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Taylor 07-20-2009 09:55 PM

Lunia: The Matrix and You! (Client Editing Guide/Tutorial)
Before I start with the guide client editing, be sure to read these important notes before doing anything!

Damaging your client: As with all client editing, you always face a risk of accidentally damaging files.
Take note that I am not responsible for any damage done to your client or system in the event something goes wrong, but I will try and help you through it if possible.

Reputation: I put a lot of time and effort into making this guide, so please share your thanks by giving me some reputation.

Plagiarism: Please do not take this guide and take it as your own. If you must share it with others, then be sure to credit myself along with a link to this page as a source. also, if you use any of the guides by light be sure to do the same thing.

Exploits: uhhh.... no comment.

Lagging:In the case that an edit is not properly done, it is possible you will notice an increase in lag when the edit is on screen. You may simply redit it or return it to normal to fix the problem.

Flaming- If you're here to flame, please do us all a favor and GTFO. I hate flamers.

If you comply with the above statements, then let us begin! [Introduction can be attributed to Light. I pretty much copied his format for this first post.]

Getting Started-
Tools and Requirements - make sure you have them all!

Beginner Guides:
Color Editing/Skill Editing - Part of the guide that covers color editing (Guide Created by Light)
Modifying Clothing - Part of the guide that covers changing your characters appearance in game. (Guide Created by Light)
Transparency - Learn about making any 2d texture more transparent. (Guide Created by Light)
Custom Edits - Part of the guide that covers custom editing skills (Guide Created by Light)
Disabling your chat filter (Guide Created by Taylor)

Intermediate Guides:
NPC Editing + Perfect Cutting/Alpha Layering (Guide Created by Light)
Modifying Text - Part of the guide that covers text editing. In this segment, it's NPC Text. (Guide Created by Light)
Advanced Rebirth Wing Editing + the level 99 effect (Guide created by Taylor)

Advanced Guides: (for people who have a lot of time and skill)

Playing as another character class (Guide Created by Taylor)
Playing as a boss monster (Guide Created by Taylor)
NPC's as Bosses (Guide Created by Taylor)
Locales map (Guide Created by Taylor)
Making a noob item seem like a "SUPER AMAZING WOAH OMG! NO WAAAYYY" item (Guide Created by Taylor) not finished

Easy Tricks & Tweaks[/b]
Slow motion Guide (Guide Created by Taylor)
Square Floor Mod (Guide Created by Taylor)
Item info changing (Guide Created by Taylor) not finished
invisibility (Guide Created by Taylor) Not finished

Taylor 07-20-2009 09:55 PM

1. DDS Converter- the dds converter will come in handy when it comes time to edit the dds files.
2. photoshop CS2 trial - both are very good image editing programs.
3. dds plug-in for photoshop CS2
4. Mystic Thumbs- for quick dds viewing.

1. for most of these edits, you'll need to know the password to the Lunia client files. to get the password, refer to this guide or just PM me or light and we'll send it to you.
2. An xml editing program. Microsoft FrontPage is recommended, but notepad will work just as well.

Recommendations / Prerequisites
1. A basic understanding of HTML (strongly advised)
2. knowledge of various types of editing such as: skill editing and/or clothing editing.

Taylor 07-20-2009 09:56 PM

The Character Swap Mod

This guide can be used to make one character look like another character. I'm assuming we've all done clothing edits before, right? or at least I'm hoping that. if you haven't already tried clothing editing you'll want to run through light's guide at least once, because this guide will use a lot of the same concepts. however, I'm lazy and I don't want to waste too much time. so we're going to just assume you know how to clothing edit.

The character swap mod is very similar to the clothing edit mod. The difference is, you are not swapping items from the same folder. you're swapping items from separate folders. sound tricky? nah, its really easy. I'll show you how.

Part I- getting the dds files
step 1: select the characters you want to switch. for this edit, I'm going to turn my sieg into an eir.
step 2: make a folder. title it "Sieg becomes Eir". then, inside this folder, make 3 more folders. title them as follows: [Eir's C021_d files] , [Sieg's original 001 files] , and [renaming].

step 3. now that we have the main folders hammered out, its time to get the dds files for them. go to sieg's mapping folder first. [C:\lunia\mapping\sieg] search for his 001 files.

step 4: copy the files from the search into the [Sieg's original 001 files] folder.

step 5: do the same thing with eir's angel files. (eir's angel files come from [C:\lunia\mapping\eir]) copy the C021_d files into the [Eir's C021_d files] folder.

step 6: now copy those same files into the [renaming] folder.

step 7: proceed to rename all of eir's files so they can replace the original sieg's files.

