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Kotarou 06-05-2007 04:12 AM

Visual + Stage FAQ/Walkthrough (suspended)
You learn that you, too, can write in this book...


RELEASE 1 (Up to stage 1-6, 13 pages, 2.6mb)

(Anyone have a nice dedi server? I hate using Rapidshare too. =/)

Stage FAQ/Walkthrough
Copyright: 2007+
By: Kotarou
E-mail: snuffles2187 (at) hotmail (dot) com
Date Started: June 5, 2007
Last Update: July 31, 2007

Record of Lunia War: Stage FAQ/WALKTHROUGH

This guide for Record of Lunia War is based on gameplay from Record of Lunia War (CB). When/If RoLW (OB) comes out, there might be extra
bonuses, rendering this guide incomplete.

Walkthrough Version 0.5 - Added Char. Profiles and Stage List.
Walkthrough Version 0.4A - Finalized Guide. Preparing Wiki notes.
Walkthrough Version 0.3 - Made the guide neater.
Walkthrough Version 0.2 - Episode 1 Complete.
Walkthrough Version 0.1 - Basics.

!@#$%^&*()_+!@#$%^&*()_+!@#$%^&*()_+!@#$%^&*()_+!@ #$%^&*()_+!@#$%^&*()_+!@
Record of Lunia War is (C) allm.
I am not related to either of these parties/companies/establishments.

This FAQ is copyrighted by me, and I did it to help fellow gamers. I'm doing this for FREE, so I don't see why others should profit by selling this FAQ to others! This thing is FREE, dagnabbit! Oh yeah, if you want to use this FAQ on your site, email me the URL of your site, whether you might do any changes to this FAQ.

Current Allowed Hosting Sites for this FAQ and future versions of it:

!@#$%^&*()_+!@#$%^&*()_+!@#$%^&*()_+!@#$%^&*()_+!@ #$%^&*()_+!@#$%^&*()_+!@

...Okay, fine. I lied. But you're a cool dude for reading this while knowing it is actually the intro! Hats off to you!

This guide is meant to help you find every single nook and cranny in every stage, and achieve that A++ rank. I'll tell you exactly what the stage requirements are, what you're up against, so you won't be running around unprepared! Good luck, Adventurer!

P/S: I know I'm not perfect, so give me a holler if you spot something wrong!

Daisy Dalstrin
"I think Daisy did well!"
Occupation: Puppeteer
Age: 9
Character: Puppeteer good with dolls. Went on a journey to breathe life into her favorite doll. She tends to talk in third person.

Dainn Crowley
"It's easier than I thought."
Occupation: Wizard
Age: 19
Character: A promising young man from the Royal Wizard Guild. He's on a mission to investigate the strange force in the continent.

Eir Peltrow
"Ha ha! It was so easy!"
Occupation: Healer
Age: 17 Years Old
Character: Arrogant and elegant princess. She went on a journey because she dislikes her destiny.

Sieg Helmont
"Everyone did so well!"
Occupation: Knight
Age: 17
Character: He began a journey because he loves adventures. A vigorous and free-spirited warrior.

"( ^ 0^)/ [Good job!!]"
Occupation: Combat Slime
Character: One day Sieg and his friends saved a Slime that was about to die, and Slime-loving Eir makes it her pet to tag along after naming it 'Lime'. Lime grew fond of Eir as time went by, and decides to travel with Sieg and his friends on its own will. By nature, Lime is slow and has weak damage, it becomes very powerful once it's transformed into something else. It also spits out various potions to help its friends.

