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troj 08-23-2007 04:30 PM

Mini-Boss Strategy Guide
Hello, welcome to my Mini-Boss Strategy Guide. This guide will show you how to dodge the miniboss' attack and which strategy you should use to kill it.

Giant Slime
This miniboss is hard to take down on your own and can easily take you down if you are not careful. But if you are in a team, you can probably win by mashing buttons XD.
Appearance: A huge blue slime.
Danger Level: Medium-High

Slime Shot: An attack that shoots out many small slimes. It isnt hard to dodge. You can tell that it will use it when it starts to glow green. You can either run away and then get through its gaps or you can move behind it.

Spread Slime Shot: It is like the attack above but it will shoot twice, in ALL directions. Dash away from it and then get through the gaps.

Summon Slimes: It can summon a few slimes. Be careful, it can use it over and over again. Use a attack that can hit multiple targets. Cresent Moon Sword for Seig, Icicle Rain for Dainn and Moonlight Pierce for Eir. Just dont attack them when the Giant Slime is attacking.

Acid Blast: This move is DANGEROUS, avoid at all costs. Red, yellow and green lines will zap around him and then it will shoot out a huge, homing blast. Avoid it, if you get hit you will get damaged for over 100 damage.

Giant Spider
This is one of the EASIEST mini boss ever. It doesnt do much damage and it's easy to dodge.
Appearance: A huge grey/black spider.
Danger Level: Low

Blast: It will raise its tail and yellow blasts will come out of it. It homes to you're location. Just run randomly and they wont even come close to touching you. This move is really obvious.

Poison Blast: It will glow green for a few seconds(just enough for you to run to the side and start smacking it) and then shoot out a green blast in front of it. Really easy to dodge..

Ogre Lord
This boss does quite a bit of damage. But they are easy to dodge.
Appearance: A huge brown ogre.
Danger Level: Medium-Low

Power Charge: Its strongest move. It will glow red for a few seconds, in that time, dash away. After it finish glowing it will punch in front of it and then follow it up with two more punches. Oh, and the second and third punches goes pretty far so be careful.

Smack: It is a fast move but it doesnt do much damage. It knocks you back.

Punch: It will get ready to punch for one second and then punch. It does quite a bit so dash.

Tree Spirit
This is an easy boss, you can easily dodge its attacks, but if you get hit you will get damaged heavily.
Appearance: A huge tree spirit
Danger Level: Medium-Low

Leaf Blade: It will raise its right arm and then shoot shitloads of leafs. It does HEAVY damage because it chains. There is an easy way to dodge it completely
. \\//
.-||- --- Tree Spirit
....o ---- You
As you can see if you are in front of it you can dodge it completely. It's just ASKING to be meleed/get hit with a skill.

Leaf Burst: It will have its arm crossed and then two blasts of leafs will shoot for the diagonals. It will also hit you if you are right next to it. When it has its arm crossed run back to this position.

.-||- --- Tree Spirit

....o ---- You

The attack will then harmlessly go off at both of the sides. You can then charge back to it and melee it or you can stay at the position and use skills on it until it use leaf blade again.
That is all the minibosses I can think of for now. Later I will add the normal bosses.

MrFlakes 08-23-2007 04:36 PM

Not extremely helpful for most players, but I'm sure it'll be great for some of the newer ones.

Good job. :]

imported_soulsound 08-23-2007 06:37 PM

maybe u could think about black bear and gaint mushroom? from stage 1-10

and volient bear XD

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