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Default Ver 2.7 - Character Balance

(Client Ver 2.7)

01 The first-ever Grand Character Renovation!!!

Character renovation in a full scale-A whole new high-end skill is added to every character and balance modification for the original ultimate skill!!

Balance modifications to Tia, Krieg, Yuki, Arien, Ryan, Ralph, Kali, Arta A new skill is added to every character.

- When you reach Lv75, you can learn the new skill at a skill window right at the spot.

- Each character has an authentic effect with the new powerful skill. Original ultimate skill of every character has been modified in light of Damage, Mana consumption, Cooldown.

(check out Youbue Tab on left menu - Newly added skill move clips are updated!!!)


Lv75 Skill: Raising Dragon

- Generate giant whirlpool and wipe out monsters (it gathers mobs close to your character. useful in an area with lots of monsters)

Character Balance

1. Specialization Skill added: Physical Status(Physical damage increse) / Storm Specialization(Magical damage increase)

> Physical Status: mastered + magical dye( +2) ->24% / Storm Specialization: mastered + magical dye( +2) ->34%

2. Types of several skills changed (Magic -> Physical)

> Storm Ground Punch, Hurricane Spiral Surge, True Hurricane Lightening Bolt, Ultm. Storm Demon Attack

3. Improved damage

>20% higher: Wind Spinning Breaker, Wind Spinning Bullet

>30% higher: Hurricane Masscre Kick

4. Skill efficiency improved

>You can hit when enemy is down: Hurricane Lightening Bolt, True Hurricane Lightening Bolt

>'Immune to Immobilization' added: Hurricane Spiral Surge(Height + Effect), Storm Ground Punch(since Lv5)

>Improvement in Hit count: Wind Spinning Breaker, Hurricane Masscre Kick(Invincible effect)


Lv75 Skill: Concentrated Fire

Concentrate Fire Power onto forwared area.(Damage done to All monsters within attack range)

Character Balance

1. Overall skill damage improvement

>Gatling skill damage x1.5 times / Grenade skills x1.7 times

2. Casting time reduced

>Casting time for key skills has been reduced.

>Amplified Rail Gun skills /Impartial Shot skills /Sulfur Rain /Iron Bomb: casting time greatly reduced

3. Blessing skills changed

>Enhance Survivability skills: modified to recover VIT by % and fixed number

>Firearm Maintenance skills: modified to recover Mana by % and fixed number

4. Specialization Skill added: Fortified Gunpowder( Fire/ Light type), Guns Specialization(Physical skill)

> mastered-> 35% specialization

5. higher chance to freeze bosses with Freeze Rail Gun

>higher chance to freeze boss /by 100% freeze all the monsters weaker than boss


Lv75 Skill: Epic of Hero

Attack with fast tempo music play and increase party members' attack damage.

(wide-range damage to monsters, increase party members' damage)

Character Balance

1. Specialization skill added

>mastered + Magical Dye( +2) -> curse type damage increase up to 36%

2. Damage of major skills increased, range attack added

>Damage increased by 20%: Duet of Rage /Seduction of Succubus /True Sound of Agony(big musical note)

>Range attack added: True Orgel of Orcus(a big musical note at the end)

3. Sanguine Samsara(1st ultimate) improved

>Transformation image changed. Also, you are influenced by transformation damage, change in basic skill type, INT, Specialization.

4. 'Immune to Immobilization' and invincible effect added.

>Immune to Immobilization: Seduction of Succubus /Lullaby of Lucifer /True Rhapsody of Blood /Rhapsody of Blood /Discord

>Invincible effect: True Sound of Agony /Sanguine Samsara

5. Buff skills and effect improved

>True Song of Hero /True Rhapsody of Blood /Phantom Fantasia /Song of Hero /True Song of Hero /True Rhapsody of Blood /Phantom Fantasia

6. Song of Recovery improved

> Attack range 60% improved + 1st Mana Heal activated as you start casting(Mana Heal works 3 times)

7. Dash cancel added: Discord /Recitation of Showdown /Phantom Fantasia

8. Others

>When you recover mana with S key, your party members get to recover 2% mana of their character.

>Skill Effect improved: Recitation of Showdown /Discord /Seduction of Succubus /Lullaby of Lucifer /Orgel of Orcus


Lv75 Skill: Ice Spear

Summons gian ice spear and attack monsters in front.

(Use it where there are many monsters and you can push them neatly to the corner)

Character Balance

1. Characteristic of Ice magic stands out

>Rim of Severe Cold: used to make enemy on ice move faster -> now enemy on ice cannot move

>Cold Nucleus: When mastered + (Magical Dye +2), freezing lasts 1 sec longer at maximum.

>Breath of Severe Cold: Invincible effect added + Cooldown time increased according to skill effect (25sec -> 50sec)

2. Several Skill performances upgraded

>Ice Rain Shower: 'Immune to immobilization' added(Skill Lv5) + more shots (12 -> 16)

>True Glacier Summons: Damage x 2 + cooldown time 50% reduced + casting time reduced

>True Ice Giant's Fist: Damage x 1.2

>True Cold Blue Dragon: Damage x 2

>Ice Giant's Fist /Cold Blue Dragon /Summon Glacier /Cold Incandescence (Skill damage raise)

3. 1st Ultimate skill revised

>Name changed: Ice Queen Summon -> Ice Avalanche

>Combat style changed: Advance attack gives damage while you push away enemies

4. Yuki has Specialization too!

>Ice Specialization: Ice type attack 30% increased( with Magical Dye +2, 36% increase)


Lv75 Skill: Initial Denudation Land

Cast violent meteo attack onto forward area.

