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Light 06-10-2009 09:00 PM

Making Lunia Your Own (Editing Guide)
Before I start with the guide on editing skills, be sure to read these important notes before doing anything!

Damaging your client: As with all client editing, you always face a risk of accidentally damaging files.
Take note that I am not responsible for any damage done to your client or system in the event something goes wrong, but I will try and help you through it if possible.

Reputation: I put a lot of time and effort into making this guide, so please share your thanks by giving me some reputation. If you don't know how, then you may check my reputation guide here.

Plagiarism: Please do not take this guide and take it as your own. If you must share it with others, then be sure to credit myself along with a link to this page as a source.

Exploits: This guide is only for passive edits meant to give the game more eye candy for the player, and is not intended to exploit, provide unfair advantages, or hack into critical files. If that is your intent then there is no point for you to read on.

Lagging:In the case that an edit is not properly done, it is possible you will notice an increase in lag when the edit is on screen. You may simply redit it or return it to normal to fix the problem.

Registration: All images are hidden unless you have a registered account on the forum, this is due to a limitation I can't change.

If you comply with the above statements, then let us begin!

This Guide has been released AS IS, due to my overwhelming schedule from now till late summer, I doubt I will have time to complete it. Make due with what you have, I apologize I was unable to complete it as I had hoped.
Do note that support will be limited, I simply do not have the time to answer every question that comes up.

Choose the Part of the guide you wish to read, or just scroll down to read it all.

Getting Started-

Beginner Guides-

Enthusiast Guides-

  • Table of Files/Codes - Contains the texture files names and what they contain.
  • FAQ - Questions that are frequently asked and answered, along with Credits of people who helped fix up the guide.

Light 06-10-2009 09:02 PM

Getting the necessary tools.

First off, you must have Adobe Photoshop, if you do not have adobe photoshop then you may download the trial for Photoshop CS2 here.

After downloading and installing photoshop, you will need to download the fallowing DDS tool, which allows you to open/edit/save DDS files.

[Optional] To save you the trouble of figuring out what file is what, you may download this DDS thumbnail viewer, which shows you what the texture looks like when you view files in thumbnail form. [Works on both 32 and 64 Bit OS]


Terms you will encounter and what they mean

Texture/DDS - A texture is the colours and detail you see on a 3D image. It looks like a mess on it's own, until it wraps around the 3D object.

Mesh - A mesh is the 3D object that has no colour or detail, this is the object the Texture covers.
[The texture is like a colourful wrapper, and the mesh being the candy that shapes it.]

xml - The file containing the client scripts. These are mandatory for client and server communication, and even 1 mistake in the text can crash the client.

Photoshop Terms:

Alpha Layer - The alpha layer is responsible for transparency in a texture, most notably in skills. Without it you would see white boxes instead.

Anchor - A Pen point which can be shaped around an object, Excelent for cutting.

Light 06-10-2009 09:03 PM

Unlocked Files

These are no longer updated, if you require the password to unlock files, simply submit me a PM, and I will provide it.

Important Note: While most material is unlocked you should be warned that any files that are still password protected should not be tampered with.
Locked files which are tampered with could cause fatal errors and client instability. Which is why they are remaining locked.

C:\ijji\ENGLISH\Lunia\UI2\ - Core image files, containing the entire user interface

C:\ijji\ENGLISH\Lunia\Animation\ - Core player mesh files, containing the mesh files for clothing.

C:\ijji\ENGLISH\Lunia\Display\Textures\itemicon.zi p - Core icon images, contains every icon used in the game.

C:\ijji\ENGLISH\Lunia\Display\Textures\skillicon.z ip - Skill image icons

- Core Text file, contains all text used in game.

