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12-14-2007   #1 (permalink)
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Lightbulb 1-10 History Guide: Solo Guide

I. -=Greeting=-
Hey what's up everybody? Steinert here with a little guide on 1-10 History. Hopefully some of you new comers will be able to learn a little bit on how to survive the series of bosses, but lets go into further details below!

II. -=Background Info=-
To give you a little bit of info, I soloed this boss at level 9 without a sword (it broke on me as I was preparing it for the tutorial). This means that if you attempt this, you will be doing far more damage than I will, and probably will have better gear, as this character I made is mainly focused on rushing stages for tutorials.

Another important point is that these videos are done as a knight, which is a slight disadvantage compared to the extensive long-ranged and aoe attacks mages are capable of getting early on, and also the self-saving heals that healers can provide themselves if they go critical (0 hp).

III. -=Your Arsenal=-
You should come locked and loaded with the following to do this level:
1) 20x or more health potions at your level. (Get the strongest you can use and don't be afraid to buy them. They're not money sinks like in other mmorpgs)

2) 20x or more mana potions at your level. (At a low level, you probably won't have any points in mana recovery if you're a knight... and or other abilities). This is a must get for using your high-mp usage skills like crescent moon sword and or dfist.

3) A Fortified sword, probably up to +4 to +5 if you're on the safe side like I am. Don't worry too much about damage, because you can still cut through this level without one. Its just nice to have.

At your level, you probably are going to want to own a Slime sword, which gives decent damage and strength bonuses. Fortified, it'll be extremely powerful until you get your new gear!

4) A fortified armor set, though at this low level it probably won't do that much. +VIT is essential for knights... and maybe even other classes.

5) 1x or more speed pots. Speed Potion I is slightly hard to come by, but if you farm levels for your slime sword, you more than likely will have a few by the time you reach 1-10. If not, its not a big priority, but it SURE as all heck will get you through a part which most people stumble on and or wipe at.

IV. -=The Rock and Roll=-
Okay, so I take it you're ready to fly through this level. Good for you! If you can't seem to find a party, and or are looking for a challenge, this probably will be your very first REAL challenge.

Imagine taking on a total of FIVE bosses (three of which you have fought previously), save for that crazy bear who got karate lessons from Ryu (street fighter).

V. -=The Method=-
Watch and learn, and beware the Ninja Trees!!!! O.o


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12-14-2007   #2 (permalink)
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12-15-2007   #3 (permalink)
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Lol kungfu @ kungfu bear. It's been too long since i did that stage. good old days as being a lvl 10. LOL i'm barely past that.


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