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04-24-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default how2yeti

A guide to being really really good at being nub.

My attempts to grind multiple characters to level 60 has forced me to resort to public yeti parties more often than is probably healthy for me, and I keep getting frustrated by how bloody inefficient those runs end up being. I've also noticed that the same applies to some of the private parties I'm in, so here I am typing, at 4AM in the morning, evading papers that are due Friday, compiling a list of ways to make yeti plateau runs excessively fast. This guide will not cover the basics of how to actually do yeti - as Xpecial's guide already does it quite well - and will expect the reader to have a decent understanding of how the stage works. This guide is also semi-rant-ish, you have been warned.
The Rules:

1. No farming.
Get the bloody materials ahead of time. None of us who has wants to sit around and do nothing while you run around like an idiot trying to find plants. Oh, and after someone opens the door, don't hang around killing wolves, GO AFTER THE BLOODY ROCKS.
2. No leeching.
While I doubt any leechers will actually read this guide, I will still say this for the sake of completeness. Leeching is pointless. At any level, it is faster for the leecher to have farmed the materials ahead of time and continued with the party as normal. But of course, the leecher only sees the time gained in not having to farm, not the time lost in searching for parties, and let's not forget the side effects of leeching in general.
3. No AFKing.
Now, we all have emergencies (nature's calling, door, sibling being jerks, etc.) in which it would be ok to forget this rule, but when people just sit around and do nothing after clearing their exp quests, that makes me glare.
4. No healing.
On the risk of making more yeti spawn healers, I have to say this: THERE IS NO NEED TO HEAL IN YETI PLAT. People actually die on purpose to get their skills back for a second volley, they DON'T want a fake res. Save that for Legend Daru or Cobolt.
How to be excessively efficient:

General techniques:

Double sketching (2x sketch):
Double sketching is a technique that sacrifices the exp one would gain from one yeti quest in order to speed up runs by an average of 30 seconds. Factor in the fact that most yeti grinders will do hundreds and hundreds of runs, that's a lot of time saved. If you have a character that is not double sketched, you need not worry, just complete the quests as normal while following the general guidelines for efficiency that follows, you will naturally become double sketched at the start of your second run. For the really paranoid types, here's how you become double sketched:
1. Take the contaminated rocks quest.
2. Break rocks to complete said quest.
3. After breaking rocks, someone will enter the 'boss' area and teleport you and the rest of the party to their location. A non-2x sketch run would have every one running back to the quest NPC and completing quests.
4. Finish the stage as normal.
5. Go back to the quest NPC and complete the contaminated rock quest, you will now have both the contaminated rock quest and the violent yeti quest available to you. Accept them both.
6. You are now double sketched.
The instructions above already covers how double sketching is used to save time (step 3).

Preemptive stage changing:
Although not as easy as it was in Beta, this technique can still be used to subtract a few seconds from the clock. Basically, someone would start the change stage vote a few seconds before finishing off the yetis and all but one person (designated as the last click) would hit ok. The last clicker would hit ok right as the stage ends (i.e. in that little freeze before the "Stage Clear" animation pops up). In beta, it was possible to click ok after it, but this is no longer possible.

Converting plants to samples:
Eh, seems fairly common sense to experienced yeti-ers, but I still occasionally run into people who complain that their snow plants are taking up all their inv space. Well, nail two birds with one stone here! Just go ahead and complete the snow plant quest. Believe it or not, the quest items you get from that quest actually stacks up to a maximum of 30. You'd also save a few clicks when it is your time to turn in, yay for gaining extra seconds!
A Yeti Plateau run can be roughly broken up into 3 parts:
1. Opening the door.
2. Breaking the rocks.
3. Killing the yetis.
With that in mind, let's look at the ways to speed up each of these parts.

1. Opening the door.

Opening the door refers to the parts where the current person who is supposed to turn in their share of materials does so, and opens the door that leads to the contaminated rocks.
Ways to speed up this section are as follows:
1. Keep track of who's turn it is.
Yes, I know, repeated yeti runs can be mind-numbing enough to lose track, heck, even I do at times, but please at least make an effort to keep count. Every time someone has to stop to ask whose turn it is, time is being lost.
2. No bickering about who should use their skins to open the door.
I don't even know why this is an issue at times, whoever is supposed to turn in opens the bloody door. They're the one who is supposed to rush ahead anyway, and this way it's also fair as far as using materials go. Yes, wolf skins technically do count as yeti materials, it's just implicit that there would be enough between party members to cover the run(s), apparently though, people are falling victim to this sort of thinking, that there would always be other people with skins in the party, and slacks off farming their own share. ...Start carrying enough skins to cover at least your own turns.
3. The person who is supposed to turn in does not stop for ANYTHING.
That means no stopping to kill wolves on the way to the northern NPCs, no stopping to finish killing wolves on the way to the door, and no stopping to complete the quests before opening the door. The last ticks me off the most. You have a good 10 seconds before even the fastest rock breaker breaks the first rock! That's more than 2 seconds per click!
2. Breaking the rocks.