If you want to have the latest stuff, you will need the latest files.
These are the ktest files, containing the latest clothing and skill effects.

mapping folder

Light 06-10-2009 09:08 PM

Preparing to edit a skill texture

All textures are located in the Mappings Folder, and most skills/effects are located in the Mapping/Effects folder.
Note that some skills will have similar names, unless you have the thumbnail viewer it may take you time to find the skill you wish to edit.
Also take note that some skills have many effects into one, so you may need to edit more then one texture at a time.

For this demonstration, I will be editing Eir's Moonpieces. [Just the pieces itself, not the "tail"]

1. First step is to find the file, using the thumbnail viewer you can find Eir's moonpiece in the Mapping\Effect\Main Folder under the name of

Important Note: Be sure to back up any files you plan to modify.

2. Make a copy of file you wish to modify in a backup folder, this is important if anything goes wrong.
Double click the original file, and Photoshop will open.

Doing a simple colour edit

So for this colour tutorial I will turn the Moonpiece from Purple to Green.

3. In photoshop, hit the keys Ctrl+U to open the Hue/Saturation window.
Adjust the Hue to change the colour, and adjust the Saturation to change the colours brightness, and adjust the Lightness to adjust the Contrast of the image.

Continue to play with the Hue/Saturation till you are satisfied with the colour result.

Ex. My Green Moonpiece

4. When satisfied, it's time to save. Go into File -> Save as.
This part can be confusing at first, but easy to do once you know how.

When at the name screen, the name should be the same as the original file. Be sure that Alpha channels is checked! Otherwise the effect will be ruined.

After that you get the DDS format window.
For this you just set it to:

DXT3        ARGB  8 bpp | explicit alpha
It should look like this when completed-

Then hit save, and that should be it!
Time to test it out!

Experiment all you like, once you get the hang of doing colour edits, and you wish to take on the task of completely changing it, you may continue on to the next tutorial.

Light 06-10-2009 09:09 PM

Preforming a Custom Edit on a skill

For this tutorial I will be turning a Moonpiece into a Star.

Note: I am not very good at photoshop, so my skill edit won't look perfect, and my methods used won't be the best ones out there. But they do work, and that's what matters.
Due to the complexity of explaining this, I will try and keep it simple as possible, with plenty of images to help you out.

1. Choose the skill you want to edit, in my case it's Moonpiece.
Which is named in the Mapping\Effect\Main Folder.

2. As always, make a copy of the file you wish to edit and create a backup folder to save the file in, just in case.
If you have one already, just place it in there.

3. Find an image you wish to turn the skill into, if you have one, open both the DDS file and image file in photoshop.
You should have two windows, one with the image you want and one with the skill in it.
We will call the Star image "Image A"

4. Click the window with Image A, and hit Ctrl+A. Then right click the image and select "Layer via copy."
You should see the layer on the bottom right corner of photoshop.

5. Click the window with the skill in it, on the bottom right is a channels tab next to the layers tab.
Notice that there is a RGB, Red, Blue, Green, and Alpha.

6. Click the Alpha Layer, and select the eraser tool, erase the alpha layer till it's completely black.
Then click the RGB channel and select the paint tool, paint the skill completely black.
Both should be black before moving on.

7. Go back to the window with Image A, click on "Layer 1" and drag it to the skill's window. The layer should now be in the window where the skill once was.
You may then close the old window with Image A, but keep the skill window open!

8. Erase anything around Image A that you don't want. Once you have erased everything you don't need, go to the bar on top, and click Layers -> Flatten image.

9 .I Strongly Recommend reading the article on Perfect Cutting Methods and Alpha Layering.
The old method is still available for reading, but will not give the best results.


11.Go into File -> Save as.

When at the name screen, the name should be the same as the original file. Be sure that Alpha channels is checked! Otherwise the effect will be ruined.

After that you get the DDS format window.
Set it to:

DXT3        ARGB  8 bpp | explicit alpha
then save.

Give it a try, continue to edit till you are satisfied with the results.

To truly make lunia look like eye candy, you could share with friends and the community, the more edits that are available the more you can mix and match.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

For those who want the star Moonpiece: Free File Hosting - File Dropper: File Host for Mp3, Videos, Music, Documents.

