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08-31-2007   #1 (permalink)
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Default Guide to Episode 2 In Section History

OK, So you just destroyed your first Episode Boss right? Congratulations.

Now you have a whole new episode. This guide explains Episode 2.

Episode 2-1

Coming Soon

Episode 2-2

Coming Soon

Episode 2-3

Coming Soon

Episode 2-4

Coming Soon

Episode 2-5

Coming S00n

Episode 2-6

C0m1ng 500n

Episode 2-7

Coming Soon

Episode 2-8

Coming Soon

Episode 2-9

When you start, you are in a closed room with monsters. Kill these and Break The Rock. Go in and the characters start talking. Do NOT touch the Circles. They always appear in a line going up. If you do step on one, RUN! Count how many more circles you hit. Ice blocks that do 300 DMG come. Every time you hit a circle they come. So get through and break the thing. Then move on. Repeat the Circle puzzle until you reach the end. WARNING! Stop before moving on. When the area opens up, do not move. When everyone is ready, step in to the room...

BOSS 2-9: Hell's Knight

Attacks: Sword Slash: Low DMG but last blow is EXTREME Damage.

Sword Spin: Tornadoes appear in the Room. Run from them. Med DMG

Magic Star: A Glowing star appears abd splits twice and homes in on you. High Damage

Kill it and take its Seal Box and be proud.

************************************************** ***********************

Episode 2-10 !! Attention !! Bring Potions!

OK so you reached the end of another episode! But we all know what that means. Episode Boss! But first you have to get there...

Start off by going down and killing the monsters. Then after you have a GOOD team hit the rocks. Kill the 4 Skeleton Generals. The Fireballs do 80 DMG and can easily be avoided. After killing the generals, go for the top of the stage and meet an old friend...

Mini Boss: Hell's Knight! You already know what he does but he has less HP this time.

More Coming Soon...
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09-04-2007   #2 (permalink)
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Ok, wtf. I suggest you get at least 1/4th the guide done before posting it. And since it doesnt even have all that much detail, it shouldnt take more than a few hours.
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