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Wiewior 02-08-2008 01:02 PM

Bugs in Global Lunia
Please add any bug below

- Glunia website:

1. Main bugs
2. Party bugs
3. Bugs: quests
4. Bugs: missions
5. Bugs: NPC names
6. Bugs: Item names (any bug from this section wasn't fixed after beta. 12foottall version of Lunia still has all bugs listed here)
7. Chat spamers
8. Suggestions of players

1. Main bugs

"Error: Unable to connect to the server. Please try again later."
Grrrrrrr :( The most irritating bug
I see this message always after losing connection during playing any stage (without Square). After this I must wait ~1 min to enter Square again.
larger PING = more lost connections to the server
Fixed? Goblin's Soul Stone (History only) - unavailable in Open Beta? (bug?): 0% chance to obtain from goblins (Legend version is OK)
Fixed? window of kill boss quests (NPC: Luther Fred, location: Square) - I must click on 1 of quests to can rewind list lower
loading of monsters' data (1-5 seconds of stoping game when monsters can kill me) during game (when monsters appear, new players come or using skills first time at stage)
Fixed? 2 musics at campfire (1 campfire's music + 1 music of stage's ending movie)
Fixed Korean name of gates at Stage 2-4
If I have 15G'45S then I can't sent 50S to other player (only max 45S :( )
Windowed mode [F12] has bug. I must click below buttons in game
Crashing Keyboard settings after 1~3 min od editing
If I have 20 quests and I try add more then I see message ~"You have 10 quests. This is maximum"
Please disable Anti-Aliasing of text. I can't see in-game text very well

2. Party bugs

Please add info about unlocked "Yeti Cave" quest to "Stage map" window
Only pressing ESC unlocks joining more players to party (clicking Close or X don't work)

3. Bugs: quests

2 different names of NPC (other in task of quest and other of real NPC name):
Quest: Uncominated Yeti
Mission: Escort the Scared Yeti at Yeti Plateau to the Snow Girl Investigator.
Real NPC name: Investigating Snow Girl

now: Escort the Scared Yeti at Yeti Plateau to the Snow Girl Investigator.
-> should be: Escort the Scared Yeti at Yeti Plateau to the Investigating Snow Girl.

Free the Very Contaminated Yeti at the "Yeti Plateau", and go see the Yeti in Agony.
now: "Yeti Plateau" -> should be "Yeti Cave"

Quest: Samael's Favorite Cake: Lurie's Cake (History & Legend)
Go see Lunie in the Square
should be 'Lurie' not 'Lunie'

Quest Name: Goblin's Shrpened Axe
-> should be: Goblin's Sharpened Axe

4. Bugs: missions

Reche = Lache? (Stage 1-2 Legend)
now: "Mission: Enter the village and meet Reche"
-> should be: "Mission: Enter the village and meet Lache"
NPC (Militia Repairman) at "Orc Advance Base" stage wants to bring him 3 items (4 items are necessary).
He don't talk about "Screw" item

5. Bugs: NPC names

NPC: Milrae - in quests: Milae
now: Milrae -> should be: Milae
Yeti Cave quests:
NPC: "A Yeti in Pain" - in all quests: "Yeti in agony"

6. Bugs: Item names

now: Blck Crystal -> should be: Black Crystal
now: ToddMarin -> should be: Tourmaline?
now: Fusion Accerator -> should be: Fusion Accelerator
now: Piece of Earch -> should be: Piece of Earth
now: Legendary Worf's Soul Stone -> should be: Legendary Wolf's Soul Stone
now: Yeti King's Heavy Dutry Leather -> should be: Yeti King's Heavy Duty Leather?
now: Chocoloate cake made by Lurie -> should be: Chocolate cake made by Lurie
now: Chocoloate -> should be: Chocolate
Bug in info of item "Shovel" (start NPC: Joanna, reward NPC: Wallace)
A new "shop" sent from Joanna to "Wirus". (History)
-> A new "Shovel?" sent from Joanna to "Wallace?". (History)
now: "Goblin's Shrpened Axe" -> should be: "Goblin's Sharpened Axe"
"Secret Remedy of Intelligence" - has bug in info: text "E1032?". What is "E1032?" ?
now: Scout Binculars -> should be: Scout Binoculars

7. Chat spamers

List of chat spamers:
If you want to add new name of spamer, then you must add screenshot of chat too (only if he advertises paid-webpages in game chat)
Please post below

How to block a spamer? Type: /block NickOfSpamer

8. Suggestions of players



iko 02-08-2008 01:13 PM


Buddy List bug - "User is not connected" spamming...

Also some korean words still in 2-4/Snow Queen stages... Check it out.

Stage Bug - Cobolt Secret Base (Raid Stage). Magic wall at cobolt king/scorpion/reaver room has a large gap... I'm unsure if this is intentional or not...

Quests for that raid is "unknown."

Players can pass through rocks at the beginning of stages upon defeating initial monsters.

StudioBellucci 02-08-2008 06:54 PM

Item names : Craft item reagent - "blck crystal" -> "Black crystal".
No biggie but. :/

FakeTruth 02-08-2008 07:04 PM

Players and monsters(NPC's) can be hit over magical walls, can be pretty annoying if you don't have any distance attacks >_<;;

And Lache is also called Rach, Rech or Lach (without the 'e' at the end).