Light 06-10-2009 09:13 PM

NPC Editing + Perfect Cutting/Alpha Layering

[This is also a tutorial for the cutting of images]

Step 1 - Finding the NPC file

In here locate and extract and on your desktop.
Open both to find out which file the NPC you want to edit is in.

Mine is in

Step 2 - Find an image you want to use as the new NPC.
I've found mine, she will become my new fortification bradford

Step 3 - Cutting her from the background
In photoshop you will be selecting the Pen Tool, and making multiple clicks on the outline of the character, starting from the top.

Multiple "Anchors" might be needed to make a more accurate cut. Continue to create them, and after getting so far we will begin our next step.

Step 4 - Shaping the pen around the character
After making 20 Anchors, go to each of the points and hold Ctrl and Click and Hold. Drag the mouse while holding Ctrl and you will notice two lines appear along with the line curving.

Hold Ctrl and Click and drag the "corner" point. Notice that the curve starts to move, this is where you drag the "corner point" until the curved line shapes around the character perfectly.
This takes practice, eventually you will be able to do it very well and quickly. Don't forget you can make changes later if you are not pleased with the result.

Continue to make multiple Anchors and shaping them along the way. If you need to make a new anchor, just click on the line along the path, and hold alt and click to move the anchor.
When you reach the starting anchor be sure you have finished shaping before clicking it. The pen lines will now lock and you will see your end result.

Step 5 - The Cut
Right click the inside of the outline, and click "Make Selection" a window will appear, just hit ok and the outline is complete.
Hit Ctrl+C then Ctrl+N. A window will appear, be sure the Background Contents is set to transparent and click ok.

A new project window will appear, hit Ctrl+V and your perfectly cut character should be pasted into the window.

Save the file as a PNG before continuing!

Step 6 -More cutting
You have the outline of your character cut, but there might be pieces of the previous background still in it like I do.

Using the same method as Step 4, you will remove the pieces of the unwanted background. This time when you are done the outline you hit delete instead of ctrl+C.

Save the file again after satisfactory

Step 7 - Preparing the NPC
Hit Ctrl+A and then Ctrl+C, this will copy your character into the clipboard.
Open the or file, then hit Ctrl+V. Your character will be in the npc window.

Move your character into place, and cut off the sides that extend too far. Click the "background" layer and delete the npc you wish to replace.
Click the "layer 1" which should be your character, and use the magic wand tool around your character and into any holes.

Right click and select inverse.

Step 8 - Alpha layering
After you selected your inverse do not click anything.
Go to the channels tab on the right side of photoshop and click Alpha 1.

The outline of your character will be present.
on the top of photoshop go into Image -> Adjustments -> Brightness/Contrast

We will then adjust the brightness and contrast to make the inside of our character white.
It should look like this when done correctly.

It is highly recommended you save this as a psd prior to continuing!

Step 9 - Saving
Click layer and flatten the image, you can now save it as a .dds file.

Be sure the saving is done with these settings!!

Step 10 - Test!
Replace the npc file in the with your new edited one, then log into lunia.
If all went well then you should see your finished result.

Be creative! Use whatever you like!

Light 06-10-2009 09:15 PM

Changing NPC Text

Sometimes the text don't match the character, or you just don't like what they say.

We will be changing the text you see the character say in game.

For those who have a password, you may skip this step.

Step 1: Download the unlocked Locale file in the Unlocked Files part of the guide.
This file goes into the Lunia/Locales file. Place it there and open it.

Step 2: In the shop folder is the ShopNpcChat.xml file, extract it on your desktop.
You may ether open it with notepad, or change it's extension to .txt to edit it.

Step 3: In notepad, be sure not to touch anything that isn't inside the quotes ""

Most of the text is simple to know when it appears, as judged by the script title.