Part II- Getting the mesh and animation files.

step 1: locate the animation folder in your Lunia client.

step 2: next hit the search button, and search your animations folder for "Sieg_*_001". copy over all the files to your [sieg's 001] folder.

step 3: next, go into, then into the sieg folder. from here, copy the following files into your [sieg 001] For this step, you will need to enter the password before it will let you finish the copy/paste process.

step 4: redo steps 2 & 3 but with eir's files this time. so instead of searching sieg_*_001, you'd search eir_*_c021. and instead of copying it into the [sieg 001] folder, you'd copy it into the [eir's c021] folder.

STOP!: you may have noticed that eir has no eir_support_c021.skinnedmesh file! Use Eir_support_001.skinnedmesh instead, and you'll do just fine.

step 5: redo step 4 but instead of copying the files into [eir's c021] folder, copy them into the [rename] folder.

Part III - replacing old files

step 1: right click the screen in your [rename] folder. then arrange it by type. this will help group common file types and make it easier to copy over.

step 2: copy all the files in the [rename] folder (with the exception of dds files), and paste them into the sieg folder. (the sieg folder inside the folder- in case you were unsure) when it asks you if you want to replace the files, click yes to all.

Step 3: Next copy all the dds files into the sieg mapping folder. When it prompts you to replace the files, click yes to all.


mine came out all shiny except for the head because I didn't bother cold shining the head.

Q & A

Q: why did my sieg come out looking all messed up and pixelated?
A: if your sieg came out looking all messed up and contorted, here is why:
a. you aren't wearing the 001 set that we made. (001 is the first degree fierce tiger gear)
b. the .skinnedanimation files , .skinnedmesh files, or the .skeleton files were not copied correctly
c. have you tried loading the square yet?

Q: why does my sieg glitch up when I go to do an attack?
A: did I mention I'm lazy? I only told you how to edit the essential animations in this guide. its up to you to figure out the rest.

Taylor 07-20-2009 09:57 PM

Playing as a Boss monster

step1: search around the lunia dds files until you've found a monster you want to use. the files can be found in [lunia\mapping\] or [lunia\mapping\glow]. for this tutorial, we'll be working with Wyldur.wylder's dds file is located in [lunia\mapping\glow].

step2: now you need to find the animation files for your monster. Go to [Lunia\animations] to find it. animation files will always be located in this folder, and for this particular monster, the animation files will be located at [insert place later]. copy the files from your monster's animation folder and past them into the modding folder. if you don't already have a modding folder, make one now. label it "sieg as wylder mod". inside this folder, make another folder called "antidote". the "antidote" folder is where you'll keep a back-up of all the files you'll be changing. it is your responsibility to keep backups of all files you decide to edit.

step3: now before you begin to add a monster into the game, its important to check and make sure your monster will work properly. (for some reason, I've tried and balog can't be used as a monster). to make sure that wylder will work, go to your modding folder and rename wylder.skeleton to sieg.skeleton. copy sieg.skeleton into your sieg's animation folder. [lunia\animation\\sieg] click yes when it asks you if you want to replace it.

step4: check to make sure it will work. run the client and connect to the square. it should look something like this:
if you haven't received a fatal error yet, that means you've done it right.

step5: now copy everything from your monster's folder into your modding folder. in another window, open up your sieg's animation files. you'll need to replace every .skinnedanim file in that folder if you want your creation to be flawless. but hey who am I kidding? we're a bunch of lazy-asses am I, right? just replace sieg_run.skinnedanim, sieg_dash.skinnedanim, sieg_stand.skinnedanim, and all of sieg's mesh files for his body parts. then if you want to, replace a few of his skills files as well. have I mentioned that it's your responsibility to keep track of all the back-up files?
in this picture I copied the monster files and pasted them into my antidotes folder so I could see which files I was going to want backups for.

Step6: once you're done finding backups, delete the files that shouldn't be in the antidote folder.

step7: Rename the files in the monster folder to match names of files in the regular sieg folder, and then do some copy/paste action.

Step8: oh and of course, never forget the .dds files! make sure you copy over the monster's dds files as well. for example, if the monster's dds file is "", then you'll want to take that one file and rename it 6 times. once for every part of your character's body. * * * Sieg_....

