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Default Step by step picture guide for Jlunia registration. By fuxyou

Originally Posted by fuxyou
Hi everyone! I'm able to connect to Jlunia due to some help from other Mylunians. So since I assume that they're being emailed constantly on errors from registration form from the Jlunia website (無料オンラインゲー* ルニア戦記), I decided to make a picture guide so its easyier for some people to understand.

I will be putting them in order from top to bottom fill-outs step by step.
The Japanese at the bottom of the catagory is translated in the picture.


More then 4 letters, numbers, or characters long. It can be anything really. Make sure its verified, the little is the verification (IT MUST BE DONE). If its taken it will say so with ID in the error message.

2. Nickname

This can be anything too. I used my NEXON ID for this one, It worked perfectly. Dont forget to press the button!

3. Password

This ones self explanitory. It can be anything without verification.

4. Re-enter password

This one is self-explanitory as well, just re-enter your password again

NOTE: The Nexon ID and the password is very important, be sure to remember both of them!

5. Gender

Pick which gender you are.

6. State

You can pick anything here, It doesnt matter due to the fact that you will neither be posting
in the community forums and your lying about where you live. Pick anything in the scroll down menu as well.

7 and 8. Names

This parts pretty tough, since some of you cant type in kanji. So I'll provide you with characters you can COPY and PASTE on to the registration form in the names section. YOU CAN USE THE SAME CHARACTER(s) FOUR times in all the different boxes, it doesnt matter nor will you need it in the future.

Heres some characters I will provide for you, mix and set.
REMEMBER: COPY AND PASTE, use the same set of characters for all the boxes

さてさてお久しぶりのetです。夏休みもも3日間海で過ごしましたが、冬も3日間海で過ごす予 定です。

年末も海で寒い寒いそして重い荷物を抱えた地獄休みを過ごす人が社内にも多いという今日この頃、皆様は如何 な年末年始をお過ごしでしょうか。



このブログをフンフーン♪とご覧いただきます 。
気になるテーマやお題、ネタを見つけます 。
自分のブログにて、お題に沿った記事を書いていただきます 。
小学校の頃に書いた作文のような気持ちで書きます 。
「年末年始」   です。



この場所に掲載するには相応しくないと判断した場合、事前の許可なく記事を削除させていただく場合がありま すので、予めご了承いただけたらと思います。


or go here and COPY AND PASTE THE FULL SET OF CHARACTERS from this page: Japanese writing system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

For example, I used these characters: ませ


9 and 10. Email and email again.

Enter your email in both boxes.

11. Phone number

This ones tough but thanks too BloodMagian, I was able to understand it better.
03-_ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ . the Underlines indicate ANY number. So for example, I would use this:
03-2352-2998. DO NOT CHANGE THE 03 !

12. Updates

This is for if you want to have news, updates, and promotions for Jlunia sent to your email.

13. Date of Birth

Fill in your date of birth: YEAR, MONTH, DAY in numbers.

14 and 15. Secret question and answer

14. In the scroll down menu, pick anything and screen shot it just in case. You will not be able to read it anyway.

15. type in a secret answer.

Congradulations! You are done!
Enjoy Jlunia!

User name

for providing valuable information.
I'm sorry User Name, I hope you dont mind me doing this but I wanted to help out too for people to understand better
By fuxyou~~
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hey i tried but it said something about the ID ands that all i can understand and it the end there was a E
12-17-2008   #3 (permalink)
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The registration Guide doesnt open for me, It does come up but the screen stays white.
Does anyone know How to help me?
Electricity ~ Tia ~ Lv6x
Can't wait for Arien.

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