<Appraisal_CoolDown - This for example shows the listed text when the item is undergowing graded.
<Appraisal_Success - Text appears after grading success.

Step 4: Edit the text as you see fit, changes can always be made.
When you are done your text editing, save the file and drag it into the archive (rar). *Be sure it's an .xml file

Step 5: Test



Light 06-10-2009 09:18 PM

Preparing to edit Clothes/Textures/Weapons Ect.

Editing your clothes can be fun, especially if you can't manage to buy the item, or it doesn't exist yet!
Although what you see isn't real, while you see the edit, others see the unedited you.

This won't require too much work, since you will simply be swapping and renaming files, although can be lengthy depending on the items you have.

1. First step, write down all your item's names, Especially if its got a degree.

2. After writing the name, head into the Mappings folder, and into the Characters Folder of the character you wish to edit.
(I will be editing my dacy, My entire set consisits of 5th Degree Guardian Tortoise, and a Quest 5A Cloak, so I go inside the Dacy Folder)

To make things easier, you may search for your items you need if they happen to have a degree.

3. In search fields you would have [Characters Name]_*_005 (For 5th degree)
So I would search Dacy_*_005

The star in between the underscores is important so that you may get the entire set, and not just one file.

Here is a breif list of search terms-


000 - Nothing Equipped
001 - 1st Degree
002 - 2nd Degree
003 - 3rd Degree
004 - 4th Degree
005 - 5th Degree
006 - 6th Degree
007 - 7th Degree
008 - 8th Degree
009 - 9th Degree
R001 - Colbolt Raid Set
R003 - Siren Raid Set
R004 - Pumpkin Raid Set
R005 - Baphomet Raid Set
R012 - Necromancer Raid Set
R013 - Kirin/Giraffe Raid Set
R014 - Secret Factory Raid Set

4. As you find the items you have, copy them into a new file named "backup" so you won't lose them.
When you have all of them copied into your backup file, continue to step 5

5. Now It's time to backup the mesh for the texture.
Head into the Lunia\Animation Folder, and Extract the
It will extract everything except for the password protected stuff, when it prompts for the password simply hit cancel.

6. Go into the extracted Player folder, and have your backup folder open.
To search for the files you need, you would simply copy the name of the texture into the search bar, BUT you must remove the letter at the end. (if it has _a or _b ect.)

7. When you preform the search for all your items, and have all 6 meshes, copy them into the backup folder, and we can begin with the fun stuff!

Editing Clothes/Textures/Weapons Ect.

If you don't have all your items textures and meshes saved, then go back to steps 2 or 5 and redo them.
If you do have a backup of your items files, then we can begin changing them to something else.

Close the backup file, and don't open it unless you want to revert the item back to it's original look.

8. Now here is where the options pour in, you have to decide what you want to have them look like.
To do this you look at the Table of Textures and search for what you desire in the Lunia\Mapping Folder.

9. Just like preparing a backup, search for the files you want and create a "editing" folder to put them in.
This folder will hold your files you will be using to edit you clothes with.

10. Preform the same search in the Lunia\Animation\Player folder, fallowing the same guidelines as before, removing the letter at the end of the textures.
Note: Some Meshes are password protected, I am not able to provide you with the password, sorry for the inconvenience.
If your item does not require a password then you are good to go, if you already know the password, then that's fine too.

11. Once you have all the files in your editing folder, it's time to rename them. (If you forget what your textures or meshes were named, you may look in the backup folder)

After renaming them, it should look somewhat like this.

12. Head into the mapping\[Characters folder] and copy the edited files into it. You will be prompted to overwrite them, Accept.
Then move to the Lunia\Animation Folder and open the file.

13. In here you double click the character file you are editing, click your meshes in your editing folder and drag them into the file. When asked to overwrite, accept.
Close all open files, and start up lunia on the ijji site.

If all went well, you should see your character looking like you want it too.
If your character looks incorrect or "messed up" then post your image in this thread and I can point out ways to fix it.

