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04-13-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default 2-3L Potions Guide

Place: Snowstorm Valley (2-3L)

NPC: Snow Girl Yuka.

Quest: Snow Girls captured by Dark Elves

Proper Lv.: 41 Over (41-48)

Get rid of the Roots of Pain in Snowstorm Valley and save the Trapped Snow Girls. Afterwards, go see Snow Girl Yucca.

(You need to collect 8 Roots of Darkness.)


< 0,5% exp
2 Voucher of Appreciation
5 Purified High Grade Health Potion

This is good quest to get free potions. You can repeat this untill 48lvl. Those potions are better than potions in shop:
(40-second cooldown difference compared to the one in the shop)



Now the question: its possible to make it faster? You can repeat quest with killing trees, snow queens, snowmans and then open gates, but its faster way to get Roots of Darkness.

Here is a secret(a bug?):
You need to fail the stage, and when you will be in campfire, just go for roots. Yes, they didnt disappear. To fail the stage, just kill yourself. Wolfs at the begginig will hit you some, but till 0hp. I propose to kill them, kill first snow queen, and go after ice bariers to suicide on trees, queens etc. Your problem might be a "black screen", but dont worry, there is minimap.

Time on one run: < 5min (solo)

+: faster than normal!
-: only when you not farming trees, snow queens, snowmans (there is corner farming tactic)

EDIT: Thx firetruckmat
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Wow, that seems like a good idea to get awesome potions, but I don't know a lot of people that would spend that much time ._.
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Originally Posted by IdiotShere
Wow, that seems like a good idea to get awesome potions, but I don't know a lot of people that would spend that much time ._.
It's a good way to get extra 'prizes' for those people who usually farm 2-3. I wouldn't solo it though.

@ Zylas, you also might want to add the fact that the potions you get from the quest have a 40-second cooldown difference compared to the one in the shop. Basically, it's way better in terms of healing ability, and efficiency because you can use it sooner.
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