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12-14-2007   #21 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by ChaosofRuin
Ah thats how you sound sound like a 20 year old ;3 no doubt you are a 20 year old...anyhoo thats a great guide...^_^ and I only tank daru's second form when things get really desperate xD
Lawl. True true xD, but the inner nintendo-loving, videogame playing kid won't ever die lol.

My Bro Knight: Musoken
My Wizzy: Eindeus ^^y
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12-30-2007   #22 (permalink)
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Oh wow, can you make a video of you soloing Daru?
or lache?
I can never solo either of them because the sentries keep pushing me up and distracting me.

I'd assume it could take up morethen 10 minutes or more.
01-10-2008   #23 (permalink)
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Has anyone had this experience of mine before?

I used my lv 31 Knight, who, during the fight with 1st form Daru, lost 2 lives (aka, near game over). After some time during second Daru fight, the enemies stopped respawning, and with Daru being passive when I'm far away from him, I can constantly pump potions and beat him. (I was soloing, btw, and it took me like an hour to complete it)

That was simply strange....

Oh, and about Daru's volcanic attack (the one the pretty much covers the whole arena), does anyone have any idea where the safe spots are? Like in 1-8 where standing in front of the Tree Spirit King is actually safer than elsewhere, and in 2-10 where Drake's aerial bombing depends on where he started flying....


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