"It worked. Good job!"
Occupation: Thief
Age: 19 Years Old
Character: Became a thief after her father. A half-elf who is stronger than she looks.
1-1 The Beginning of a Journey
1-2 The Battle of Ramancha Village
1-3 The Signs of Chaos
1-4 Daru's Conspiracy
1-5 Dangerous Valley
1-6 Emerging Darkness
1-7 Mushroom Forest
1-8 To the Elf Village
1-9 Uria's Help
1-10 The Lost Temple

1-s1 Bernard's Cabin
1-s2 Recluse's Forest
1-s3 Goblin Land
1-s4 Hidden Elf Garden
2-1 Snow Valley
2-2 The Encounter with the Snow Girl
2-3 The Snow Girl in Danger
2-4 The Mythical Snow Girl's Village
2-5 Dark Elf
2-6 To the Entrance of the Ice Palace
2-7 The Room of Riddles
2-8 An enemy who doesn't Attack
2-9 Ancient Gallery
2-10 The Secret of the Ice Palace

2-s1 Ice Cage
2-s2 Snowstorm Valley
2-s3 Yeti Plateau
2-s4 Yeti's Cave
2-s5 Dark Gallery
3-1 Rocky Hill
3-2 Scary Organism
3-3 Unexpected Conspiracy
3-4 Cobolt Village Krungka
3-5 Harsh Cry Gureung
3-6 Prepare for the Final Attack
3-7 Disturbance Plan
3-8 Alhammura Temple
3-9 The Storm Blowing in the Themple
3-10 Rodesia's Jewel

3-s1 Black Stone Mine
3-s2 Cobolt War
3-s3 Red Stone Fog Valley
3-s4 Sharp Thorn Desert ??
3-s5 Thorny Den
3-s6 Red Sand Oasis
4-1 The Jungle where the Giant Lives
4-2 Follow the Waterway
4-3 Troll's Trap
4-4 Unexpected Helper
4-5 Troll Village
4-6 The Coast of Invasion
4-7 Skull Rock Fortress
4-8 Giant Snake - Sesha
4-9 Abysmal Labyrinth
4-10 The Submerged Temple

4-s1 Entrance to Skull Rock Island
4-s2 Map Piece of Hidden Treasures
4-s3 Pirate King's ???
4-s4 Pirate King Roger's Grave
4-s5 ?
5-1 Chaotic Flame
5-2 To the Palace!
5-3 Princess Lir's Whereabouts
5-4 The Fidelitte Clan's Prosecutor
5-5 Bastte Mayor
5-6 A Clue to the Conspiracy
5-7 The Invasion by Trolls
5-8 Rescue Jenadan Castle
5-9 The Lunia Palace in Danger
5-10 The Identity of the Shadow

Not sure where to place:
Shadow Valley
The Forest of Seal
Fog Valley
Tumgalad Entrance
Tumgalad Forest
The Heart of Tumgalad
Orc Advance Base

CONTENTS (Use Ctrl-F!)

A. Getting Started----------------------------[001]

B. Episode 1----------------------------------[002]
B1. Stage 1-----------------------------------[003]
B2. Stage 2-----------------------------------[004]
B3. Stage 3-----------------------------------[005]
B4. Stage 4-----------------------------------[006]
B5. Stage 5-----------------------------------[007]
B6. Stage 6-----------------------------------[008]
B7. Stage 7-----------------------------------[009]
B8. Stage 8-----------------------------------[010]
B9. Stage 9-----------------------------------[011]
B10. Stage 10---------------------------------[012]
B11. Bernard's Cabin--------------------------[BRC]

C. Episode 2----------------------------------[013]
C1. Stage 1-----------------------------------[014]
C2. Stage 2-----------------------------------[015]
C3. Stage 3-----------------------------------[016]
C4. Stage 4-----------------------------------[017]
C5. Stage 5-----------------------------------[018]
C6. Stage 6-----------------------------------[019]
C7. Stage 7-----------------------------------[020]
C8. Stage 8-----------------------------------[021]
C9. Stage 9-----------------------------------[022]
C10. Stage 10----------------------------------[023]

Y. Tips and Tricks----------------------------[998] (Removed Temp)
Z. Credits------------------------------------[999]


A. Getting Started [001]
Oh yeah. I'll be using Eir throughout my adventures, so forgive me if you spot any problems, okies?

