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Rezard 06-17-2008 04:10 PM

gamepad tutorial for Lunia.
Engrish guide here , but usefull in some way.
Thoses past day i saw many topics about "help with lunia gamepad" , this guide will show how to make a perfect gamepad configuration. Without the horrible lunia's gamepad suport.

Getting started

0.Lunia folder first
Go to your lunia folder , and open all .xml file who have a name like "gamepad input , or key imput ect" with notepad , and delet all the line with (gamepad button_1 ect ect) if you don't do that , you will get somes troubles

- Go to lunia option and go to the "Gamepad tap" , And remove ALL , key setup

1.Gamepad issue for lunia
There's a lot of gamepad around but , wich one is good is a serious matter.
At the moment the best gamepad for lunia is the 360 one , I say for lunia , not for others game , the second best one is the dualshock 2 (ps2 game pad) , the ps3 gamepad is horrible , don't botter with this.
A yes , arcade stick (such as hotrod , or neogeo stick) are awesome for things like shifting (its Zomg easy with) but.. with only 4 to 6 button .. yea where's the skill ?.

Some people will found the ps2 gamepad better than all , yes is a good gamepad , but if you don't know this pad can't handle diagonal if you don't press Down+Right for the exemple , this guide will follow an perfect configuration for an ps2 games pad , since it will be the same for other gamepad.

2.Gamepad tools Xpadder
Ok , the tool we will use is Xpadder , Why this one ? , first used proreply is 100 time better than Joy to key (who is ultra outdated" and second you can make a perfect use of your gamepad , things you cannot with lunia gamepad config , and Joytokey.
First of all , get the lastest revision here (lastest update are private atm , public revision is at 4.X , this is the 5.5B)

3.Basic configuration
- Extract it and open the icon , and finaly you will get a dialogue box , just click start and program location.
- This screen will pop up.
Ok , before we start everythings , get your gamepad image here

- First click here and settings , like the screenshoot.

- You will get a pink screen , the first part is the "Start" Button , go to the image button , and open the gamepad image you take before.

- Go to the stick part , (your gamepad must be pluged , and the Analog led ON)
- Go to stick 1 and chek enbaled , do what they say
- Do the same for stick 2.
- You can move the Stick zone (the little round area , to the gamepad location).
This will look like this

- Next go to Dpad ... Wait ! before just go to lunia opion , and delet arrow . only use numpad numbers
- this part is easy , just chek enable , and know where your right or left is ><.

- Next is the button part , is easy to configure ,
For a ps2 game pad , button are. Square , Cross , Triangle , Circle , L1 , L2 , R1 , R2 , L3 , R3 , start select.-
- press the button and move them , to the gamepad picture.
It will look like this.

- Go to finish and close.

Next , are button configuration.
First there's some things to do , is important ! i think anyone don't want to see skill go out for some reason , like a diagonal press on analog ? , or want some little shifting with a ps2 gamepad ? .

- click on the little key , at the bottom of the Dpad and chek this

- Next go to the left analog , and chek the small key , but Select 4-X way standard , do the same with the right analog.

- Now do this with both analog sitck , click on the small key and settings , this will show up a menu with the dead zone configuration , set up to 90%.
Fine now , you won't get any skill by mistake.

At present , we will get button configuration , skill and quick bar switch.
And 4 Quick magic , i others words a total of 15 skill on the gampad 16 if you don't use X to run , is decent.

- First configure the basic button , you can take a look on this screen.

- Next a little thing to do , is easy.
At the left of the ? icon , on the top right , there's a key , open it.
In the "Window submenu" Unchek "Return to set 1 after minimzed" is important if you play many characters , since you can make up to 8 set.

- Now somethings important to do !!
Click on the small key at the right of the (Untilted profile) , a small menu with "Key tap time" will show , set up this to 0.05S.
I Repeat is pretty important !!

- Last for basic configuration , we will use Select and Start for this , ahemm... we will use them for quick bar switch , Select will go to Shortcut bar 2 , and Start to the 1.
- Click on the button , and go advanced ,
Select to two button used by your lunia's client.
This look like that.

OK , we are done with the basic configuration.

4.In depth configuration
Short part , but we will set the benefit , of the Xpadder macro option.
We will only use this for quick magic , use since this grant an access to 4 more skill.
You can indeed (with a good computer) make things like "windmile" or "autostep" working perfectly with this option , i tested with a friend computer and is work fine , that's why i won't help anyone for this , since the configuration need to be in extreme precision.

- Well , we want to use the "Biter cold Breath" skill for dainn , on the UP Left analog stick , first click on the part , next go to advanced ,
- make the "pause" option to 0.01S (If you get some troubles , witch it to 0.02 or 0.03 and make some test in game)
- And setup the button chain like this D(Pause)1(pause)6
(don't botter with the french on the screen).

- Save up everything ,And Voila.

cherrypandah 06-17-2008 04:12 PM

wow, good job o.o
even though I don't use a gamepad

Efstathios 06-30-2008 03:14 PM

"0.Lunia folder first
Go to your lunia folder , and open all .xml file who have a name like "gamepad input , or key imput ect" with notepad , and delet all the line with (gamepad button_1 ect ect) if you don't do that , you will get somes troubles

- Go to lunia option and go to the "Gamepad tap" , And remove ALL , key setup"

Can you give me alittle more in depth instructions on this part,or put up the edited files to download?I would really apreciate it. Thankyou.

Solunox 07-08-2008 02:24 PM

is it possible for someone to do what he said for me since im having tons of troubles.

Fyren 07-09-2008 08:59 AM

Umm why is the PS3 controller "horrible"?

There are two PS3 controllers, the SIXAXIS and Dualshock 3.

NeoKnight 07-18-2008 08:43 AM

uh... you can't just upload your config file for us? lol

Is there a way to set a button that lets you switch between the button configuration sets?

Rezard 08-07-2008 01:37 PM

Haven't posted for a long time (lunia break time).

1.Siaxis=Shit, others ps3 gamepad (not all, are fine).
2.Yes you can switch between button sets.

Neko303 05-13-2010 05:51 PM

I know this is old but I really need help setting up the files. I've been trying for the last few hours. :py56:

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