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Loong - The Power of the Dragon
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02-17-2008   #41 (permalink)
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well u can actually add more airbend3r.. u can do s aaaa kicking s >> s aaas >> s aas aaaa crosscut cancel ( x 1 space ) and wind kick if ur at the right level and u might wanna add whirlpool sword after cross cut after ur lv 27 and cancel it ( space x 1 ) then use wind kick ( unless the scarecrow is high then combo more! otherwise the total combo hits ur doing is 45 around 5k dmg i think ) its on youtube by duoblader ( i think thats his user )
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02-17-2008   #42 (permalink)
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Elite will become famous soon enoughElite will become famous soon enough

i don't get it.. like what make's it so hard for a second shift? isn't it the same as the first shift in a combo? i never got that problem when i was beginning to learn combos.
02-18-2008   #43 (permalink)
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lazybum will become famous soon enough

my shifting is quite bad :/ usually get stuck at the 2nd shift. My usual low mp shifting combo would be
aa >> as TK s shift aaaa CC (1 hit) space shift blah blah

i tried adding aaas shift after my second shift but cant seem to get enough height to do so. Think my first 2 shifts were too slow. Besides my keyboard can't seem to register the inputs if i do it too fast. like i often get stuck with 33 and a failed 9 that isnt registered becos i pressed too early, forcing me to press the 9 abit later.

Maybe aa >> as TK shift aaas shift aaaa cc space shift etc etc is better?

Oh yeah and i need to get used to doing aa >> as. Sometimes i press as too fast and sidestep -.-. too used to aas which sucks

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