1. 'A' Attack = Normal attack.
2. 'S' Attack = Secondary/Special attack.
3. Finisher = Hit target for massive damage when opponents are grounded/fliched.
4. Ghost Form = The form you take when you lose a life without rebirthing.
5. Counter = Hitting A after being floored immediately makes the player counterattack.
(Updated Later)

The Game Square Map
Overview: Dainn Crowley and Princess Eir Paltrow set out into the world to find a medicinal herb...

B1. Stage 1 - Ramancha's Fellow Traveler[003]
Minimap: (...When they start Open Beta.)

Overview: Dainn Crowley and Princess Eir Paltrow meet the travelling mercenary, Sieg Helmont. Each of them wishes to find the great magician, Bradford, for their own purpose. Thus, the threesome set out to Ramancha Village...

Primary Objectives:
1. Go to Ramancha Village!
2. Continue going east towards Ramancha Village!

Secondary Objectives:
1. N/A.

1. This stage is the first one, so it's, of course, easy. Try your best to rack up 50+- combos to go for that A++ rank!
2. The road is blocked. Destroy the rocks.
3. Later, there will be rocks rolling at you. Dodge them, and waste the orcs waiting for you at the end. When you're done, there'll be a few more orcs at the end. Kill them, and you're done with 1-1!


B2. Stage 2 - The Orc Invasion[004]

Overview: Dainn, Eir, and Sieg reach Ramancha Village and finds Bradford drowning in wine...

Primary Objectives:
1. Exit through the west gate and kill all the Orc Scouts spying on this village!
2. Go north with Rashe!
3. Recover Bradford's Magic Book!
4. Deliver the Magic Book to Bradford within 1 minute!
5. Defend Bradford from enemy attack for 3 minutes!

Secondary Objectives:
1. ???

1. Head East and waste all the monsters here. Break the rocks when you are ready to proceed.
2. Go north when you reach the village. Rashe and some soldiers will assist you in battling the orcs, but of course, YOU want the EXP and the combos! Destroy the orcs first! Don't get too proud, though. Remember to fall back when there are too many orcs. Try to get them to bunch together, then go in for the kill, and the massive combos. I got a 103 hit combo in this stage.
3. When prompted, head West. Kill more orcs, and keep going all the way west for a box with a Mana Pot.
4. Backtrack a little and go north. Dodge some spears, and use Dash Hit to knock the Orc Shaman backwards. Kill it, then retrieve the book.
5. Dash all the way back to Bradford. After that, go north and (attempt) to destroy all the orcs. The minor orc soldiers are easily killed, but the boss class ones will spawn shortly. Get ready to scram when the huge orcs appear! They will keep spawning until 3 minutes are up.

B3. Stage 3 - The Signs of Chaos[005]

Reminder: Activate the Defeat the Boss Quest at the NPC in front of the fountain in town! There's one for EVERY STAGE WHICH HAS A BOSS!

Overview: The Magic Book is stolen, and the three must head into the forest to recover it...

Primary Objectives:
1. Chase the Orcs and recover the Magic Book!
2. Follow the traces of the Orcs to the north!
3. Defeat the three Giant Slimes!
4. Continue going West!

Secondary Objectives:
1. ???

1. Right at the beginning, head to the right and kill the creatures in the way.
2. When you can go up, go right instead to get the food if you're hurt, then head north to battle Slimes, which incidentally, are fighting the orcs themselves. When you reach a green clearing, three bigger slimes will appear. When you see them charging up a beam attack, quickly dash towards them, or run away! IT WILL HURT.
3. When you're done, go left and up for a boss fight with a giant slime.
4. This slime has some basic attacks to watch out for - He spins his head, and little slimes appear 360 all around, or just in front of him. Secondly, he charges up a giant beam attack. If you get hit, you'll die for sure (unless you're very high leveled.). Good luck!


B4. Stage 4 - Daro's Conspiracy[006]
Minimap: (OB)

Overview: Eir, Dainn and Sieg head deeper in to uncover the reason as to why Orcs would steal an object they can't even use...