(Wide range attack skill - useful with a lot of monsters)

Character Balance

1. Casting time reduced

>Target Decoy F-4 /True Target Decoy F-5 /Target Decoy FX /True Target Decoy FX2

2. New type of Target Decoy added

3. Artitan Mk. 28 skill type changed: Physical -> Magic

4. Several destructive skills nerfed

>Target Decoy F-4 /True Target Decory F-5 /True Missile Support /Engineering /Rage explosion

5. Master level modified

>Engineering: master Lv9 -> Lv4

>Rage explosion: master Lv10 -> Lv5

>All the skills in crafting category: master Lv9 -> Lv3

6. Crafting skill improved

>possibility and number of items raised for each skill level


Lv75 Skill: Single Blow of Light Spirit

Launch arrows with light power through wide area

(Once it hits, the target(Bosses too) is stunned for 1~2 sec)

Character Balance

1. Basic moving speed enhanced

2. Lightning Arrow damage 20% improved

(But it is 40% nerfed for when you use lightening arrow after fire skills)

3. Archery Specialization(raise physical damage) + Spirit Specialization(raise magical damage) added.

>both 30% at max, 6 points(including +2 Magical Dye)

4. Skills and Required Lv for skills modified

>Raging Storm: Damage 50% raised

>Heavenly Justice: no casting time + more shots(1 -> 3) + Damage 40% nerfed

5. Blessing Skills improved

>Refraction of Light: effect added - skill damage 30% raise

>Reagent type unified: Huckleberry

>Number of Reagents needed modified:

a. Refraction of Light: mastered + (Magical Dye +2), Reagents used 4 -> 3

b. Mana Extension: Lv8 - 2, Lv9~Lv10 - 3

c. Spirit's Anger: Lv5 - 2, Lv6~Lv9 - 3

d. Spirit's Guard: all level - 1 each


Lv75 Skill: Cross Smash

Master moves from Batka Temple. Charge toward and hit with strong damage.

(Once it hits, the target(Bosses too) is stunned for 1~2 sec)

Character Balance

1. Transformation

>Characters with enough stats to enter Forest of Water: Transformation damage 50% raise at max

>Characters with enough stats to enter Forest of Light: Transformation damage nerfed

>Normal attack changed when transformed

>Vehement Transformation: moving speed 10% raise + graphical image improvement

2. Fire Crush and True Fire Crush improved

>Skill type changed: Physical

>Fixed damage of skill nerfed to 50%

>Attack range came a little forward (Fire Crush: attack range 10% reduced)

>You can attack when enemy is down(True Fire Crush)

3. Removed 'Prerequsite Skill'

4. Skill improvement

>Super Strength: you can cancel Dash after you attack

>True Hammer Blast: Damage 15% raised

>Hammer Boomerang: Damage 30% raise + attack range modified to the front

>Divine Force, 1000 Ton Pendulum: 'Immune to immobilization' effect after 3 hits + Last hit has a wider range


Lv75 Skill: Thousand Leaf Split

Crouch your body and unleash it. With lightening speed, you can stab your opponent with unbearable damage.

(Use when the boss is attacking, and you become temporarily invincible so you can attack the boss off guard)

Character Balance

1. Skill damage nerfed

>Dark Fog (40%) /True Spanning Throwing Knife (30%)

2. Skill damage increased and improved

>30% damage increase: Willow Leaf Kick(manual / dash cancellation got faster) /Flying Fang(auto) /Entweening Roots

>Immune to immobilization: Shadow Counterattack(invincible effect) /Thousand Leaf Split (after 1 hit)

3. Normal attack skill improved

4. Blessing skills are excluded from 'continuous spell casting'

5. Skills with nerfed damage consume less mana


Lv75 Skill: Guard of Light

Strike with strong force while giving guardian bless to party members for every sec, with the power from Guardian of Light

(Use in time of danger, and the whole party becomes invincible)


Lv75 Skill: Self-sacrificing Blow

Provoke and attract enemies in large area. Once enemies are in target range, you can attack with A key stroke for additional damage.

(Once it hits, the target(Bosses too) is stunned for 1~2 sec)


Lv75 Skill: Crustal Movement

Generate seismic wave and attack monsters

(Wide range attack - useful where there are many monsters)


Lv75 Skill: Smashing Lime

Strengthen inner body gelatin instantly and throw strong blow

(Once it hits, the target(Bosses too) is stunned for 1~2 sec)


Lv75 Skill: Pandano's dance

Pandano seduces opponents with moves and gives strong blows.

(gathers monsters near the doll)


Lv75 Skill: Triple Lightening Blow

Lightening speed blows. with additional A keys, max 3 additional hits.

(you can gather monsters fast while slashing them. useful in an area with many monsters)

Dark Eir

Lv75 Skill: Guard of Darkness

Summons Guard of Darkness that gives Blessing of Darkness to party member for every sec.Attack with big damages.

(Use in time of danger, and the whole party becomes invincible)


Lv75 Skill: Self-sacrificing Blow

Provoke and attract enemies in large area. Once enemies are in target range, you can attack with A key stroke for additional damage.

(Once it hits, the target(Bosses too) is stunned for 1~2 sec)


Lv75 Skill: Red Blade

Wipe out with chain sword.

(Wide range attack - useful where there are many monsters)
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Thank god for Arta Nerf. But some of these are still pointless like lowering the damage on Arien's Lightning Arrow, but giving her Elemental Passive.


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