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Hamshira 08-30-2007 04:03 PM

Helping healers out
I thought i might as well post this in the general forum seeing as how its for everyone to know and not just healers.

A lot of people have annoying habits which means playing a healer is very difficult. These following "lessons" are just suggestions, you can still play how you want, but if you want to make your healer's life easier, it would be wise to follow these guidelines :

Lesson 1 : Carry potions.

Unless you're in a 2-man party, a healer is not your personal hospital. Not only that, but as we know, skills have cooldowns. When a healer is dealing with a 4 man party, he/she has to consider every member. A healer cant always attend to every single member at every second and neither can they always focus on one person for too long. A healer has to keep the whole party AND themselves alive. Especially difficult in boss fights. Please please carry pots. Money is hardly an issue in Lunia and having your own pots to heal yourself would be a lifesaver, not only for yourself, but for your party as well, as there is less for the healer to worry about.

Lesson 2 : Stop running away from the damn heal range

Unless you're in a crazy bossfight, for the most part, HOLD STILL when a healer is trying to heal you! This is one of the most annoying habits that nearly everyone does, even the healer themselves. If you notice a healer is trying to heal you, and you're outside the range, try and run inside it and get some of that healing done. But really, dont make a healer waste MP and a whole skill cooldown just because you cant stay still for a few seconds.

Lesson 3 : Bead of healing is not a crazy enemy skill

Similar to the above, this healing skill (i believe, in my opinion) is one of the best skills in a healer's arsenal. It homes into your target and can even be casted if you're far away and will even go off screen in some cases. So for god's sakes, dont run away from the bead of healing while its homing in on you. It looks like a big purple orb floating slowly towards you. This skill can actually SAVE YOUR LIFE so stop dashing away from it like a madman. Similarly if a healer is trying to heal you with this skill, make things easier by actually running into the orbs to speed the process up.

Lesson 4 : Protect your healer!

Healer's have a skill called "price of sacrifice" which sacrifices half of your hp (roughly, sometimes its more, depends on skill level) and completely restores your MP so you can heal people straightaway. Ever notice healer's health go down suddenly when they cast that weird skill? Yeah. Its that one.

So if you're seeing a pack of monsters slowly running up to your healer while he/she is casting either THIS spell or a healing spell to heal themselves, protect them! I know you're busy whacking your own mob, but do keep an eye on your healer. A healer is most vunerable in this low-hp state and 9/10 times i died is because i was low on hp from this skill. Similarly if a healer is casting a healing skill and some other monster is running towards them, make sure you whack it and keep it out of the way. For most of the healing skills, a healer cant actually move until the spell is done. So protect your healer!

Final Lesson : Dont take em for granted

Healers arent exactly rare, but that doesnt mean you have to treat them like bitches either. Dont say "HEAL PLEASE" or "HEAL ME NAO" - we'll come round to it. A healer isnt your personal slave or gimp for you to scream at. Please treat them politetly!

Thanks for reading :D

imported_soulsound 08-30-2007 05:05 PM

kudos to that =D

yay someone who cares about us ^^

healers are only your friend if u treat them well <3

riceburner4540 08-30-2007 05:29 PM

Good advice. I'll add one of my own.

For anyone getting a heal, don't stand around like an idiot. Swing that weapon! A huge problem with the later levels is that enemies don't die nearly as quickly. People tend to rush in and take a ton of damage, then when they retreat, they bring the entire mob guessed it, the healer. Healers can't heal inside a large mob, they'll get knocked around and spells will be canceled. At 300+ mp for a Light of Healing, it's not something we can afford. Keep that in mind.

Varwin 08-30-2007 05:46 PM

...I love you. I am in e-tears... Its guy love, not gay love.

WinterNight 08-30-2007 05:56 PM

All the given advices are completely true. In my opinion, the fact that people tend to rush in with low health is the most annoying. I don't even have time to heal them, and often times bead of healing would purposely ignore the person with low health and go heal another with full health Oo

Red 08-30-2007 06:11 PM

lol I tend to take hits for the healer and i keep saying ty to them wen they heal me.

riceburner4540 08-30-2007 06:12 PM

That's what I call karma. When they die, I tell them "Hey, I tried. If you stood still and got healed beforehand, or maybe put in some effort chasing the beads..."

Sometimes, I get one of those people who give me lip, telling me to play healer better and the best retort for me is "My healing is fine, you need to learn how to play Sieg better."

Varwin 08-30-2007 06:33 PM

I say, "Dont get hit... simple..." and they get all pissy for telling them the truth.

neogeek 08-30-2007 06:51 PM

One thing that I always like to tell party members is to understand how grandiose Prayer of Healing is.
Prayer does everything in a big way.
It heals the most out of all your spells.
It leaves vulnerable for the longest time.
It has the highest HP/Mp cost.
It has the second highest range of healing spells.

The important part is the range. You don't need to stand as close to the healer as you would for Light of Healing.

Yes, a thank you is necessary to all players who are paying attention and trying to help out their healers by not wasting their heals.
Seriously though.
Get away from me.

You can stand next to your healer or you can stand far away. You're still going to be in range of Prayer's healing. The difference?
If you're near your healer, and monsters are coming after you, wouldn't that also result in the monster being near your healer as well?
Which by the way, is not good.

