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12-20-2007   #1 (permalink)
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Default [Guide] Farming Stage 3-3 Effectively

During the mid to late 2X period, a lot of people have difficulties when it comes to finding good items, or a nice supply of npc/extraction fodder. Daru parties aren't guaranteed, and many stages are too long to solo. Thankfully, Stage 3-3 is a lazy person's paradise

1. Why Stage 3-3?

Because you can solo it with an infinite spawn. Furthermore, the numbers seem to show around 25-30% of loose boxes on this level turn into rare boxes, while on other stages this may be closer to 10%

2. What to do

After killing the Land Spirits, you'll be required to head to the West and kill a batch of a certain monster to be able to progress to the boss. You'll have a choice between Lavas, Hyenas and Scorpions. Nomatter what you do, do not kill the correct monster!
After killing a certain type of monster, you'll be warped to a zone full of them. To get back, you have to kill all monsters present and then start again.

This is where the magic works. By killing the wrong monster until the spawn dries up, you have an infinite supply of things to kill. More monsters = more drops. Simple

3. Why Hyenas/Lavas/Scorpions?

Because they're slow, have little life and mob easily. Work it out.

4. Double/Triple/Quadruple Killing

This is difficult to pull off perfectly, but worth your time. By killing two or more warp monsters at the same time (eg one Scorpion General and one Hyena), you'll force the spawn in both areas, but only be warped to one. The next time you enter the opposing room, there will be double/triple/etc the spawn waiting for you. In short: Big mob. Big combo. Big loot.

5. So what do I get?

Typically in a normal run (or until the spawn has dried up), you can find around 8 boxes per level, 1-3 of which will be rares, and possibly a unique. Combos of 300+ have been done (instant A++ rank, pretty much), and a minimum of around 2G made per run.

6. Q&A etc

Why'd you write this?

It beats my academic responsibility to revise for exams. Plus at the time of writing Lunia is in open beta. Normally I'd keep anything that gives me an advantage to myself, but if all characters get wiped (or this glitch gets fixed), then why worry about it?

plz giv me items i need help

I'll help out people who are stuck, but I'm more likely to develop your usage of the English language before I develop your wallet.

Your guide is poorly written, short and pointless

That makes me a sad panda.
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12-20-2007   #2 (permalink)
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lol i've known about this for a while but glad to see some1 wrote it im to lazy to write threads about stuff 3-3H compared to legend is kinda off by the time ppl reach ep3L ppl dont usually farm for items that much,. except of its raid items and stuff.
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12-20-2007   #3 (permalink)
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the mobs start to get stuck in the walls after awhile
12-20-2007   #4 (permalink)
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marijuina will become famous soon enoughmarijuina will become famous soon enough

kill them by the door to make it Double/Triple/Quadruple Killing
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12-20-2007   #5 (permalink)
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Good guide bro. Aoes would devastate in history for some quick experience, especially for mages.

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01-10-2008   #6 (permalink)
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Ah, yes, 3-3. My favorite spam place for Scorpion Shell (for Scorpion Dish quest in the Ghost Dungeon).

Also, if you're feeling lucky, pray that killing your wanted prey instead gets you a glitch where "<enemy> is hunted" message shows up and the enemies also spawn, but you're not teleported. In that case though, DO NOT KILL THE SAME ENEMY AGAIN. No bonus. Just kill someone else, then back killing your wanted. Extra spawn from the glitch Happened several times on me already.


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