
03-25-2008   #24 (permalink)
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riceburner4540 is an unknown quantity at this point

Just because you can't beat a certain character doesn't mean they're overpowered. Ever consider that maybe, just maybe you're doing something wrong?
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03-25-2008   #25 (permalink)
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There is a weakness to everything...
WE don't know how he is but just hear things from others.
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03-25-2008   #26 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by oOBrianOo
Sorta how the Tias are way OVER buffed huh? Lunia needs to consider making characters more balanced for pvp...
Tia's are annoying to fight but I don't think they are super ultra overpowered. They have an easy time making combos and getting the first hit, so they are newbie friendly not so much overpowered.

Krieg will get balanced in someways I'm sure. I mean, looking at his NPC combos, they are built up almost entirely out of skills, his MP is gonna rocket downward if they don't have a tiny amount of MP consumption. We'll just have to wait and see how he turns out when he arrives here. (Long ways away.)
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03-26-2008   #27 (permalink)
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Here is my guesstimation!
I am willing to bet that while he has all kinds of cool skills, his MP is low!
Haha! That woudl balance him!
And his attacks don't have to be slow!
He could have slow movement speed! That would make him forced to be a tank and make it harder for him to dodge!
More balance! He seems more like a character that would take some work to be good at really. More work then , for instance, Sieg. Please note that when I say good I don't mean amazing I mean doable.
I think he'll be perfectly balanced.
A true hero is never afraid to use their powers!
03-28-2008   #28 (permalink)
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Elite will become famous soon enoughElite will become famous soon enough

Originally Posted by pookie
krieg items have the biggest defence (bapho shirt gives 800+ def)
and he has a amazng ammt of invincibility frames when he uses skills

but hes in no way a healer or overpowered...hes more of a mob control (but not dmger) and his skills are like barbarian from diablo 2
wow.. 800 !! i'm so glad def doesn't do that much, unless you got a big chunk .

so you're saying he has a lot of AoE attacks? i might play him if he does .


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