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lazybum 12-31-2007 04:45 AM

Tlunia registration guide
Yes I know theres a typo in the title =.=
Hiya all ^^. Like many of the asians out there, I lag badly in the US servers due to location/ISP issues, so much so that it has become unplayable for me =/. But instead of just giving up on this game, I migrated to Tlunia instead where there is little to no lag for me AND where the timezone is more suitable. For all you lunians who have the same issue as me, I urge you all not to give up on this game too. Try the TLunia server, especially if you know some chinese, or the JLunia server if it suits you better. We have a small english community in each server so you won't feel lonely.

This guide will cover the Registration/Downloading process, followed by some Technical help for common problems and a FAQ to clear up some stuff. There will also be some tips on how to make your TLunia experience better (if you know chinese).

Some general info about the server:
Timezone of taiwan: GMT+8
Who will most likely not lag in Tlunia: Singaporeans, Malaysians(SEA people) and of course ppl from Taiwan(duh =p).

Note: China now has its own server in clunia.

1. Registration
EDIT: Kag has kindly helped us make a picture guide. All credit goes to him for the following picture guide

Originally Posted by kag
Chinesegamer Account:
Use this link to create a chinesegamer account --> 中華網龍遊戲社群*台
If you don't get to step 3, most likely account is already in use.
If you don't get to step 4 most likely field are wrongly filled or not filled completely.
Registration Successful
Lunia Account (You can make multiple Lunia accounts with 1 chinesegamer account):
Use this link to create a Lunia account --> 路尼亞戰記-《月神*偭{》
If you don't get to step 3 you probably entered the wrong chinesegamer account password or your account does not exists. (They both give the same error)
If you don't get to step 4 most likely field are wrongly filled or not filled completely.

2. Downloading the Client

Go to this website

You will see yellow and blue floppy disks thingys. They are actually mirrors for lunia client. Click only one of those yellow ones that are numbered 1-11. Choose the one that gives you the best dll speed for you. The blue ones are mirrors that bring you to other sites to download which are confusing. Those with 更新檔下載點 words below are the patches only

3. In Game

When you first open the client, click the button on the left to agree. then select a server among the 2. I recommend the leftmost server as most english players are there.
4. Translation
To change most of the game language to eng,

0) Go to My Computer > Tools > Folder Options > View > Uncheck "Hide extensions for know file types" like this:
1) Go to your tlunia folder -> Locales
2) Find the file that its a zip file, not a folder) and rename it into or any name you want to back it up
3) Get the newest merged loacle files that we have uploaded (link can be found below and filename should be "")
4) Paste that merged loacle file that you have downloaded into the locales folder (Chinesegamer\LuniaTW\Locales)
5) At the end of this, your Locales folder should have a ChineseT folder (not important), a file (or whatever other name it is) and the new file that you have downloaded. Yout locales folder should now look something like this:

Tlunia locale file can be found here
Last updated: 7 Dec 08
Or you can make your own locales with the help of if the above file is outdated.

*Backup your old Locale file before overwriting
*I am not responsible for any damages cause from the use/distrubution of this file.
*If you do not agree to the above terms please do not download this file(s)
*Downloading this file would mean you agreed to the above terms and would take responsibility for any damage caused by this file(s)

Note that this does not translate EVERYTHING into english. there will still be quite a fair bit of Chinese in it because it is a merge of chinese and english locales. It'll take forever to do the translation. If you find a problem with this locale file(lag whenever you move your mouse over an item) or you find that there is something that you desperately need to translate, post it here and we will see what we can do.

If there are problems, please post it in this thread or PM me.

5. Features

Important features:
Episodes - up to ep 6 and myth 2
Available characters - 3 starting chars + tia + dacy + lime + krieg + yuki(p2p) + arien(p2p)
Double grades

6. Communication: Useful Acronyms/Characters

881/88/8 => bye bye
98/9/走 => lets go/go
3Q/謝/謝謝 => thank you
你好/安/安安 => a greeting
恩 => an indication of agreement

most tlunians should be able to understand simple english like "yes" or "no" too. The quick voice is also handy in communicating with others.

HOW TO TYPE IN TRADITIONAL CHINESE (only for those who know hanyu pinyin and some chinese)
Follow the instructions on this site
Do steps 1-5
Then do steps 11-14 (this is for typing using hanyu pinyin)

7. Known Problems & Solutions

Party list problem
For those having party list problems, it can be solved using applocale. More info on applocale can be found on *link down*)
Note: You need to install East Asian Languages for Windows XP.(Requires Windows CD)

1. Download and install Applocale (dll link HERE)


Originally Posted by kag
Run applocale (Start|Programs|Microsoft Applocale|Applocale)
Click Next
Click Browse
Look for your Lunia.exe
Click Next
Select Chinese, Korean or Japanese (Note that they will be in their native characters rather than english)
Click Next
Check Shortcut
Put name as Lunia
Go to Run (Start|Programs|Microsoft Applocale|Lunia) whenever you want to play tlunia from now on

Once Again, Note: You need to install East Asian Languages for Windows XP.(Requires Windows CD)

For other technical difficulties, check the translated official FAQ here (credits to uber)

8. FAQ


The registration for an account at requires me to enter my ID number. But i can't do that cause im not a resident of taiwan! What should i do?
I get the error 不 正 確 的 身 分 證 字 號 !! when registering for an account at

Tick the checkbox on the right that says "海外" and type in any random number in the field. That should do the solve the problem.