Primary Objectives:
1. Pursue the Orcs and recover the Magic Book!
2. Defeat the Ogre Lord and save Jini!

Secondary Objectives:
1. ???

1. (Updated Later)
B5. Stage 5 - Dangerous Valley[007]
Minimap: (OB)

Overview: Rashe is captured! The three must now protect Jini and head to Elf Village to find Uria to heal Jini of her affliction...

Primary Objectives:
1. Defeat all the monsters and go out through the South Gate!
2. Defeat 10 Slimes or one High Ranking Slime!
3. Obtain the Key from the Slimes northeast of your position to open the south door!
4. Defeat Slime!

Secondary Objectives:
1. ???

1. (Updated Later)


B6. Stage 6 - Emerging Darkness[008]
Minimap: (OB)

Overview: The three arrive at a forest near the Elf Village. They must now continue defending Jini while making thier way to the entrance!

Primary Objectives:
1. Protect Jini while looking for the Elf Forest!
2. Defeat the Spider Boss!
3. Kill all the goblins before they destroy more than 6 Water of Life!
4. Defeat the Goblin Boss and his minions!

Secondary Objectives:
1. Defend more than 8 Water of Life to receive a special bonus. (unconfirmed)

1. Head East and destroy everything that comes in your way. Jini can Heal, but don't count too much on it - you MUST defend her at all costs! You'll soon run into a Giant Spider. If you're using Eir, stand back and position yourself so just that your Pentagram combo/Spells can reach the boss, but his range attacks won't hurt you!
2. Head north and kill all the goblins and spiders. Defend Jini!
3. With Jini out of the way, head West and kill all the goblins attacking the Water of Lifes. Use AoE spells to attract their attention. If you have (more than) three people in your party, it will be a good idea to split up if you think you're leveled enough to take them alone.
4. After that, you'll be prompted to go back. Head back, and the Goblin Boss will be waiting for you. HE CANNOT BE FLINCHED, so be careful! Eir and Dainn players should use ranged attacks.
B7. Stage 7 - Mushroom Forest[009]
Minimap: (OB)

Overview: Jini's condition worsens, and the party must find a way to stem the flow of the deadly poison...

Primary Objectives:
1. Collect 25 mushrooms within 15 minutes!
2. Deliver the mushrooms to Jini!
3. Go northeast and defeat the Giant Mushroom!

Secondary Objectives:
1. Take one Goblin Soul Stone and the letter from the Tree Spirit to the Hidden Elf Garden.

1. This stage CAN be done alone, but it's better if you have some companions to shorten the work. Destroy the vines and head in any direction. Find the monsters that look like mushrooms and defeat them. Giant mushrooms CAN be flinched, so take advantage of that.
2. Don't forget to trigger the quest here.
3. After you're done exploring, take the stuff back to Jini, then head northeast and fight the boss. This boss JUMPS. A LOT. Keep your distance (except for Sieg players - hit and run), destroy the minions ASAP, then concentrate firepower on the boss.


B8. Stage 8 - To the Elf Village[010]
Minimap: (OB)

Overview: Jini is partially healed, but it is not enough. They must find the Elf Village, and soon...

Primary Objectives:
1. Defeat the violent bears!
2. Investigate the door to Elf Village!
3. Collect three Water of Lifes!
4. Return to the Door of Elf Village, then go North!

Secondary Objectives:
1. April Fools' Day special message (Unconfirmed)
2. Collect eight Nutrition Jellies and four Thistle Seeds.
3. Collect 10 Bear Leathers and four Thistle Seeds.
4. Collect 10 Mushroom Spores and four Thistle Seeds.
5. Defeat 3 Goblin Bosses and bring the vouchers, and the leaf with their portrait.
6. Collect five Jar Pieces.
7. Same as #5.
8. Collect 20 Goblin's Axes.