Step9:Run the game and see if everything went smoothly
The Results!

if you see anything that I need to add, let me know and I'll try to get it in. also, if anything confuses you I'll try to word it better and provide more examples.
[guide taken from (my personal website)

Taylor 07-20-2009 09:57 PM

Disabling the Chat Filter
after you get done with this mod, you'll be able to swear like a sailor! once this thing starts working, it will be so tempting to just rally off a couple hundred swears. well, please don't. I mean. I know me and a friend did, but... at that time we were the only ones that could see it! xD imagine if everyone had these filters. every 5th word would be a NON-swear! So please try to refrain from swearing. or if you absolutely must swear, keep the swearing out of the squares.

how it works:
the filter blocks in-coming and out-going swears. so if you have the filter, and no one else does, you will only be able to see your own swears. they won't see your swears though. but if 2 people have the same filter, they will be able to see the words just fine. also, I've noticed the guild chat filter doesn't seem to block words as often, which is nice.

shall we begin?
step 1: go to your locales folder.

step 2: go to your folder.

step 3: copy the invalid strings file and paste it somewhere outside the folder. you'll need to enter the password if you want to get the file out without corrupting it.

step 4: open up your invalidstrings.xml file so you can edit it. use either notepad or frontpage.

step 5: where it says forbidden strings value= "" delete everything within the quotes.

step 6: copy the edited invalidstrings.xml file back into your folder.

Finished! go ahead and try it out!

Taylor 07-20-2009 09:58 PM

Slow motion
watch video here

This is pretty easy, and I'm sure you could use it for something. I'm just not sure what. *cough* BAYWATCH! *cough*
here's how you do it. for this guide, I'll show you how do edit eir's animations. honestly though, you can edit any class's animation that you want.

step 1: locate the eir.animation.xml file. it should be located in the zip folder, in the sub-folder "eir".

step2: drag it out into your animations folder. you'll need to type in the password here.

step 3: open it up with wordpad, or any other script editing program.

step 4: change any of the values that say "30.000000". the higher the value is, the faster the animation will be. and the lower you set the value, the lower the animation speed will be.

Taylor 07-20-2009 09:59 PM

Square Floor Mod

ever wanted to rock out on the disco floor? how about walk around in a total grave yard freaky zone? If you want to trick out that square floor, then this guide is for you!

step1: locate the file. [C:\ijji\english\Lunia\maps\square\shared\]

step 2: use the dds converter tool, or photoshop (loaded with the dds plug-in). whatever you do, make it so you can edit the file.

step 3: make a back up of the file.
step 4: trick out the 4 tiles in the top left corner of this dds map.

step 5: load the game and check out the results!
my result was this: but without balog as an NPC.

Taylor 07-20-2009 10:00 PM

Reserved for NPC's as Bosses

Taylor 07-20-2009 10:02 PM

Reserved for "making a noob item seem like the best item in the game!"

Taylor 07-20-2009 10:03 PM

Reserved for the Locales map section

Riku4564 07-20-2009 10:51 PM

Wow! I Love It! I will definately use this!

+Rep for this awesome guide :)

Light 07-20-2009 11:05 PM


Originally Posted by Taylor (Post 905469)
Playing as a boss monster [/URL] (Guide Created by Taylor)

Yet the bottom of the post says "guide taken from"
Credibility must go to those who made it.

You know my words and opinion on the guide, although effort shall not go unrewarded.
+rep to you

Taylor 07-20-2009 11:11 PM


Originally Posted by Light (Post 905573)
Yet the bottom of the post says "guide taken from"
Credibility must go to those who made it.

You know my words and opinion on the guide, although effort shall not go unrewarded.
+rep to you

lol is my personal website. I wrote it there too. =]
infact, thats how I was able to post the guide so fast. my first draft was already set up on pangamma.
thanks for the rep, guys.

whitepage 07-20-2009 11:50 PM

Awesome !

Riku4564 07-21-2009 12:28 AM

oh my god,
i changed my square and flowers and stuff to ice and rocks (like in ep2)

screenys are uploading.

(thanks again :D)

Taylor 07-21-2009 12:32 AM


Originally Posted by riku4564 (Post 905630)
oh my god,
i changed my square and flowers and stuff to ice and rocks (like in ep2)

screenys are uploading.

(thanks again :D)

oh cool! I want to see them! ^^

Riku4564 07-21-2009 01:09 AM


Taylor 07-21-2009 01:12 AM

woah. *jaw drops*
looks really good.
I like the Christmas trees.

Riku4564 07-21-2009 02:18 AM

thanks :)

right now im trying to change all the characters animations by three times.

geez, its taking a while xD

(did i just kill this thread?) :(

Taylor 10-30-2009 11:58 PM

I think so...

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