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Blah 08-05-2007 07:03 PM

Boss Guide
Having trouble with a boss? Is soloing it just too difficult? Well, reading here are some tips that might interest you!

A note before we begin: real bosses have a "BOSS ARRIVED!" notification before it shows up.

(It's just a start, but it's a nearly completely done guide for just the first boss. Nearly, since pictures of all attacks are needed. Work is progressing.)


This is your first true boss, and for soloing, if you don't know what you're doing, he's really tough.

He has 4 moves, all of which are quite deadly at a low level.

Attack 1:Slime Shotgun
Damage: Heavy!

The Giant Slime shoots out 6 slimes in front of it, all of which have light homing capabilities.
To dodge, simply run to the side or behind the slime.

Attack 2:Slime Spin Shot
Damage: Medium

The Giant Slime spins around, and shoots 16 slimes, all along the 8 lines of motion(up, up right, right, right down, down, left down, left, up left).

To avoid, just stand between the shots.

Attack 3:Ecto Shot

The Giant Slime spits out two purple ecto balls with homing tendancies right in front of it. These balls will instantly kill you if you're going through the game for the first time, so AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Dodge by staying behind or on the side of the Giant Slime.

Summon: Slime

The Giant Slime will spin around and summon 4-8 smaller slimes, all of which will make like a slime and... chase you... slooowly. Simply kill them off(While being sure to dodge the boss attacks!), or just run from them. A wizard with AoE magic is extremely good for this.


This boss fight is not the hardest, since Lache is here to help, and he kicks ass! Simply wail on it, dodging its easy to dodge attacks, and it will go down really quickly.

Attack 1: Triple Punch
Orc Lord punches in front of him, moving forward VERY far, in a three hit combo. Dash to the side immediately to avoid damage.

Attack 2: Swing[/color]
Orc Lord simply does a swing in front of him, sending you flying. Run away to avoid. You can tell he's about to do this because he'll reach back to prepare to swing.

Simply beat him up, with Lache's help, to win!


This Orc Lord is much harder, since there is no Lache, and there are towers that fire arrows, and other minions all around! Run around and destroy all the towers first, to reduce the projectiles, then simply dodge and hit the Orc Lord until it dies.

Attack 1: Triple Punch
Orc Lord punches in front of him, moving forward VERY far, in a three hit combo. Dash to the side immediately to avoid damage.

Attack 2: Swing[/color]
Orc Lord simply does a swing in front of him, sending you flying. Run away to avoid. You can tell he's about to do this because he'll reach back to prepare to swing.

A bit harder than before, but no problem for you!

Mad Goblin Warrior

An extremely easy fight, for he only has 1 attack, and that's to lunge forward. Just dodge and pummel him until he croaks.

Attack: Lunge
Simply lunges a fair distance in front of him. Go to the side to dodge.

Just beat him up, and be done with it!

Giant Mushroom

This is a tricky fight, for the mushroom likes to leap up, and crash down, a LOT, and it's invincible while doing it. It also likes to summon a fair number of mushrooms, so be on the look out!

Attack 1: Leap up
Damage: Heavy

Leaps up, knocking you on your back if you're near it. Will come crashing down after a short while, so be out of the way.

Attack 2: Crash down

Crashes down, damaging anyone near it.

Attack 3: Top Whack

Simply takes off its cap and whacks you with it a few times.
Summon: Mushroom
Summons 5-8 mushrooms, all of which drop no items and give no exp. They simply try to run up to you and bash you, so watch out!

Stay far from it, using a mage to magic it to death, for an easy win.

Giant Spirit Tree

This bugger is HARD at a low level, for his extremely large projectile radii, and knockdown ability. Try to avoid his numerous projectiles, and keep at him, and you'll kill him in no time.

Attack 1: Leaf Swirls
Shoots large numbers of leaves to the side of it, doing a fair amount of damage each hit. Stand in front of it to dodge.

Attack 2: Leaf Spirit
Damage: Heavy

Shoots a 3 way spirit shot in front of it, doing large damage and knocking you down when you're hit by it. Avoid by going to the side, or standing between the shots.

Yes, this boss is quite mean. However, carefully dodging his projectiles when you know which one is crucial to success. When it raises its arms, go to the front. When it leans back to shoot, go to the sides. Do that, combined with violent effort, to win!

STAGE 1-10(Final Stage)

This is it! Final boss of episode 1, and boy, he has a LOT. of HP. Quite a few nasty attacks, too, and the trees all around throwing rocks don't exactly help.

At the beginning, before the battle really starts, you can walk right up to the Guardian and whack it quite a few times before it even begins moving. Go for it =)

Attack 1: Long Lunge

This is a FEARSOME attack. This huge golem lunges at you and swings, knocking you senseless. The moment you're hit, furiously mash left and right, and DASH AWAY IMMEDIATELY, or, unless someone distracts him, he'll continue to pound you until you die. It's a LONG lunge, so dodge to the side!

Attack 2: Heavy Swing

Golem leans back, and then swings forward, doing a lot of damage and sending you flying. Simply run away to dodge, and be sure to counter when he's done swinging; long cooldown!

Attack 3: Boulder Launch
Damage: HEAVY
The Guardian will lean down, then send 4 boulders out in a cross shape, then 4 more in an X shape. Being hit REALLY hurts, and knocks you down for a bit, so move between them to dodge!

Attack 4: Earth Spikes
Damage: Heavy

Sends out a lot of earth spikes in all 8 directions, which launch you into the air upon impact. DODGE by moving out of the way of them.

This thing has a TON of hp, which makes it by far the hardest boss yet, but persevere, and you will complete episode 1 with no trouble.

Episode 1 Complete!

PenguinMafia 08-05-2007 08:12 PM

I like the formatting quite a bit, I'd suggest doing the rest of the bosses =)

MellowDrama 08-06-2007 09:23 AM

Especially the end bosses, like the ones at 1-10, which will certainly give people a hard time.

Blah 08-06-2007 01:52 PM

By popular demand, I'll be doing ALL the episode 1 bosses, and a few episode 2 bosses today!

Be sure to check my post regularly, for new information will constantly be put up.

Azure 08-09-2007 03:39 PM

For the Giant Mushroom, you forgot the part where he takes off his cap and thwacks you with it repeatedly. O_o Too bad it hardly does any damage.

JustinBieber 08-09-2007 03:45 PM

1-9 Spider boss?

Tarquin 08-14-2007 05:47 AM


Originally Posted by LolWut (Post 13323)
1-9 Spider boss?

Wut lol, that boss is easy

Nice guide

JustinBieber 08-16-2007 08:28 PM


Originally Posted by Tarquin (Post 15382)
Wut lol, that boss is easy

Nice guide

But it's still a boss, and I would think that a "Boss Guide" would include every boss regardless of it's difficulty.

imported_soulsound 08-22-2007 08:30 PM

can't wait to see all of them =D I really hoping there won't be a wipe who would like doing these stages again ( lower lv )

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