1. First thing - this stage is LONG, so be prepared to play for 40-60 minutes.
2. Head west, then north. Defeat all the bears.
3. After looking at the gate, trigger the quests at the NPC. Then head east, and work your way to the bosses (there are three - two are a pain, one is easy). The first boss is at a path leading north, the second, at the second path leading north, and the third, south.
4. Head north and defeat the boss.
5. (Forgot, I'll update this later)
B9. Stage 9 - Uria's Help[011]
Minimap: (OB)

Overview: Turned away by the Elder Elf, the party must plan to rescue Rashe by themselves...

Primary Objectives:
1. Go west!
2. Greet Uria, and protect her!
3. Find three Rune Tombstones!
4. Defeat all the Dark Elves!
5. Rescue Uria from the Spiders!

Secondary Objectives:
1. (Sidequests? There is a blocked path that does not open in CB)

1. Uria will not show up first. Go West and kill all the wolves, then the game will prompt you to go back to Uria. Escort her. She can heal as well, but if she gets mobbed, she'll die. Protect her. She will help you fight.
2. When you reach the gate, head to the east and explore to find the Rune Tombstones.
3. As soon as you accomplish that, the Dark Elves will spawn at the top right intersection of the map. The Dark Elf Assassin is deadly - For Eir players, S-S-A-Finisher works wonders, but remember to back away after using the Finisher! All the Dark Elves WILL counter when floored, so try keep your distance.
4. Go back, and then go up through the gate. Go clockwise, and when you see and opening, anti-clockwise.
5. For the Giant Spider boss fight, when it begins, RUN TO THE SIDE! He will pummel you with death rays if you don't - it's pretty much guaranteed that you WILL DIE if you get hit. Use ranged attacks - it's possible for Eir players to stand in such a position that none of his range attack will hit you!


B10. Stage 10 - The Lost Temple[012]
Minimap: (OB)

Overview: With Uria in their party, Eir, Sieg, and Dainn must now look for the Lost Temple, and the Red Mano...

Primary Objectives:
1. Follow Uria. She cannot die!
2. Defeat the Slimes, and all the coming slimes!
3. Break all three seals to enter the Lost Temple.
4. Defeat the Boss!

Secondary Objectives:
1. Find the Tree Spirit in the area filled with mushrooms.
2. Bring 15 Contaminated Tree Skins.
3. (Unconfirmed...I research this later)

1. Filled with Exploding Ostriches, and poison cloud mushrooms, this stage tests your dodging ability...
2. The first part is easy - just destroy everything in your way, then dodge a bunch of Exploding Ostriches.
3. When you see giant mushrooms secreting poison clouds, wait for the clouds to disappear, then DASH! Time your movements carefully, or be prepared to get hit hard.
4. When you reach the Seal area, break the stones, one by one... Three bosses, one for each seal, will spawn. Take care NOT TO BREAK ANOTHER SEAL WHILE FIGHTING EACH BOSS! In order, Giant Slime, Bear, and Mushroom Spirit.
5. When you're done, take your time to recover. Head north to fight the final boss of Chapter 1. He's ridiculously hard, be prepared to heal, and use your strongest skills on him. Good luck!
B11. Bernard's Cabin [BRC]

Overview: Quest Map

Primary Objectives:
1. Complete the quests at your leisure.

Secondary Objectives:
1. N/A

1. This is merely a Quest map, no enemies, just NPCs that give you quests. I think you can visit this after the first few stages in Episode 1.
Overview: With the Red Mano, the party now heads toward the Ice Girl village...

C1. Stage 1 - Snow Valley[014]
Minimap: (OB)

Overview: The party reach the snowy areas, and must now make their way through the mountains...

Primary Objectives:
1. Follow the road up the mountain!
2. Defeat all enemies within 2 minutes and 30 seconds!
3. Defeat the Mammoth within 2 minutes and 30 seconds!
4. Dodge the Avalanche and go forward!
5. Defeat the Giant Snowman!

Secondary Objectives:
1. ???

