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Lightbulb Myth Guide - Part 1 - Forest of Moon

If you're reading this guide, it probably means, that your adventure with myth is just beginning.

Suprisingly myth is not only about killing main boss. There's issue of getting high str, teamwork and killing mobs efficently. For some starter upon those I'd suggest:

[Guide] The best myth guide for Dainn. - ijji Forums

It's my old topic before M2 patch - I must warn you - the mobs are no longer non-flinchable so some parts of this guide are outdated. You'll figure out which ones (I hope). However I still find that topic so good that I advise reading it to newcomers.


Now, let's focus more on something that previous tutorial didn't cover fully - killing Lunia.
It's impossible to learn killing Lunia from just reading black-white text. So, we'll need videos:

YouTube - Lunia Myth 1 Lunia Dies
YouTube - Lunia Myth

and in my opinion the best one:

YouTube - Myth (Lunia)

Try to always watch videos in "high quality" mode at youtube website - not some small window within forum.
*Caution* I'll be natively refering to the third video.


Beating Lunia focuses on three things:
1. Graphics
2. Lunia
3. You

Ad. 1 Graphics
When graphical settings are set to lowest or lower than lowest (user spec) then some attacks might be invisible - for example The Beam attack. The other thing is your resolution - the higher the better. With higher resolution you cover more area so you can see Lunia from further distance. The issue of graphics concerning myth 1 is not as important as in myth 2.


Ad. 2 Lunia
First you need to learn Lunia's attacks. Here are the timeframes (in the video) of them:
1:43+ - The Main AoE
0:39+ - The Beam
0:54+ - Moon Peces
1:07+ - The Heal
2:13+ - The Big moon
2:16 - 2:17 - The push

Let's talk about all those attacks. Most of those attacks have ery unique animation - learn it by heart.

The Main AoE - does around 6500-7000 dmg. So it's still probably 0hko for you. You might start wondering about "probably" and "for you" parts. Yes, it is possible to survive Lunia's main AoE. Actually all you need is 7k hp. You'll get that around the point in which you gain 3k str. But that's probably still a far future for you. Why did I write that it's possible to survive it, when it does not concern you? Because on the war field you might act as others do - copy their movements. When you copy the wrong person (some pro dude) you'll die. He won't. That attack is auto-get up type - so eir won't help you unless you miracleously step on two circles at once (in that case you get juggled and don't die immidiately - that actually might be your last resort of help). The safe area is behind Lunia's back. To be exact - in straight line behind her. Not beside her, but behind her. Please, notice the difference. The other safe are is probably near the edges of the map. I used the word `probably`, because if Lunia is standing in the corner - that corner is not safe. The casting animation is very long. It's the most important one to learn. That's almost it about main AoE. The last tip is: You can still dash away from the circle when it appears - the damage is daelt at the end of the animation of the circle - not the beginning (opposite to Foriel).

We mentioned the pros - and there's one more thing that needs to be said concerning them - they don't want to be healed. Death = mana reset + skill reset. For most of 3k+ str characters Lunia is like 2-3hit ko (lvl 60 skill and soloing) so they actually might like dying.

The Beam - It's actually very narrow. It hit's multiple times if you can survive first hit - everyone will dodge it. It has the shortest cast time among all Lunia attacks. You'll die from it frequently at the beginning.

Moon Pieces - their damage is very low - around 200-300 per hit. But it's not the damage that make them dangerous. It's auto-get up attack and it stuns. Stun, followed by the beam means death for you, unless you press left-right very fast.

The Heal - Lunia heals herself 5 000 hp. The animation is the same (or almost the same) as Moon Pieces one. If you try to solo/duo/trio Lunia and the buttons still need to be pressed Lunia might get quite some time to spam heal 2-3 times. All your dmg is gone T.T That's why it is advised to do 4-5 people runs at the beginning.

The Big Moon - It's 0hko for everyone. Is it? Nope it's not - if you have Flawless V or Light Armor II/III/IV you can press it immidiately after getting first hit - that way you'll survive. You can get Light Armor for 5 beads (it's a daily fishing quest). However it is advised to save those immortality potions for myth 2. Have that in mind. Another thing is that this attack is so looooong. Krieg/Eir will have plenty of time to heal you.

The Push - after Lunia performs one of her attacks - she will probably turn around and attck in different direction - that turning around is actually a close range melee attack. it does 500-1000dmg and it pushes you far far away. It is strongly advised to stay in Lunia's sight all the time. It's logical - you can see her attacks - you can evade them; you can't see - you might run into a beam accidently.

The Pet - Lunia will spawn with a pet. It's not shown on those videos. Pet is simply one single monster from stage. In myth 1 all mobs are like fluffy dolls - very secure to hug them. However the main reason the pet exists is to cut your way of escape - for example, when Lunia's does her main AoE you need to go behind her back - what if there's a pet on the way? you can run back or around the pet - in both cases you might not have enought time. That's why most parties prefer to kill pet first. Such party will use the strongest skills against pet. The pros, due to Foriel's line attack have greatly increased dodging skills. They don't give a crap about the pet. They can probably take 50-60% Lunia's hp themselves before other party members finish off the pet.


Ad 3. You
With myth 1 this section is short. The main tactic is to use the skills when Lunia uses hers. Don't do this:
a) You see Lunia walking somewhere (oh btw. she can walk too - it's not that she stands in one place and spams attacks) or you see her ending one of her attacks
b) You start your non dash-cancelable non skill-cancelable attack of cast time 3 secs.
c) Lunia turns around and fires a beam into you in 1.5 sec
d) You die like a hero :P


Thank you for reading.
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