And in episode 3 in some mission I don't remember which one, Sieg sais 'shit' while it's censored in the chat, wouldn't call that a bug, but it's still wrong :P

Deity 02-08-2008 07:22 PM

Ugh the most annoying. Dainns cannot use Cold Blue Dragon near the walls in episode 3 history and legend. It tends to hit once, and the animation does not show o.o. However, it seems that some projectiles cannot be used as well.

IdiotShere 02-08-2008 07:45 PM

Not sure if this is a bug....

In yeti cave, at one point, after you destroy the source of the contaminated rock, it says the gods of "Foriel" In the soldin server.

Zetsumei 02-08-2008 07:54 PM

When someone whistles you, it says "Usernameis whisltling: hi."
There needs to be a space between Username and is.

Gota 02-08-2008 07:58 PM

Heres a big chunk.....

sometimes upon login, the party list does not appear

sometimes upon login, the guild chat is bugged and it shows everyone is online, but can't chat with anyone in guild.

the buddy list is bugged, only when people that log in after you will be shown online, people that are on your buddy list that was already online before you log on is shown offline.

sometimes upon login, you try to whistle someone, it'll spam the "user not connected to server" box, like literally 50 times. But in fact, they ARE online.

adding someone to buddy will always be shown as offline until they re-login

the blocking function sometimes doesn't work, after you do "/s ign" it saids "user not connected to server" then the person is still spamming, you try to block him again, it won't let you.

In some side stages (i.e. Oasis) the map have randomly blocked paths, sometimes, the map have multiple dead ends where it is IMPOSSIBLE to move forward anymore to find the boss, every path is blocked and no boss is around the past paths.

Sometimes in parts of stages where you have to kill all the monsters before the glowing wall will disappear, monsters in the area will turn invisible, making it a pain in the *** to "kill all monsters" sometimes can still be seen on the mini map though.

In cobolt raid, the arrows part, sometimes after killing all the cobolts, the portal doesn't appear, even though there is no "invisible monsters"

sometimes item icons turn into guild icons.

sometimes after killing boss of a stage an breaking the bonus box, the stage clear screen doesn't appear for another 5 minutes.

sometimes even with 100% experience, you don't level up

IdiotShere 02-09-2008 07:02 AM

oh time I did 3-6, after the dragons. The wall wouldn't let us through. We checked our map and found a monster dot. We used to map to find it and it was invisible. We managed to kill it but INVISIBLE lol...

Clawshot 02-09-2008 07:07 AM

In 3-8, if you bring the Calvary Captain's hp bar down to empty before it transforms, the second form won't spawn, forcing you to restart the stage.

FakeTruth 02-09-2008 07:19 AM


Originally Posted by Zetsumei (Post 141954)
When someone whistles you, it says "Usernameis whisltling: hi."
There needs to be a space between Username and is.

And it shouldn't be whisteling becouse that doens't make sense, you can't whistle a message (unless it's in morse). It should be whispering, just like in all the other games...

Dark Guy 02-12-2008 08:55 AM


On stage 2-4 (Both history and Lengedry), there are parts that the snowgirl and snowman speak in arabic...(I don't know if these are really senteces or gibberish, but I can recognize arabian letters for sure)...If you want to make them speak in languege which no one knows, create symbols your own...


Bosses glitches!



On 2-4 (Both history and lengedry), if you stay far away from the boss, she (the boss) won't move.



As the same as the last bug, this time, it's with the second form of 3-8's boss. (Both history and lenged. The boss has 2 forms. the first one is ok, while the second form is bugged).


Golems, (1-10's boss (Both history and lengedry) can become - stuck). Exemple:

(In the end of the video).


5) In 'Cobolt Secret Base' (Which is a side stage of epic 3 - Lengedry), there are 3 final bosses.

3 of them are golems. one of them: (I don't remember its name. It's the red-brown golem which is supposed to be the strongest and hardest one) can become stuck also.



Another 'Cobolt Secret Base' bug:
Sometimes, when you fight the 3 golems, they teleportt from far away (where can't see them) and then, (Suddenly), they appear near to you.

(This fact is very annoying and may be "deadly").

Gota 02-12-2008 09:05 AM

the stuck parts aren't really glitches, its just how the AI works, they get aggro, they follow you.

The teleporting part just makes it harder for you to solo the stage, preventing you from 1v1ing the golems. But I think the teleporting is done on purpose and it affects every monster, since I saw it happen on other monster in other stages to help them get unstuck if there is no aggro.

iko 02-12-2008 09:08 AM

6D knight quest leg armor looks like 5D leg but painted black.

It should be a 6D model of knight leg armor painted black, not 5D.

lazybum 02-14-2008 01:49 AM

lol there are probably too many translation bugs to be listed. It can seriously last pages and pages

xvelocityx 02-14-2008 06:45 PM

i had a bug where i kept bouncing up lol :cool:

greenpen 02-29-2008 08:43 PM

Is it *really* possible to know where invisible people are by looking at the map? If not, I suspect there is a hacker, if so, am I just blind?

Gaiety 03-01-2008 03:41 PM

"Invisible" people in the square is just due to a shop glitch that lets you move around while in the shop. Your character won't appear, but the dash trails will.

Invisible people in stages are the result of Tia's Hide skill or a Hide potion.

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