1. This stage is annoying for several reasons. Firstly, you're up against penguins. Very, Annoying Penguins. They WILL slide around and bat you to the ground, so get ready to use Counter on them! As for the mammoth, use ranged attacks or skills to defeat it quickly.
2. When you reach the top right of the map, you'll be told to dodge avalanche(s)! Make your way carefully down the slope, and hide in the 'safe zones' as you go down. Take note that you can collect the Snow Flowers here as well. In the event that you get knocked down by the avalanche, DO NOT USE COUNTER TO STAND UP. DOING SO WILL RESULT YOU GETTING KNOCKED DOWN AND KO'ED. If you DO get KO'ed, don't rebirth. Just run all the way down while in Ghost form. (You won't be able to collect the snow flowers)
3. After that, head north, bat the enemies around, and go up to fight the boss.
4. When fighting the Boss, use Ranged attacks - for Sieg users, use skills, then run away. He has a devastating spin attack, and snowball attack. Defeat the minions to make the battle easier!


C2. Stage 2 - Encounter with the Snow Girl[015]
Minimap: (OB)

Overview: The party marches forward, and are dismayed the sight of dead snow girls...

Primary Objectives:
1. Go Northeast!
2. Protect the kind Snow Girl and retreat to the new area!
3. Defend the Snow Girl while she summons the Snow Spirit!
4. Defeat the Boss!

Secondary Objectives:
1. ???

1. Prepare your shortcuts with push-back skills and AoE attacks. Now, go northeast (TRIGGER THE QUEST!) and bash up everything that comes in your way. You will meet a Snow Girl. Kill her and end her misery, and push forward to do the same to her peers.
2. After a while, the Kind Snow Girl will appear. Escort her back to the opening that was blocked by icicles. She is INCREDIBLY STUPID and FRAGILE. PROTECT HER AT ALL COSTS, especially when you reach the clearing with the path upwards - a bunch of enemies will spawn, and if you don't act fast (AoE!!), she'll get pwned by snowballs and attacks.
3. Follow her north after that, and she'll start summoning at the Snowman clearing - kill the bad ones, ignore the NPCs. When the Giant Snow Man appears, escort him back to where you met the Snow Girl - there will be resistance, but the Snow Man should be able to quickly destroy your enemies.
4. The Boss will be a Dark Elf Healer, I believe. Destroy her minions fast. If you have more than one person in your party, request one person to keep flinching the Healer so she can't heal. Be careful of the Dark Elf Magician, though. Make killing him a priority.
C3. Stage 3 - The Snow Girl in Danger[016]
Minimap: (OB)

Overview: The party presses forward as they discover that the Snow Girls are being placed under some kind of mind control spell...

Primary Objectives:
1. Rescue at least 9 Snow Girls within 10 minutes!

Secondary Objectives:
1. ???

1. No-boss stage, so this is really relatively easy. You can do this stage alone.
2. Each time you enter a 'rescue area', defeat all the enemies with your conventional attacks, and use skills as you please. There is no real strategy here.
3. If you have more than 1 person in you party (above lv. 12~) it might be wise to split up. Be aware that the enemies are stronger, though.


C4. Stage 4 - The Mythical Snow Girl's Village[017]
Minimap: (OB)

Overview: The party soon reaches the gates of the Snow Girl's Village, and must now confront the Snow Queen...

Primary Objectives:
1. Go to the Snow Girl Village!
2. Avoid the Snow Girls and open the door to proceed!

Secondary Objectives:
1. Obtain the [Yeti Key] to unlock the 'Yeti Plateau' stage!

1. This stage is a little annoying. It has bunnies that jump away and attempt to attack you using ranged attacks, so expect to use ranged/dash attacks a lot.
2. The Yeti are relatively weak towards Eir's Moon spells, so let all hell loose!!
3. To unlock the doors, step on the little "Purple Flame Portals" so that the flame goes out. When all of the flames are out, whack the door a few times, and it should open. If the flames come back on, quickly go back and step on them, then whack the door again.

