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01-11-2008   #21 (permalink)
ggFTW Stalker
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Dex increase ur dmg but its like 6 dex to 1 dmg or something and i believe its 10% quicker cd on skills or something cant remember but its just better to max out 1 skill or concentrate on 2 skills, but its up 2 u.
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02-02-2008   #22 (permalink)
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Dingle is on a distinguished road

Dex is -1% cooldown per 30 dex.

Basically, only noticable if you max it, or on the level 60 skills.
Or if you're playing Lime, who gets 6 300 second cooltime skills. A max dex lime should, theoretically, only wait 30-45 seconds between using his last transform before he can use the first one he used again.

Of course, limes focus on STR because of the massive damage bonus, but if a Lime could max both...

Also, on a Dainn, holding S recovers 1/7th of your mp each second - i.e. Heals all mp from 0 in 7 seconds. No matter WHAT max mp you have
700 mp will get 100/sec, 1400 will get 200/sec.

Of course, because I can spam all my skills before my mp runs dry, I don't care much about my max - Spam, icewall + hold s to restore, repeat. I (Theoretically* never actually see the 0 mp animation, except when I'm not paying attention.
03-24-2008   #23 (permalink)
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Wow this is a very good thread... Very helpful for people who are learning what yo focus on for there specified class.

03-24-2008   #24 (permalink)
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dont need revive outdated and old threads ^^
03-24-2008   #25 (permalink)
Vicious Yetituff
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Gaiety will become famous soon enough

"Verbal" warning on this. Necroposting without anything extra to add is infractionable.

I'm pretty sure it's been confirmed:

33 STR = +1% Skill Damage
33 DEX = -1% Skill Cooldown
INT/VIT increases MP/HP respectively by 5/6/7 depending on level (0/40/60 iirc)
08-10-2008   #26 (permalink)
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Kurdt is on a distinguished road

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm like. 90% sure that 5 dex = 0~1.

That's just what i have seen, that 5 dex is 1 max damage.


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