Also, don't use your healer to backdrop a monster's attacks. If they run up behind a monster and cast Prayer, there's a good reason they're behind the monster.
Most monsters work with frontal attacks. By staying behind the monster a healer is usually safer and has less chance of being interrupted.

Some conscientious players interpret Prayer the same as Light of Healing, and move next to the healer. Doing this turns the monster around so that it's facing your healer. That means any longer ranged or piercing attacks hit not only you, but the healer standing behind you as well.

ng123123 08-30-2007 11:49 PM

Ok, im sick of ppl shouting and spamming about ppl not getting heals, its simple, when you concentrate on the boss/mob, you cant just look elsewhere (for me), i tend to just dodge atks from bosses and no notice a healer sneaking up behind me for a heal, then they start spamming cuz i moved 1 mm away from the heal. We like to get healed, but its just not possible when you are right about to be atked by a boss. During regular mobs, you healers complaint alot about missing heal. Have you ever realized that the most damaging part of a combo is near the end? when we hit, we move, its part of the game, so either heal closer to the monster or wait till then end of the combo, cuz chances are, we aint stopping in the middle of a combo.

lvl 23 seig - ElfStab

o 0<>[]

o = healer
0 = me
<> = my atk
[] = monster

when i atk

o o<>[]

i move, but healers

o ) ) o<>[]

)) = healing thingy
so, move closer

o )o)<>[]

or wait till im done

o )o) []

There, every1 happy

Kyurie 08-31-2007 12:38 AM

which is why healers (well, i do) use sunlight of healing to heal when many are fighting the boss as it has larger range and lower cast time, but this restores less then the light of healing, so the additional hp wont last that long. if i were to use light of healing near a player who was fighting at the same time, i would most likely have to cancel the heal before it reaches its full effectiveness.

if u wish to continue fighting and comboing go ahead but kindly stop and run to the nearest healer when ur about to die, even if ur in the middle of the combo as life is more important then damage. if u dont, and u die, its ur own fault. i have nothing against people who accidently die, as long as they dont blame the healer, because it was their own fault.

true, theres bead of healing, but it sometimes targets the player with full health instead of the dying one (this cannot be controlled by the healer if all allies are in the same direction), so those who are dying still need to catch the bead.

btw good job on starting this thread.

Kennith 08-31-2007 12:42 AM

You should also mention that you can be revived. When you are on the ground with 0 HP, stay put and healer has a chance to revive by healing him/her. Once the guy gets up though, his/her life is gone.

riceburner4540 08-31-2007 01:06 AM

I'll rarely rely on Light of Healing to heal during a massive battle unless I'm confident it's safe, i.e. all monsters are laid out. I'll run right up in the Knight's face and cast it. 75% of the time, they'll still go for a downed attack on the monster, thus evading my heals. Or hell, I've partied with several Knights that refuse to stop for heals even when we're just moving around to another area.

One thing that a lot of people seem to forget is that my responsibility as a healer is to keep you alive by making the healing available to you, and that's it. Beads are tossed around in abundance and Light of Healing is casted in relatively close range to you. I am not, however, going to force-feed you the heals. If I cast any healing spell in your vicinity and you do not make the effort to get it, I will turn to someone else as I'll deem you a waste of mana. Simple as that.

Basically, if you're low on hp and you see beads, make an effort to get it even if it wasn't homing into you. Healers have no control who they chase, it was *probably* intended for you if you needed healing. Maybe you're fighting a mob of monsters, but they're currently on the ground. Stand still for two seconds to get some hp back, or maybe even (and this may seem extreme) move two steps to the left into the spell or something. Learn to recognize what healing spell looks like what. Prayer is not the same as Light of Healing, you do not need to hug the Healer to get the hp. Doing so is probably going to get the Healer hit which means spell canceled.

Basically, to summarize, it's the healer's duty to make healing accessible to the party members. The other party members, however, have the responsibility to make the effort to get healed. Accessibility varies between healers, some stay in the back line, some will deliver heals relatively close to the front lines. Just learn how your healer does things and don't be an ass.

WorldChaos 08-31-2007 01:14 AM

very true about protecting the healer in the party when a monster is about to attk the healer rush to the healer and hit the monster!
Protect the Healer or u won't get healed. Also dont take the meat
inside the chest or healer will get mad and won't heal u. Healer will not heal u and will let u die XD

KCheese 08-31-2007 02:20 AM

thread creator: I want to make love to you, god damn.

Very nice

Envy 08-31-2007 07:48 AM

yes, thank you thread creator, best thread ever!

I understand if you siegs are comboing or whatever, but if you're running low on hp and notice it, at least let yourself run into our beads, they could save your life, and you can still continue your combo. Don't expect us to run next to you, risking our lives, to use light of healing just so you can continue your combo.

Varwin 08-31-2007 08:57 AM

Protect = save yourself. Seriously. Protecting the healer, heal comes to you. Dont protect, you dead. The healer is YOUR lifesource.

Gofish 08-31-2007 10:57 AM

Some healers I met, just suck bad at healing, I could name a few.

Pulsate 08-31-2007 10:58 AM

Seriously, especially for the knights that have a whole bunch of HP...

I'm using Prayer of Healing, and they all run off halfway through.

And it's not in the middle of a battle, it's before proceeding to the next.

Kreig 08-31-2007 12:03 PM

i only run when i knw i wont die. like on legend 1-3

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