Boss Tactics - Snow Queen
1. This boss is infuriatingly hard. First, run round in circles, dispatching her minions, and run around collecting the Quest Items. Take care to avoid the icicles!
2. She has 1 medium attack, and TWO devastating attacks - the medium attack is the six-pointed ice spread (just like the standard snow girl) but it now bursts TWICE. The devastating attack is her fox scarf attack, and the Snow breath attack - get hit 2 or 3 times, and you're done for.
3. So, how to defeat her? If you're using Eir, you're in luck. Pick up all the quest items, kill the Snow girls, then try to get some distance between you and the Snow Queen. Eventually, she'll bug out and stop chasing you. Position Eir just so your Pentagram (S x 5) attack will hit her (You'll be able to see the Snow Queen standing at the side of the game window), along with the Moon spell. Just keep on spamming Pentagram and Moon, and the Snow Queen will just stand there and do nothing. Easy victory.
C5. Stage 5 - Dangerous Valley[018]
Minimap: OB

Overview: Having rescued the Snow Queen, they must now flee the village, together with the remaining Good Snow Girls. However, their pursuers are not far behind...

Primary Objectives:
1. The Queen must escape safely!
2. Do not let more than (30?) Snow Girls get killed!

Secondary Objectives:
1. ???

1. It is possible to complete this stage alone, but get ready to dash. A lot.
2. Firstly, defeat the wolves, and break the rocks. Quickly rush forward and kill the two Bear Hunters chasing the Snow Girl. If she dies, just restart the stage, 'cause it's Mission Failed.
3. After that, the Snow Girls will start appearing from two points. Groups of 2 Bear Hunters and 2 Tame Bears will appear to kill them. You must defeat them to ensure the Snow Girls don't get killed. Be prepared to spam skills, and dash away if you floor a Bear Hunter, because he will retaliate.
4. After a while, a Dark Elf Assassin will appear. Kill him immediately. Make him priority 1. Drop the other enemies and kill him first. Or let a buddy kill him while you manage the Hunters and Bears.
5. When the Snow Queen reaches the center of the map, the Dark Elf Archer Lady will appear. She hurts, A LOT, but fortunately, so does the Queen. If the Hunter gets hit a few times by her breath/fox attack, she's done for. So, just keep flinching her so she's unable to use attacks. Eir users should heal the Queen and only attack when needed.
6. After she's dead, escort the Queen to the escape zone, OR kill the remaining Hunters and Bears sitting around.


C6. Stage 6 - The Entrance of the Ice Palace[019]
Minimap: (OB)

Overview: Resolutions are tested, and the long journey starts to take its toll on Eir. In the meantime, the Dark Elves have set up forward attack camps and summoning portals to attack the heroes and the queen...

Primary Objectives:
1. Destroy the 3 Dark Elf Warp towers to the north, northwest and northeast of the clearing!
2. Proceed south to the Snow Girl's historical site.

Secondary Objectives:
1. None!

1. It is hard to complete this stage alone - I tried three times at level 16~18 and managed to pull it off only once. Try to get a party to make this stage a little easier.
2. Firstly, QUICKLY proceed north, killing everything in your way, including the Dark Elves at the end. Someone should concentrate on destroying the Warp Towers asap. When you're done, quickly dash back to the Snow Queen, help her kill whatever is there, and proceed to the Northwest/east to destroy the other two Warp Towers in the same fashion. Rinse and repeat.
3. After all that, head south. There'll be a portal there and you'll be warped elsewhere on the map. Head West to encounter a few monsters, and the stage boss.

Boss Tactics - Dark Elf ???
1. If you're alone, start praying for victory - it's very hard to win alone, so good luck! She has a LOT of devastating attacks that can take out your character in a few hits, so stay away and use ranged attacks. Her minions do not make this any easier. I recommend using the number pad to move, as it allows you to dash diagonally at the same time.

C7. Stage 7 - The Room of Riddles[020]
Minimap: OB

Overview: The party now arrives at the entrance to the Ice Palace - a huge cave filled with riddles and ghastly monsters...And only the one with brains will move forward...