Head into square, but remember not to brag about it. Only you can view the edit that you preformed, so don't get too excited.

Before and After!

Enjoy your edit!

Special Note for Dacy's and Dainn's - If you want to hide your cloak, Copy Dainn_Support_C000 Texture and mesh and rename it to your support item, your cloak should be invisible!

Light 06-10-2009 09:20 PM

This is still a work in progress, if you find out what each of the question marks are, please post them here, so the list can be completed.

Clothing Textures


000 - Nothing Equipped
001 - 1st Degree
002 - 2nd Degree
003 - 3rd Degree
004 - 4th Degree
005 - 5th Degree
006 - 6th Degree
007 - 7th Degree
008 - 8th Degree
009 - 9th Degree
A001 - Bonus 1
A002 - Bonus 2
C000 - Nothing
C001 - Mop (weapon)
C002_a - Tundria Mountain School Uniform Set
C002_b - Ramancha Mercenary School Uniform Set
C003_a - Elbas Etiquette School Uniform Set
C003_b - Teruel Etiquette School Uniform Set
C004 - Self Protection Baseball Hat (weapon, lol)
C005 - Beach Set
C006 - Beach Set (a different one)
C007 - Sporty Set
C008 - Korean Clothing set
C009 - Casual Set
C010 - ????
C011 - Firewood for Campfire (weapon)
C012 - Balog's (weapon)
C013 - Santa Set
C014 - Santa Set (a different one)
C015 - Snowsuit Set
C016 - (animal) Pajama Set
C017 - (untranslated set)
C018 - Romantic Set
C019 - (untranslated set)
C020 - Cat Set
C021 - Angel Set
C022 - Maid Set
C023 - For girls : Pretty/Beautiful/Super Pretty Woman's Set. For Boys : Some names like Scholar (Dainn), Braveman.. etc lol
C024 - Nurse Set
C025 - (untranslated set)
c026 - Beach Set
C027 - Not too sure what you call this, only 2 parts - "Sleeveless Coat" and "Hot Pants"
C028 - Japan Kimono Style Set (everyone)
C029 - Kimono (weapon - Krieg, Dainn, Sieg only)
C030 - Devil's Set
C031 - Rock Spirit's Set (inludes weapon too, the below is probably an alternate weapon)
C032 - Rock Spirit's Microphone Stand (weapon)
C033_a - Old-fashioned School Uniform Set
C033_b - Polished School Uniform set
C034 - Dance Hall Set
C035 - Slime Set
C036 - "Envelope"/Novice Hero's Helmet (head)
C037 - Tiger Skin Pattern Outfit Set
C038 - Small Rat Cooked Up ear (head)
C039 - Rabbichu Cooked Up ear (head)
C040 - (untranslated set)
C041 - (untranslated set)
C042 - (untranslated set)
C043_a - White Cat Set
C043_b - Brown Cat Set
C044 - Alice in wonderland Set
C045 - Wedding set
C046 - Gender Change Set
C049 - Amazon Set
C050 - Another Demon Set?
C052 - Millitary Set
C053 - Another Cat Set
C054 - Secret Agent Set
C055 - Cheerleader Set
C056_a - Blue (untranslated set)
C056_b - Red (untranslated set)
C057_a - Red Dragon Set
C057_b - Gold Dragon Set
E004 - Ancient Kingdom Guardian
P001_a - Aphrodite's Set
P001_b - Athena's Set
P001_c - Hera's Set
R001 - Colbolt Raid Set
R002 - Kanhel Raid Set
R003 - Siren Raid Set
R004 - Pumpkin Raid Set
R005 - Baphomet Raid Set
R007 - Whirlwind Raid Set (Head Only)
R006 - Mandragora Leaf hair accessory (head)
R007 - Whirlwind Spirit's Feather Decoration (head)
R008 - Precision Alloy Machine (weapon)
R009 - Head Chief's Incantational (weapon)
R010 - Ten Millenia Ice Jade/Goddess' Gift for all adventurer (weapon)
R011 - Furious Flame/Eternal Flame Set
R012 - Necromancer Raid Set
R013 - Kirin/Giraffe Raid Set
R014 - Secret Factory Raid Set