How come the installer doesn't work for me? I followed the instructions listed here, but none of the yellow disked mirrors seem to be functioning once I finish the dl and open it. The error states that the installer is corrupted or imcomplete, and that the problem could be a damaged disk, a failed dl, or a virus... which I know none of them are true.
Your download probably got screwed halfway. Use a download manager to dll. Try flashget from FlashGet or firefox's inbuilt download manager may work too.


Help! I can't even download the installer! The download just died halfway!
Same as above.


When i'm trying to register at chinesegamer, I'm getting this message:
不 正 確 的 身 分 證 字 號 !!

Help? - -

Your id number/passport number is wrong.

Tick the checkbox on the right that says "海外" and you'll be fine


How come everything is UIblablahblahUI? Or everything is in squares?
You messed up your locales. Read through the instructions again and figure out where you went wrong.


Why is my party list full of symbols? And when i try to enter a party, i disconnect when the party enters the stage!
Please follow the instructions under the "party list problem"


Where is everyone!?!??! Why are the squares so empty!?Where are the english people!?
Several Reasons.
1)The mylunia community is situated in the leftmost server. If you're in the rightmost server, you're not gonna find any of us there.
2)You're not in sq 22. Sq 22 is where most english players hang out.
3)Even if you're in sq 22, we don't stone there all day(except maybe kag). Wait around for one of us to pass by. Or pm us to join our guild.
4)Taiwan's timezone is different from the US. Its nightime in taiwan when its daytime in the US. So if you're from the US, you might not see many people playing when you play in the afternoon. We do have some US players in our guild though so you might be able to see them online then.


I heard that tlunia just finished a mainteinance/patch. But i can't seem to log on. Either the client gives me an error when i try to open it, or i disconnect immediately when i finish loading the square
Im not 100% sure about the roots of this problem but it seems that your client is taking some time to "receive the patch to start patching". Not too sure how it works. Anyway, the solution is just to wait and check(open) your client every now and then. Usually it takes an hour or two before the patch "arrives". If your're unlucky it might take a day or two. From my experience file checks don't work but only seem to extend the waiting time. So the best option is just to wait. If the problem persists for like 3 days try reinstalling. If reinstalling doesnt work, try redownloading.


The End

If anyone has any other queries feel free to post it here.

We have a guild called ForielUnion in the left server with home sq 22 so you can come and find us there.
You can also post comments about the guide if you want. I know its a bit cluttered >.>

marijuina 12-31-2007 05:42 AM

i did everything right but when i sign in to sign up for a tlunia account it says this 帳號密碼錯誤. 請再試試看吧

lazybum 12-31-2007 07:03 AM

hmm its something wrong with your password. Try changing it and see. maybe has illegal characters in it.

Dewedi 12-31-2007 02:42 PM

您的帳號已註冊成功,恭喜您成為中華遊戲網會員 o_O

flsg 12-31-2007 03:54 PM

it says you have succeeded, grats for becoming a member of Chinese gamers

Himeyuki 12-31-2007 04:09 PM

Do you download all 1-11? Or just one of them?

flsg 12-31-2007 04:16 PM

just one of them

lazybum 01-04-2008 02:59 AM


added updated way to translate game language. Credit goes to Unkown_PC

Dewedi 01-04-2008 07:53 AM

Ty i used this guide and now i spread the looove oh not i spread info of dacyy!! But i have one problem?? I dont see party list i get disconnected when i use it

BlazeUK 01-04-2008 04:10 PM

ty it works but its not worth playing.

It lags so bad worse than global.

lazybum 01-05-2008 07:27 AM

Well the lag actually depends on which area in the world you are playing on. Im from singapore and i don't get alot of lag. If you are from US then maybe you might have some problems.


Ty i used this guide and now i spread the looove oh not i spread info of dacyy!! But i have one problem?? I dont see party list i get disconnected when i use it
well i didnt get the problem O.o. Have you tried using the i uploaded?

Unknown_PC 01-07-2008 06:47 AM

New patch (1.4) coming to TLunia by the end of the month, massive changes.

For those who are able to read Chinese, patch notes from the GM Blog :

Tons and tons of mechanic updates, especially for Dacy.

lazybum 01-08-2008 04:08 AM

woah.. thats one hell lotta updates lol

Can't be bothered to read througholy lol, my trad chi sux >.<
Seems like the quests and some side stages tlunia is missing will be implemented. Doesnt seem like ep 4 or any new chars will be included though

lazybum 01-10-2008 11:36 PM

for those who are getting problems with party list can try this solution:

just that instead of japanese select trad chinese

Yurikoi 01-16-2008 05:43 PM

Well, when I did something wrong with my pass word, I went back and did it again, then I clicked the button (down), then I recieved this, even though I'm chinese >_<, I still need to know why I recieved it without going to my birth and all...
Message: 此帳號已經加入成功了!!請勿重複按!!!

lazybum 01-17-2008 12:19 AM

oh crap you got that msg when registering for chi right?
i typed the wrong msg to receive in my thread. It shld be 您的帳號已註冊成功,恭喜您成為中華遊戲網會員 lol. Thanks for helping me point that out.

If im not wrong its something in one of the field you entered has already been registered. Try changing your username/ID number

lazybum 01-17-2008 12:28 AM

EDIT: shucks.. accidentally posted again >.< sorry lol

DarkNinja 01-17-2008 12:50 AM

Thanks for the guide all I need now is to download then here i come to Tlunia hope I don't lag as much as Jlunia >.>

lazybum 01-17-2008 02:25 AM

np. Well lag will depend on your geographical location. If you live too far away from taiwan like in the US, you will probably lag.

Yurikoi 01-17-2008 04:32 PM

ty? ^_^ XD Sory i said it w/ '?'

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