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01-18-2008   #1 (permalink)
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Default general guide on rares/uniques

A General Guide To Rare and Unique Items
because I'm bored...

Since my main character is a sieg, I might refer items as "chest armor," "boots," "sword," etc, when I actually mean items for all classes. Use this guide for choosing equips to buy I guess... I doubt this guide will actually help many people. Maybe I'll make a "guide" about boss equips later.

eir item/dainn/sieg:
hair band/hair accessory/helmet
dress/robe/chest armor
skirt/pants/leg armor
gloves/gloves also =O/hand armor
dress shoes/shoes/boots


Part 1: Rares
I compared 6D equips with each other. Generally, the same "kind" of equips (1d fishnet gloves and 5d fishnet) will give the same stats, except in bigger/smaller amounts.

First, here's the list of stats and what they're for:

The hand armor and boots aren't bad for str and dex. They're ok for siegs, because of the str.
The fishnet weapons aren't great. In fact, their kind of useless. Dex gives a lot less damage than str, and the lower cooldown isn't really noticeable.
The fishnet hats give a lot of dex, but once again its not very useful.
The leg armor and chest also give a lot of dex, but with a little str as well. There are better equips than these.

Hurricane: All equips give mostly dex, so not that useful. Grade them and see what happens.

Loan Shark: All equips give mostly vit, but little amounts compared to other equips like miracle weapons and such. They npc for a lot however.

Manly: Mostly gives str. Good for siegs, but not as useful for eirs/dainns unless they use a lot of melee attacks. They also give a minimal amount of hp.

The gloves give dex. The shoes give hp, but kind of little, and they're more useful if u already have maxed vit (not sure). The weapons are great because they give a lot of vit. 6D gives 27 vit which is 179 hp (while the shoes give 43-46 hp). The hats give int, which is pretty useful. The pants give mp, but in amounts less than the hats, but can be useful if you have maxed int. The chest armors give a lot of str. They're pretty good, especially for siegs.

Mutant: All dex and str. They're decent.

Phantom: Gives all of the stats. Overall, they're okay.

Puzzling: Useless... they don't belong in rare boxes, because they just suck. If you get one, npc or hope some rich guy is bored enough to buy a set of puzzling armor.

Spiritual: Mainly gives int, which can be useful.

Suspicious: Basically, a weaker version of phantom items.

Miracle weapons and miracle sieg chest armors (a little less str than herc chests) are probably the best rare items, and they're better than many unique items. Phantom items are good also. Manly, fishnet, and mutant items are decent for siegs. Suspicious aren't that good because they're weaker than phantom stuff. Spiritual items are useful for int, but too bad there's not a big demand for int. Loan shark items sell for a lot in stores. Hurricane items will sell for little to others since dex isn't very useful. Puzzling items, NPC THEM.

Part 2: Uniques:

Unfortunately, it's not complete, so I got most of my info from luniadb:
I looked at 4d sieg stuff since I'm around that level.

Best Bride: The hand armor gives str, dex, and int, but in low amounts. The boots give a little vit and hp. The 4D ones give 4 vit, 13 hp, and 13 mp. Not great, but not horrible, just pretty useless. The sword and leg armor are okay. They give vit, but less vit than miracle weapons. The helmet and chest give str, dex, and int as well.

Best Bridegroom: It seems that the best bride equips that give vit (how do I word this...) give str, dex, and int in bridegroom sets, and the ones that give str, dex, and int give vit in the bridegroom set. For example, the bridegroom boots give str, dex, and int, and the chest gives vit.

Chaos: The hand armor and boots give every stat except for mp, but in very low amounts (same as the rare phantom items). The chest, legs, and sword give mainly dex. The helmets give low amounts of hp and mp. Basically, these are usually crappy.

Cobalt (not to be confused with cobolt stuff) : Give extremely little amounts of stats. They give high defence, but defence is the most overlooked stat there is, but not without good reason. Suspicious items are probably better. If you get a cobalt sword or other weapon, cry. 4D cobalt sword gives 14-17 damage, 3 hp, 3 mp, 1 of the other stats. Not even defence, since swords never have defence as a base stat(correct me if I'm wrong).

Fallen Angel: Except for the chest armors, these give insane amounts of mp. Basically better versions of Spirituals. The chest armors give all the stats in nice amounts.

Fighter: Except for the chest, they all give str and dex. They're the unique form of mutant stuff. The chest gives all the stats in decent amounts.

Herculean: The reason fighter and mutant armors don't sell for extremely high amounts. They all give huge amounts of str, with -int. However, the -int problem from a herc set can be solved by using one fallen angel sword, chest, or whatever. I found out that the herc hats are not as good as undertaker hats because they give the same amount of str, but the herc hat has -int.

Master: Pitiful. Essentially the same as suspicious stuff.

Soulless: Gives dex and str, but in lower amounts than fighter stuff.

Hand armor gives dex, which isn't very useful.
The boots give a lot of int, but less than fallen angel.
The sword gives a pretty low amount of mp.
The helmet gives the same str as herc helmets, but without the negative int.
The chest armor gives the greatest amount of pure hp. Many vit chests give more hp, but vit is maxed at 330, so the chest is useful if you have maxed vit.
The pants give a huge amount of vit. Undertaker pants for dainns sell for a lot of money because while siegs and eirs have high vit pants (bellum + somnium) that can be bought from the store, dainn's bentus pants give both vit and str, with less vit than bellum and somnium.

The best unique items, in my opinion, are probably sieg herculean stuff and undertaker boots, helmets, and pants. Fallen angel stuff is really good as well. Fighter sieg stuff is very good as well. Best bride and best bridegroom aren't great, but not horrible. Soulless items are okay... but fighter and herc stuff are definetly better. Master items are pretty bad since they're essentially the same as suspicious items, maybe a little better. Chaos isn't used much because it gives mainly dex, so it won't sell for much.
Cobalt stuff is probably the worst.

If anyone has anything to add or disagrees with me on something, please leave a post.

Thanks to Gota for correcting some stuff.
imrlybored-stage dainn lvl 53
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saved just incase?
imrlybored-stage dainn lvl 53
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oh my godz brian u actually posted this! go do ur homwork now foo!
imrlybored, rlybored, sobored, imbored
bleh i need more bored names D=
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Lol, I actully took my time to read the whole thing. Bravo!~ Nice overall summary of every rare/unique items. You deserve a cookie! -Hands shadowclaw a cookie- >3
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The boots give int, but surprisingly, it gives more int than fallen angel boots.
true that it gives more int, but the total amount of mp fallen angel gives is greater than the total amount of mp taker boots gives, making fallen angel better.

The helmet gives the same str as fighter, but without the negative int.
i think you mean herc here :>

The chest armor gives a slightly low amount of hp.
actually it gives the greatest amount of specifically pure "hp" in the whole game (6D). Snowman chest gives greatest vit, which in turn gives more hp, but hp and vit are different, noticable only when vit is maxed out. just putting this up so others could see. :>
02-14-2008   #6 (permalink)
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A great work! (:

Herculean items give a little amount of dex too. (And HP, if I remember well)...


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