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nomadciel 10-19-2008 07:15 PM

Guideline for upgrading item quest
i will write based on the legend upgrade-
to start the upgrade quest,
you have to be over lvl 58, and must clear 5 epi stage
and i am not sure if that means to all the way to 5-10 or not.

once you meet the requirements,
you can see Duran at the west side of sq giving the quest.
complete it by talking the the kid ran away from jenadan castle at the north of the sq.
then you will be able to get a quest from teruel at north east of the sq.
-shenan's help-
you have to collect 5 colorful feather and one shiny stone.
bring it to teruel, he will trade it for 8 lucky charms.
take the luck charm and go from 5-1 to 8.
at each stage, you have to find high rank wiz, not those who heals or cast meditation on you but the one who curse you.
if you have the charms in your inventory a dark elf assasin will appear and you have to fight him off. he is pretty tough if you are by yourself. try bringing a party with you.
once the assasin is defeated, you obtain a piece of suspicious letter.
each suspicious letter will have number corresponding to the stage,
for instance, if you get the letter from 5-1, it would be suspicious letter 1.
collect all 8 of them from 5-1 to 8. becareful now not to discard it or overlap.
because if that happens, you will have to do it all over.

once you collect all 8 pieces, bring it back to teruel, he will give you the material list.
then see the other inspector at north east of the sq to find a quest
to make 'neji's signal hornpipe'
in order to make the hornpipe, you have to have
1 west wind,
1 cursed stone,
1 essence of deadly poison,
3 darkness rune,
10 cracked crystal,
5 mammath tusk.

once you bring it all to the inspector, he will make you the horn.
take that horn to 5-9.
go to the center of the map where a very spacious room with a cross brick on the ground.
the horn will be automatically blown and you will encounter herd of darkelves
again, i suggest you bring a full party for it.

after you defeat the darkelves, you obtain
bring that to one of the inspector (one that is located at the very bottom of inspector groups at north east of sq), and there you will have choice of crafting the polomantium to upgrade whichever part you want to upgrade.
*caution* the first one and the last one both says 'weapon'
but the first one (red) is the actual weapon and the last one (black) is the one for specials like book, rune, scarf, and such.

when you are done with the inspector, bring it to duran. he will also show you the list of items to be crafted, pick carefully.

then you bring the recipe to the alchemist- most of the time all you need is the recipe and the part you want to upgrade. for example, if you wanna upgrade zakan scarf, you have to have a zakan scarf with you to upgrade.

however, lir item is bit different.
each part of lir item requires either ruthenium, adamantium or tantalunite.
i have not upgraded all of them so, i don't know!
try your luck and see. lol...(sorry)

items to hunt -
colorful feather - dropped by archers. 5-2 is the best
cracked crystal - dropped by high rank wiz, try 5-7, 9,10.
darkness rune - dropped by darkelf sun wiz 5-9 and 10
mammath tusk - (can't be history tusk) dropped from mammath, yeti plateu or 2-2

other stones - c'mon. buy them-_-)/ or go to roger's grave.

Xpecial 10-19-2008 09:10 PM

What items CAN you upgrade? Any regular conventional item?

nomadciel 10-20-2008 02:11 AM

oh the upgradable items are zakan, glren, kazel, lir, christina..i believe.
not you must keep it in mind that not every boss has all parts. such as,
christina only drops chest, weapon, and sepcial (scarf, rune, or others)
only itmes from epi 5 tho.
u can't upgrade any rare, great, or other epi items

Xpecial 10-20-2008 09:32 PM

What stats do you get when you upgrade them, is it worth upgrading, and are there bonus stats (including set bonuses)?

Point 10-20-2008 10:34 PM

set effects are upgraded too, like 10% heal bonus from lir turned to 12% or something, i'm not sure if there's a list somewhere, but if u just want to see the increase in stats, go to and search say lir staff. there will be 2 of them and the stats of the upgraded one will be shown.

Castasia 10-26-2008 04:20 PM

Does upgrading the item erase the grade? Or will it transfer over with the added stats?

Grimnoir 10-27-2008 02:42 PM

Is the horn used up when it is blown? Just want it for an fyi in case I fail to beat elves.

Godbot3000 10-27-2008 05:27 PM


Originally Posted by Castasia (Post 542493)
Does upgrading the item erase the grade? Or will it transfer over with the added stats?

It will erase the grade along with all fortification.

Originally Posted by Grimnoir (Post 543924)
Is the horn used up when it is blown? Just want it for an fyi in case I fail to beat elves.

No. I failed once and was about to go emo before I realized it's still there.

nomadciel 10-28-2008 04:48 AM

the horn is automatically blown. and yes, the grade will be erased as well.

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