Code: - Allm's Logo on start up screen
Apocrypha.tga - Apocrypha's stage map (bonus 1)
Apocrypha2.tga - Apocrypha's 2nd stage map (bonus 2) - Dacy's doll icons (when summoned) - not used - not used
EffectIcon.tga - ??? - Episode 1 Stage Map - Episode 2 Stage Map - Episode 3 Stage Map - Episode 4 Stage Map - Episode 5 Stage Map - Episode 6 Stage Map
FishingImage.tga - Icons of all carp
GameRatingImage.tga - Ratings that appear when Lunia starts up
ItemTuningExplainImage.tga - Grading Image Example - Background Image when loading - Background Image when loading - Background Image when loading
LoadingBackImage_04_02.bmp - Background Image when loading - Background Image when loading - Background Image when loading - Background Image when loading
LoadingBackImageDacy_01.DDS - not used
LoadingBackImageDacy_02.DDS - not used
LoadingBackImageDainn_01.DDS - not used
LoadingBackImageDainn_02.DDS - not used
LoadingBackImageEir_01.DDS - not used
LoadingBackImageEir_02.DDS - not used
LoadingBackImageIceGirl_01.DDS - not used
LoadingBackImageIceGirl_02.DDS - not used
LoadingBackImageKrieg_01.DDS - not used
LoadingBackImageKrieg_02.DDS - not used
LoadingBackImageLime_01.DDS - not used
LoadingBackImageLime_02.DDS - not used
LoadingBackImageSieg_01.DDS - not used
LoadingBackImageSieg_02.DDS - not used
LoadingBackImageTia_01.DDS - not used
LoadingBackImageTia_02.DDS - not used
LoadingImages.tga - Loading Bar + Key Information
LoadingNoticeImage.tga - not used
LoadingPvPImage.tga - The VS Symbol when loading
LobbyCharacter1.tga - Character Creation Images
LobbyCharacter2.tga - Kali's Character Creation Image
LobbyEvent.tga - not used
LobbyServerSelectImage.tga - Server Selection Images
LobbySource.tga - not used
LobbySource2.tga - Pvp symbol, character rotation arrows
LuniaImageSet1.tga - All of the User Interface (Windows, Buttons, Stage Selection ect.)
LuniaImageSet2.tga - All of the User Interface (Myth Selection, Boss HP, Bottom Icons ect.)
LuniaImageSet3.tga - All of the User Interface (Timer, Stage Images ect.)
LuniaImageSet4.tga - Family Images, Event and Buttons
LuniaMailBox.tga - Mailbox Envelope Images
LuniaNSmallLogos.tga - Startup Images
LuniaTutorialTipInfoNotice.tga - not used
MissionResult1.tga - Grading and Box Images when Stage Complete
MissionResult2.tga - Text, and Multiplyers - Myth Stage Map
Myth01.tga - Myth Stage Map - Myth Chapter Images (Item) - Startup Images - NPC Images (WeaponShop, Stage Bank (item), Bank, Merchant, Crafting NPCs) - NPC Images (Blacksmith, Grading, Cute Diana (pets), ???) - Background images behind NPC window, and their icons - Party Class Icons
PetControl.tga - All Pet Buttons and Images - ???
PvPImageSet.tga - PvP User Interface
PvPLifeNumberImage - PvP Numbers (blue and red) - PvP background
PvPResultImage.tga - All Result Images
PvPThumNail.tga - Small PvP Images of the Arena
Quest_icon.tga - Little Icons in quests
SlimeRace.tga - Chips, Betting table
SystemOption_Icon.tga - System Option Images

Light 06-10-2009 09:22 PM


Why do I keep getting fatal errors?
This could be one of many reasons.
  • File is incorrectly named
  • File does not exist or in wrong file
  • an xml file is missing or edited incorrectly
  • A file exceeds the normal size the client allows (image size)

Why do I lag? Is this because of the edit?

