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10-07-2008   #101 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Citrine
does it fucking matter on how the quest is done...

Complaining on things that aren't free previously is one thing, but to complain on something thats been given to you free but requires a bit of work is another.

Who cares if the dacy quest takes "the whole day" if your going to rant here all day on how things take too long to acquire in glunia, then i dont see whats the difference in doing the quest all day, as opposed to sitting here all day working up a sweat for nothing for some minor quest for some idiotic jailbait pamper wearing character.

The quest is simple, and only cost 550g (I think with the Spoon/Needle Cost), So that just means you have to be somewhat rich to buy her, seeing as everyone has come off of the Gold Rogers Farm.... Yeah, I'm sure you'd be able to find the money somewhere, and we don't know if Gold Rogers has been fixed yet so, I don't think 550g would be alot...
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10-07-2008   #102 (permalink)
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Who is complaining here anyway?


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