Primary Objectives:
1. Navigate the maze safely.
2. Head North.

Secondary Objectives:
1. ???


C8. Stage 8 - An Enemy who doesn't Attack[021]
Minimap: OB

C9. Stage 9 - Ancient Gallery[022]
Minimap: OB

C10. Stage 10 - The Secret of the Ice Palace[023]
Minimap: OB

Z. Credits [999]

Special Thanks to...
-The people at myTrickster and myLunia! You all ROXORS!!
-allm for making this!
-Nexon for ...never mind.

Konvay 06-05-2007 05:57 AM

Whoa, this guide looks nice...I'll sticky it now IF you promise to finish ^^

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Thanks for the guide Kotarou! I'll be sure to read it if I start playing.

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Wow~ It's so neat and organized! I'll be looking forward to your next updated work =D

Kotarou 06-05-2007 05:58 PM

Thanks ^_^. Don't worry, I'll finish it. I need to gather more resources... waiting for OB. =D. Anyway, anyone know of a JP/KR wiki I can rob pics/maps from? XD

KawaiiSaka 06-05-2007 06:16 PM

Hmm... I tried google for a Jap/Krn Wiki but I couldn't find any. It doesn't seem like Lunia is that much popular in Japan and Korea YET~

Konvay 06-05-2007 06:30 PM

I'm pretty sure it's pretty new everywhere. Just don't know how new.

KawaiiSaka 06-05-2007 06:40 PM

I can't get my eyes off Kotarou's guide T~T It's so prettyyy

Konvay 06-05-2007 06:47 PM

It really is a nice guide, I'm impressed you did such a good job so far.

Kotarou 06-05-2007 06:53 PM

Wut lol? XD. Thanks. I'm editing it right now actually, ^_^. Perhaps I'll finish chapter 1...

KawaiiSaka 06-05-2007 07:32 PM

AHHH O.O *Glues eyes onto the guide*

Tiger 06-05-2007 11:30 PM

Awesome guide, i am amazed at how people have the patience to sit down and write a good long guide, it must take weeks, for some of them, its crazy. Well done =)

SweetRaine 06-06-2007 06:22 AM

nice guide Kotarou
umm, out of curiousity, how come you didn't add the stage 2-1, 2-2, 2-3 and so on in??
[esp the 2-1, cursed avalanche -.-]

Never ever tell, how did i survive 2-1 thou :p

Kotarou 06-06-2007 06:03 PM

I'm working on it, okay... <_< I have a life, you know.

I'll probably add those... now. =D

p/s - your "trick" was great! Of course I'll add it in LOL.

Adun 06-06-2007 10:46 PM

Hmm, does the avalanche survival method happen to be using those niches to the sides to duck for cover? :3

So far, it's a great guide, with loads of detail.
You even bothered to put in a plot overview.

Kotarou 06-06-2007 11:17 PM

Um no. The best way to navigate the avalanche is to run through it in Ghost Form if you died while attempting. Can't collect the quest items, though =)

Adun 06-06-2007 11:30 PM


Originally Posted by Kotarou (Post 1036)
Um no. The best way to navigate the avalanche is to run through it in Ghost Form if you died while attempting. Can't collect the quest items, though =)

But... my quest items... D:

*watches everyone suicide at 2-1 to get past the avalanche*


Kotarou 06-06-2007 11:37 PM

Yeah, dieing once robs you of the A++ grade, so I wouldn't really recommend it <_<.

FOR THE FUN =D You just need this to get A++ in 2-1 LOL:

Adun 06-07-2007 01:36 PM

Hmm, I also noticed that there have been absolutely no "Secrets" in any of the Episode 1 and 2 stages. It's always at "0/0"

Kotarou 06-07-2007 11:03 PM

There are secrets in the stages - they just didn't implement them in the CB I think. I found a lot of "stage headers" in the game files.

Update! - Added the stage names =D

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