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06-03-2009   #1 (permalink)
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IGN: NicholasL
Class: Dainn lu_dainn
Level: Total Lv140
Guild: Scorpious
Default Scorpious Recruiting New Members~

Scorpious is a lv9 guild, who's home sq is currently sq9 :p Our guild shop currently holds no cash items, but that'll change once we get enough members to keep the guild upkeep up for about a week.

The guild master is:
NicholasL (The master's a 'her'. Call her -Me- Jade)
My other characters are:
jadec ; vKiwi ; AngryTink ; iPewYou

The sub-leader is:
sarakchen ; Sarakc ; ElvesAreUs

There arent any lvl requirements ; But there are requirements o.o
  • You have to be friendly
  • Semi-active (You dont have to be a lunia addict like my sister and I, just pop in often)
Anddd thats about it.

Currently, we have 58 members, but I hope we could improve that number~

One other thing I'd like you to do in the guild is:
  • Guild Upkeep

You dont have to do it all the time, but please, daily is enough T____T

If your interested, please post here, whisper or mail sara or myself to join.
Thank you for reading~
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