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Mega 01-16-2011 12:03 AM

Oketsu is Recruiting!
(Seems this section hasn't been used in a while :py06: )

Hello! Welcome to the Oketsu Recruitment Thread.

Oketsu is recruiting friendly people of any level/rebirth. We don't have complicated rules, if you are a nice and friendly person, feel free to message 1 of our following leaders:

Lume (Guild Master),
CentVentus, Healings, Luniriel, OSKY, Quicki, sizhu, VoODoofied, xMegaMedic (me), Atollie, FoxShade, Valestii, MiniHito, or Arekkushisu.

(You can apply here, but it would probably be faster to contact someone in game!)

Some facts about our guild:
- Our current home square is Bedford

- Super-activeness isn't a big problem, we understand if you have more important stuff to do (especially since school has started back!)

- We have members from different timezones, from the US and Canada to Europe to Eastern Asia

- We appreciate that you speak English in guild chat

- We mostly do Myth, we only stage to level up to 70, unless we're farming items. We don't have many pvpers at the moment.

- We don't welcome scammers, if you're in guild and we find out that you scam, you'll be kicked out without warning!

- Currently, we are ranked 19 and our Guild Level is 31.

- Our Guild Shop has everything you need. Guild MP potions, stamps, speakers, personal store, titles, and some raid keys.

We are looking forward to welcome you to our guild. If you have any questions, leave it as a comment in this thread!

philip619 12-29-2011 12:44 PM

still active? ill join :o

Mega 12-29-2011 01:34 PM

Uh you'll have to find Lume or someone else. I don't really play anymore so I don't know if they're even still active.

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