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10-13-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default The gamepad configuration services.

want to play with a gamepad ?, but you don't understand anything to the lunia config ?, right this configuration suck indeed.
I got my self perfectly accurate with xpadder and i can do anything with its seem that alot of person don't use it proprely, configuring this tool can be hard if you don't know how gamepads works really and how this tool works.

What i can do at the moment.
- Accurate diagonales for the Cross-pad.
- up to 22 (25 skill)

So as start if you want just do this before in this topic.

At the moment i can only use ps2 / ps3 game pad, X360 will be added soon

1 . Use this revision of xpadder
2 . In the lunia keyboard config remove the key arrow form the left/right dirrection ect, use numpad.
3 . Ask me what do yo you want with thoses button.

As for exemple write this like that.

- Square
- Cross
- Circle
- Triangle
- R1
- L1
- R2
- L2
- R3
- L3

(Ra stand for right analog)
- RA right
- RA left
- RA up
- RA down
- RA up left
- RA up right
- RA down left
- RA down right

(LA stand for left analog)
- LA right
- LA left
- LA up
- RA down
- RA up left
- RA up right
- RA down left
- Ra down right-

(i can use thoses two for potion shortcut, or whatever you want)
- Start
- select

Square - A
Cross - S
Circle - Space barr
Triangle - X(if you run with, or anything).
R1 - SB1(Sb stand for skill barr) O (the number stand for the skill slot)
RA down - SB3 9 (this one stand for the skill in the 9th slot of skill bar 3 )

If you want quick skill (like D 1 6) tell me on wich button you want.
If you want quick voice, just do the same.

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10-15-2008   #2 (permalink)
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Why use xpadder when lunia supports controllers ?
10-15-2008   #3 (permalink)
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1. You can't set up skill precisly and canno't use analog for skill or shortcut with lunia config.
2. Lunia gamepad config is seriously not accurate.
3. You can't make diagonal more precise with lunia config, since a lot of gamepad don't have true diagonal, but direction+direction instead. You can fake it with xpadder the make the both direction press more precise.
4. You can't setup the button mash delay on lunia config, at base is 0.10ms, but near all player need a 0.05ms delay.(try to do very fast sidestep with lunia config, i impossible)
5. lunia gamepad's config is just a faild.

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