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11-25-2007   #41 (permalink)
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Research from koreans. Watch videos.
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11-25-2007   #42 (permalink)
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more espisodes than 3 naoww?!?
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11-25-2007   #43 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Ayamine
Tia is geeeeey, Dacy owns Tia x_x. Dont see why people always want to use the "Thief" type characters when the other ones are so much sexier >_>.
Here are the three reasons which is why i will never use Tia.
Reason Number One: She will be seriously over populated"
Reason Number Two: Dacy is stronger
Reason Number Three, whatever you do, READ THIS REASON!!!: Tia's better for pvp than staging but Dacy owns both in staging and pvping and her puppets do all the work for you, also she's more awesome.
Edit: She can solo Daru while Tia cant SO HAH!!! (Dacy got nerfed on Klunia i believe.)
Wasn't Dacy recently super-nerfed in Klunia?
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11-25-2007   #44 (permalink)
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I've heard the same. In regards to Ayamine's post though, I think it should've been better researched/thought out before it was posted.

Tia is actually better at staging than at PvP in my opinion. Your target(s) is much larger in Stages than in PvP, harder to miss. Tia has several AoE skills which would be difficult to use in PvP due to long cast times, not so much an issue in stages. Tia's primary attacks/skills have far less hit width than Sieg's and Dainn's, making it difficult for low skilled and unskilled players (hit and run skill spammers?) to use her in PvP, while in stages, it might be passable.
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11-25-2007   #45 (permalink)
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if all the new characters come out the first one i want to try is definetely the wolf =)
just hope there isnt a like a certain lvl i have to make it to be4 unlocking it
imrlybored-stage dainn lvl 53
11-26-2007   #46 (permalink)
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i doubt theres a specific stage to unlock him >.<
11-26-2007   #47 (permalink)
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Seeing how Tia and Dacy were playable as soon as Episode 4 and 5 came out, where Lime (God of Destruction) is unlockable by a quest, and was supposed to be a "hidden character"..... I'd say there's a good chance "Wolf of War who swallowed moonlight" will be playable right away come December 26th.


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