Breaking the rocks refer to the part where 3 people rush off to well, break the contaminated rocks for quest completion while the person who turns in sticks around the boss area for teleportation as a part of double sketched runs. The 3 should split up, ideally with one going the left and two going right. Watch the minimap so that this is not screwed up. Everyone should have completed and retaken both of the exp quests (for the person turning in, at least the rock quest) before the first rock is broken. Here's where things start getting a bit more technical. The contaminated rocks break after 7 hits connect, and each class has ways to get those hits that are more efficient than any other.
Wind kick is the fastest way to break a rock, hands down, but generally, a sieg will have the duty of hitting two rocks, and wind kick's cool down will prevent it from being used on the second. However, Dash AS Kicking+S is also a very fast way to break a rock, especially considering that you can dash right out of it after to go for another target.
The problem with a Dainn breaking rocks is that the most efficient ways to do so will eat up the skills that would be better used against the yetis. AA autostep AA AAS would be the way I recommend, but there are skill based ways. Ice rain dash AS hand of earth is also viable for those who can't do autosteps. For those Dainns with both AoEs, fire them both at a rock and it's an instant break. But for God's sake, rain of fire is NOT an efficient way to break rocks!
Most of Eir's skills don't actually count towards the hit counter on the rocks. AASAAAA would be the most efficient way to break a rock for an Eir.
Dash S AA Dash S, etc. Should be self-evident really.
Obviously, some characters are more suited to rock breaking than others (i.e. Siegs and Tias vs Dainns and Eirs.), those characters should take it upon themselves to break more rocks, and help those who are having trouble (the lower right rock is a notable sticky point)
3. Killing the yetis.

Killing the yetis refer to the part after the 4th rock is broken and the party is teleported to the 'boss' area to fight 3 very violent yeti (oh my). Each any every class can contribute to killing the yetis very very fast. For the sake of simplicity, I will refer to the near-immobile yeti as the black yeti and the flinchable ones as the white yetis (No, there is no racial discrimination here since they both are of the yeti race).
There are two general ways to go about doing this section. One is to separate the two types of yetis, with one or two people holding the whites at a wall with melee/non-knockdown skills, while the other two or three people take down the black yeti. Alternatively, all three yetis can be put into the same area for everyone to use AoE attacks on them.
Special notes:

-Stasis inducing skills (i.e. Moon Bind, Bitter Cold Breath) can kill the white yetis in a fraction of second if used correctly. Simply have a team mate knock the whites down right before the freezing effect hits, this will allow air comboing as long as the stasis holds. Nado/Meteor/Tears can pretty much amount to instant kills when combined with stasis.

-Forest Wind Wedge is death to yetis. As long as no one is standing behind the yeti, Wedge will freeze it in mid air for a good 6 or 7 seconds, just like stasis, allows for air combos.

-Stun inducers are useful for taking down the black yeti. SSSSA on an Eir, S on a Tia, and Blow from a Sieg all induce stun, and since the black yeti can't be easily knocked down, that makes for non-interruptible damage.

-Level 60 skills wreak havoc. On the off chance a 6x wants to yeti, any of the level 60 skills will decimate the yeti population. Iron Hammer = near instant kills on whites. Death Dragon's Breath = 1.4k damage on everything. Judgment of God = do I even I have to say anything? Thousand Leaf Split = Almost unnecessary given the that user can also use wedge.

-Suicide is good! Not much can be more awesome than getting all of your skills cooled down with the mana to use them all again.
Wee. My head is now going askdhaskjfgaksjfgsjhagerjkahgf. Questions/Comments/Suggestions are welcome though.
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LoL I cant believe you actually made a guide like this. Good guide tho, lets people know the fastest/most efficient ways of doing yeti runs.
This might speed things up.... considering people actually read it ^^
04-24-2008   #3 (permalink)
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Converting plants to samples:
Eh, seems fairly common sense to experienced yeti-ers, but I still occasionally run into people who complain that their snow plants are taking up all their inv space. Well, nail two birds with one stone here! Just go ahead and complete the snow plant quest. Believe it or not, the quest items you get from that quest actually stacks up to a maximum of 30. You'd also save a few clicks when it is your time to turn in, yay for gaining extra seconds!
Heh i never knew that! Thank you
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04-24-2008   #4 (permalink)
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good job godbot! a details explanation of yeti, better than the other thread about yeti
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I like to add a little bit to speed things up even more.

WHERE: At the part before you open the door to break the contaminated rocks

(To simplify things: Person who hands in meat = M )

Usually, with most yeti runs you would have a designated person to run right before the yeti boss room and everyone else goes break the contaminated rocks. Instead, you can have M run up to the yeti room.

Reason: Everyone except M should have gathered at the door where you break the contaminated rocks already. They should hand in their quests and wait at the spot where the portal spawns. (You can get rid of those pangs if M hasn't arrived yet) When M comes, he/she should NOT claim any quests yet but go straight to the portal. When the door opens, everyone BUT M goes off to break the rocks. Meanwhile, M claims his quests and then heads off to the yeti room.

Too many times I have seen the entire group waiting for M at the portal (a good 5-6 secs) until they are done claiming the quests, then they step into the portal. The quests will not go away if you step in the portal first. So please do that and allow the rest of your party to proceed. Then you can stay behind and clear your quests and head off to the yeti room.

Sorry for the awkward phrasing, I'm not too good at explaining things. Let me know if there is any confusion!
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