If an edit isn't done perfectly it may lag the client when it's on your screen.
In one instance it could be the particular colour used in the edit which can cause you to lag as well if Lunia does not support it.

I can't find the file I'm looking for, do you know where it is?
If a list isn't already available for it, then I'm afraid you will have to ether ask or find it yourself.
I am unable to look at the thumbnails because I'm using a 64 bit system, which means I'd have to open all files manually and I really don't have time for that.

I edited a skill but it has a box around it. Why?
This is because of the alpha layer, try and make it as identical to the texture as possible and you should be fine.

Can you tell me the password for the files?
With the uploaded files you shouldn't need the password. If any file still has the password then you shouldn't edit it.

Light 06-10-2009 09:27 PM


If you have access to the alpha layer, then you can modify it's transparency.
This can only work on 2d images. Attempting to make a 3d texture transparent will only make it white.

Here is the shade bar for transparency.

Opaque ----- Translucent ----- Transparent

If the part of the alpha layer is pure black, it's completely transparent, and white making it completely visible.

Allm does not really take advantage of this, and Translucent windows have been rather unique in my experience.

Using the Shade bar, I put my windows alpha layer in in this shade.

My end result was this-

This works on any 2d textures, skills, the doodads on the map, buttons, windows, icons.. you name it.


Light 06-10-2009 09:27 PM

Rebirth Wings

Why wait for you to enjoy big wings when you can get them early?
As you slowly make your way to the 11th rebirth, you can still enjoy the look and feel of the final result even at a lower rebirth level.

This edit is actually very simple, because even though MANY files are used to pull off this effect, you only need to edit one!

First off, go to -
C:\ijji\ENGLISH\Lunia\Display\Effect\Myth\Myth_UpW ing

Go to your class, and then do a little math.
The wings are based on Levels, which start from 3rd rebirth up.

So if you are 5th rebirth as I am, you have level 3 wings.
Just remove 2 from your rebirth count, and you have your wing level.

So, I take the Dacy_Wing9.xml, and rename it to Dacy_Wing3.xml which is my wing level.
Important: Always rename the original file so you don't lose it!


After making the swap, just log on, and see your beautiful wings turn from this -


Into these beautiful wings ~



Light 06-10-2009 11:15 PM

I know it's not in order with the index, but it shouldn't matter..

Do remember to read the important info on the first post before touching anything.
Also finished uploading the last unlocked file.. this should silence all password requests.

Riku4564 06-10-2009 11:21 PM

*claps* YAY! thanks Light! i will +rep you once i give more around

Aurora 06-10-2009 11:21 PM


Blizt 06-10-2009 11:23 PM

good job light ( o.o )/

looks like editing NPC is gonna be fun now, despite the time needed :S

wanted to +rep, but the system won't let me for some reasons D:

Light 06-10-2009 11:29 PM

Putting off studies for awhile, I'm going to complete the list, it's going to bug me having it partway done like that..

The best parts are LuniaImageSet1 and LuniaImageSet2 ;D

Edit: Completed the list to the best of my ability..

SilentSaber 06-11-2009 01:12 AM

hm.. Would an update potentially (if they add new things, not just implement) require updated version of the to be uploaded?

Light 06-11-2009 06:54 AM

The is going to become the ktest one shortly, and I will include the mappings folder with the textures to go with.
This way you can have content we won't get for many months to come.

I will try to keep this file up to date as possible. By only updating the new material, and not the entire file.

Light 06-11-2009 07:59 AM

Added the latest ktest files in the Unlocked Files post. Because these are only the files we don't have, it's rather small.
Simply copy them in their respective locations, and you're good to go.

Now back to my studies..

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